Tuesday 3 December 2019

REVIEW - Baby Annabell Feels Better and Baby Annabel Medical Scanner

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We always love telling you all about the new and exciting ranges that Zaph Creation have and one of our favourites is the Baby Annabell Range. 

Lily has always loved playing Doctors so as soon as we found out that they were doing a Baby Annabell Feels better doll and medical scanner we were so pleased that they had. We were sent them both to review and I could not wait to give them to Lily. 

I always love how Baby Annabell is presented in the box, you can see exactly what she is like before you buy which is always a great thing. Both toys were really easy to get out of the box and all you needed was some scissors. 

After that it is battery time. If you are buying these toys for Christmas, make sure you are stocked up as each one needs batteries. You need 3 AAA for the Annabell and 3 AA batteries for the Scanner. Open up the back of boys toys with a small screwdriver and pop the batteries in and your ready to go. 

As always the Baby Annabell dolls are such lovely quality. This doll is called Milly and her outfit is super soft and velvety to touch and as always features the cute little lamb on the front. This doll comes with medical equipment. It has medicine, a spoon, an injection a stethoscope and thermometer. the cute thing about the Thermometer is that it is dummy shaped and when you put it in the dolls mouth, the temperature on the front changes showing a hotter temperature. 

The clever thing about this doll is its lifelike features. The first is that there is a button on its back. When you press it, baby cries and her cheeks begin to glow red. But there is a way to make it feel better by feeding it some medicine with the spoon. Hold the spoon to its mouth and the glowing cheeks will disappear. Lily found this amazing and loved how lifelike this action was. 

Another lovely feature is that if you press against her heart with the stethoscope then you can hear her heart beat. So cute!
she also makes lots of other cute baby noises as she gets played with by your child. 

The Medical scanner is something that works along side Baby Milly.

The scanner looks great and is like a little computer. It has a screen and some buttons on the front. Unfortunetly the keyboard doesn't do anything though and doesn't press in. Which did disappoint Lily slightly as they looked like the did from first glance. Plus the symbols that looked like buttons around the screen also don't do anything and Lily also tried to press those. They are used for example to help you choose a treatment for baby Milly.

The set also comes with scanner which is attached to the machine, and a phone which sits in the side. You then also get a stethoscope, injection, thermometer, plaster, medicine and spoon.

The phone sits in the side ready to be used when the SOS (purple button) calls. It is signalling that your child needs to call a ambulance.

At the side of the Scanner there is also a little drawer. It doesn't fit much in but is handy to keep the little items such as thermometer and plaster.

So, how to use the Scanner. It is pretty easy actually and Lily got her head around it pretty quickly. You pick up the scanner away from the base, and you press it against the baby. It works better if you press on a area that is hard such as a leg or arm. It then starts to make a scanning noise and on the screen it shows you that it is scanning.

After it has scanned the screen will tell you what is wrong with Milly and then tell you what you need to do to make her better. So it may show the symbol for medicine, or it may show the symbol for plaster. After you have treated your baby, you then hit the Blue and Pink button with the plaster on it and it shows a symbol to say that baby is all happy again. 

Overall I am really pleased with these toys and so far they have been played with loads. I think if your child is a fan of playing with baby dolls then this is a great addition to play. 

The Baby Annabell Milly Feels Better Doll is £35 and can be bought from Toy Stores such as Argos and The Medical Scanner is £30 and can also be bought from Argos. Both are great prices for these items!

What do you think to this new Range of Baby Annabell toys?


  1. They get more and more electronic but its all new fun and different

  2. I think this new range is fabulous, great for the kids to play nurse

  3. This is lovely! Something different that children would love to play with.

  4. I love th wide range definitely lots to choose from

  5. my daughter loves playing doctor so she would love this

  6. Does the spoon work for the milly ie the original spoon that comes with doll stops the cheeks going red as if she’s earring medicine does the scanner spoon have the Sam effect

  7. This is such a good iudea, particularly for children that may need medical treatment!

  8. This is such a good idea, particularly for children that may need medical treatment!