Monday 20 January 2020

Better you Magnesium Flakes and Oil Spray Review

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Keeping on the theme of Mindfulness, I have another lovely product to tell you all about.

This time its a product that is all about helping relaxation, and that is from using Magnesium. 

Magnesium is something we all have in our bodies but it also may be something that we are all not getting the right amount of, so a little extra is needed. This is where the products from Better You come in. 

I was sent some Better You Magnesium Flakes and an Oil Spray to try out. 

Did you know that Magnesium is responsible for over 300 actions in the body. Magnesium is great to help repair and detox our cells in our body and so perfect for after a hectic day, week or month. This is why Better you have created these products to help you get that well needed Magnesium into your body. 

Firstly they have a special oil that is made into a body spray that you can apply to your body when needed. 

The bottle comes as a 100ml bottle with a push down spray bottle top. The idea of this spray is to be used on joints and muscles to help support recovery and relaxation. But can also be used to help get that all needed Magnesium into the system. 

You can get Magnesium in other forms, like oral capsules but the good thing about getting it in a oil spray is that it penetrates the barriers if the skin and by passes the digestive system and delivers the magnesium directly to the bodies cells. It makes it one of the fastest way to get Magnesium into your body. 

So what did I think? 

Firstly the fact it is a spray I think is great. It really makes it easy to use and you can also apply it your self easily in places you need it. It does soak into your skin pretty quick though, so this isn't the best for massage but could be a great thing to use before a massage to get them all needed nutrients inside your system first. The oil does not have a scent, which is good in one way because if you are using it on a daily basis then you may not want to smell of oil, but then it also isn't great it as smells help you relax. 

It is a little cold to spray on yourself though which I didn't enjoy, and I would recommend using it before bed, or before a bath because I did notice a oily feeling was left on my clothing after use. This does wash out, but not great if you use in the morning and have the oily feeling on your clothing for the day.

It is hard to say if this has helped any with my muscles relaxing, but I think it is something that I may end up using when my body has had a stressful time and is aching. 

I was also sent Magnesium Flakes for the bath. These are ideal for replenishing the body with the essential mineral, promoting overall wellbeing, aiding skin health, and also helping to relax muscles. 

The perfect thing about it is that while you have it in the bath it is aiding all of the body. The flakes dissolve into your bath and then as you lay in it the magnesium then soaks into your body and again goes straight to your muscles instead of having to pass through your digestive system first. Perfect if you are like me and totally forget to end up taking the capsules. 

So what did I think?

I did prefer the use of the flakes over the oil, and if I was to choose between using one or the other, I would choose these. You pour 2 cup fulls into your bath, but you can add more if you like for a more intense bath. I decided to add more into mine.

They devolve really quickly which is great, last thing you need is things floating around the bath with you. When you are in the bath you can't overly tell they are in. There is a slight scent to them, which I can only describe as a natural smell. So when I was having them in my bath it was great to know that they were doing something to my body, without my bath being too effected.

If you didn't want to have a full bath with them, then you could also use them for a foot soak. I haven't done this yet but I do love a foot soak so will be doing this soon.

Other great points to express about these products that I love is that they are against animal testing, they are super natural and they can also be used when pregnant!

The bath flakes retail at £9.99 a pack, and the spray is £12.95

You can find out more and about where to buy on the BetterYou website. 

Would you use these products? 


  1. i practice mindfulness everyday to help with my pain management for my fibromyalgia, will give this a go!

  2. I actually did not know that magnesium was so important in our bodies. I think I would prefer the flakes to the oil spray as well, I hate the oily feeling when getting dressed when using products like lotions so I think the spray would irritate me.

  3. I don't bath very often (I'm a shower girl) but I love foo soaks so I think I'd love the magnesium flakes for use in those. Mich x

  4. These sound like they could be really helpful for me, I’m currently pushing my body pretty hard every day and dieting (wedding diet!) and I can feel quite achey at times.

    Good value too, thank you for recommending x

  5. The spray sounds absolutely fantastic! Might have to check out the products as I don't think I am probably getting enough magnesium.

  6. I take lots of baths as I find this relaxing and rejuvenating.Never added Magnesium Flakes before but this is something I would like to include next time

  7. Never heard of these but they look great. Think I'd prefer the flakes too as I love a bath and foot soak.

  8. I never knew magnesium had so many benefits. Its definitely something to think about purchasing as I am trying to step away from so many products.

  9. I don't think the oil would have been something I'd use. I like the sound of the flakes though. I'd probably give those a try as I'm sure I need more magnesium.

  10. I could definitely do with more magnesium! These sound like some amazing products, I may have to give them a try

  11. I haven't heard of this product before. The spray looks very good

  12. I really like the look of the flakes. I'd heard of magnesium but didn't really know why it was good for us. Will give these a try, I need extra help with relaxation!

  13. Oh wow not heard of this before. I am always having baths, so would well be up for trying the flakes out for sure