Monday 2 December 2019

IWOOT Style your House with Fun Mats

(AD Gifted)

IWOOT stands for I want One Of Those and this website is full of things you will want!

They are all about providing you with fun and quirky ideas that you will want to treat yourself to, including cool but stylish things for your house hold.

One thing that IWOOT has a great selection of is Mats! Mats for your door, Mats for your bathroom, or even mouse mats. 

I was sent 2 mats to review that I thought would make my house more funky!

The first I chose was this bathmat! I loved the whole Nakey Nakey Nakey sign on it and thought it was amusing that yes, you would be Naked when stood on it!

The size of the mat (50cm by 70cm) is lovely and fits perfectly next to my bath, it has plenty of room to stand on and means that you can get out the shower or bath without getting your floor all wet.

Then I want to mention the softness, it is a really nice thickness and feels super soft on your feat to stand on.

But the thing I love the most is the colour, It suits my bathroom perfectly with its subtle grey look to it and really adds a new sense of style.

The bathmats are £14.99 and there is a huge range of designs.

The next I chose was this doormat.

I am a big fan of the walking dead and I thought it would be fun to greet people at my door with this message. Though hopefully it won't make people turn around and run away and not enter the house (or maybe thats your aim?).

The mat is perfect for wiping wet feet on and is also non slip so then it works perfectly on carpet or laminate floor.

This mat is also £14.99 and if you don't like the message that this gives out you can find so many more on the website.

So, Do you think you will be looking at IWOOT for home style ideas?

Have I made you WANT ONE OF THOSE?


  1. Yes i will, so like this Zombie mat, would make my friends and family laugh, so it would be worth the money

  2. I love IWOOT they have so many items that I want I have had to stop myself looking for a while, well at least until after Christmas

  3. My other half would love the second bath mat as he is a fan of the Walking dead. We do need to get a new mat for the bathroom actually.

  4. I love the door mat and my folks are massive fans of Zombie films so this would be right up our streets!

  5. I love that first one - perfect in the bathroom for a pop of humour! What a great idea for a Christmas gift too!

  6. I love IWOOT, they always have such fun things! I actually really love that zombie mat - we watch a lot of stuff with zombies in so that would be great for our house!

  7. I've not heard of IWOOT btu I'm off for a peek now as I actually need a new doormat! Mich x

  8. OMG, I need that Zombie doormat, we are walking dead fans too

  9. This is just what I need for my bathroom, forever slipping when I get out of the shower! It's great you can personalise them and choose different designs too.

  10. These mats are great. I really love that bath mat and I actually need some new ones, so might have a pop over and browse

  11. I need IWOOT in my life because I am all about quirky items that i can dot around my home.

  12. Mellissa Williams13 December 2019 at 16:41

    I definitely want one! They're so cool. I Want One Of Those always has such great items, I love browsing through.

  13. Love the Run zombies are coming doormat. Never heard of IWOOT before but their products look great.

  14. Those are amazing looking mats. I love the "Run! The zombies are coming!" mat and I'm sure my family would agree since they like zombies themed stuff.

  15. these are fantastic i think they would look great in our house