Wednesday, 18 December 2019

The Colour Monster Game - Review

So I expect your all wondering about this Colour Monster?

Well the Colour Monster originated from a brilliant book which is all about a monster that has its feelings all confused. A kid girl helps the colour monster understand his feels and seperate them by putting them into jars. Which made the monster feel much better. 

We have read this book ourself and it is such a great book so as soon as I was offered the game to review I just had to give it a try. 

The box looked just like the front cover so Lily recognised it straight away. 

Inside the box there is games board, counters with 4 different coloured monsters on, 2 cardboard shelfs that need assembling, and some jars. There is also a nice and a girl counter and a monster one.

The jars all have colours on one side, and a hole on the other. They also have a hole in the top. 

The game is super easy set up, you get out the board and place the coloured counters on the same colour. EG- Green on green.

You then get the girl and the monster and place them on the pink spot. This is the starting point. 

You then need to assemble the shelfs, I must admit, I am terrible at construction and couldn't figure out how to put it together but thats just me as the person who did it for me, did it in seconds. 

Then you place the jars on the shelf with the non coloured side facing you. 

This game is actually a non competitive game and is all about working together to beat the game itself. It did come with instructions but I found that I started to understand it a lot quicker by just playing it. 

The game is all about feelings, just like in the book. You need to help the colour monster get all his feelings into a jar. To do this you must land on a coloured spot, then tell everyone about a moment you felt that feeling. EG, Green is Calm, talk about a time you was calm. Then you get to choose a jar and turn it over. If the jar is the same colour EG green, then put your counter in the jar but if not, then turn the jar back over and place the counter back on its colour spot. But there is a catch that makes it not so easy. 3 of the jars all has squiggles of mixed colours showing mixed feelings. You must not turn these over. If you end up turning over all 3 then that is game over and the game has won!

The dice tells you how many places you must move, 1, or 2, and then there is symbol which means you can move to which ever feeling space you like. There is also a symbol of the girl, this means you can move the girl player to any space you like.

The game is super easy to play and I think is a really clever way to get your children to open up and talk. Feelings are not something children can always understand so for them to suddenly have a fun game that helps them express, is a really good thing. 

Lily found it easy to talk about the 4 feelings, Calm, Happyness, fear and Sadness. 

We managed to beat the game twice before we ended up collecting all 3 mixed feelings cards and loosing. she wanted to play the game over and over again so she really did enjoy it. 

I would 100% recommend this game for anyone who is currently concerned about their child and how they may be dealing with something. 

The colour monster game is from Kosmos games and is recommended for children aged 4+. It can be played with 2 to 5 players.

Head here to the Kosmos Website to see more. 

Do you like the sound of this game?


  1. Oh wow, very interesting and as you say a great way to find out how your child is feeling

  2. This is a great game, im the same as you, I find it hard to put things together lol but it does look interesting and a great way to get your children to talk.

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  4. This is class - our esmay would jave so much fun - lily looks like shes having a great time

  5. It is a good idea, to play this game

  6. This seems like it would be really helpful for kids, great idea