Saturday 25 January 2020

Books to Read to Help your Mind

There are so many books out there on the market to buy that are all about helping your mind. Daily life can be hard and sometimes we don't know how to handle the pressures of every day. Books can be a really great way to firstly relax and also get some well grounded advice on how to help you feel better. 

So I have 3 books here that I have chosen to tell you about. 

1. (ad Gifted) - Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing 

This books is perfect for if you are feeling unmotivated about life, but you have dreams, and don't know how to get there. Cut the Crap and Feel amazing is by Ailsa Frank who is a self help author who also specialises in being a motivation coach and a leading hypnotherapist. She has a compassionate yet no- nonsense approach which you can find through out her book. This book is full of techniques which will help you cut out negative habits in your life and also make some improvements where needed. She believes that making small changes to your mindset will enable you to make bigger changes in your life.

The book has 17 different chapters with each one being a new subject of things we deal with in life. For example Relationships, Dept, Addictions, and decisions. she gives tips and steps on how to try and make situations feel better and literally cut that crap out of your life. 

The book is £10.99 and can be bought from her website

2. Recharge, A Year of Self Care to Focus on You

This book is classed as the ultimate self care bible for women who want to find their balance in life. Julie Montagu is a wellness guru who knows a thing or two about health and happyness. In this book she shares guidance and tips designed to make self care your focus, which will then support you on a journey to wellness and vitality. 

The book is set out in 12 months. Each month deals with a new topic of helping an area of un balance. For example, Stress, Anxiety and Learning to Love yourself. Each month has tips and ideas of ways you can help your self in this way. It even has space in the book to answer questions about yourself. The book is aimed at helping you with self care to be able to feel recharged and feel a better you.

This book is £12.99 and can be bought from Amazon.

3. TIME - Your journey to a slower, richer, more fulfilling way of life  

This book is for the person who never feels they have enough time to get done what they want to in life. It is all about looking at the time we have and making new choices about the way we spend it. It gives a new fresh perspective on time and how we can manage it and shows you how you can take control of your own time.

 The book is full of inspiration, suggestions and tips that will help you get the most out of your time. Filled with quotes that really get your brain thinking, and also explaining concepts of time you may not have thought about. The idea to the book is to get you to look at time compleatly different so then suddenly you feel like you have so much of it. 

This book is £6.99 and can be bought from Amazon. 

Which of these books do you like the sound of and why? 


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  2. They really do help - plant a seed and watch it grow

  3. Cut the Crap and feel amazing definitely sounds like a book I would like to read!

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  5. Thanks for your reviews on those three books. I could spend hours (and hundreds of pounds) browsing the books in the self-help and popular psychology departments of book shops. The trick is, of course, not just to read but to dive in and implement whichever approach feels right for you.

  6. Cut the crap and feel amazing sounds just whats needed to get motivated, ive lost all my motivation to do anything, so reading this might help