Saturday 7 December 2019

Gift with Smiggle This Christmas

(ad- Gifted) 

Still looking for additional gifts this year for your little one? Well have you thought about checking out Smiggle?

What is Smiggle? If you haven't spotted it in your shopping centre, or maybe have but haven't been inside, Smiggle is your store for all things fun, colourful, stationary and simply COOL!

They have a super range of products from pencils to backpacks and there is things that both boys and girls will both love. 

Smiggle even have items in there store that maybe you may not know was even in there... So I have been sent 4 items to tell you about!

1. Star Wars Character Wallet 

Big star wars fan in the family? Well this wallet is sure to make them feel grown up and cool. They are bound to get some Christmas money from family, so what a perfect gift to receive from Santa, something to store it in! The waller features Darth Vader on the front and so is very recognisable as star wars. Not only that, there is a surpise smell element to it as the Darth Vader has a Cola scent to it! How cool!
It has 2 zipped compartments, plus card area and translucent are to put a photo. You can grab this from Smiggle for just £10! 

2. Star Wars Slapband 

This item is the perfect stocking filler for any Star wars fan. Everyone knows how much kids love slap bands and this one being themed Star wars just gives it that extra added cool! Again it features Darth Vader on the front and your child will love showing off their wrist while wearing this. At only £5 its perfect for a little extra added gift this year. 

3. Imagine Unicorn Earmuffs 

It is most definitely getting colder and your going to need something to protect your child's ears. So how about a pair of earmuffs? Smiggle have these lovely Unicorn ones that are super soft and fluffy meaning extra comfort for when your child wears them. Your child will love the pretty pastel colours of this but the thing they will look the most is that they get to look like a unicorn with the golden horn on their head. These make the perfect gift to add a little magic while helping your child feel super stylish and super warm. Smiggle are now selling them for a nice price of only £10. 

4. Sing It, Karaoke Microphone and Speaker 

This is perfect for the little singer in the family. Simply connect the microphone into a smart phone, laptop or tablet device and get your child ready to sing along to their favourite tunes. It can be connected via AUX or bluetooth so really easy to get started. The thing your child will love the most about this item, is that it looks just like a microphone all the famous singers have. So they will feel extra special and just like a real star! This item is a definite special christmas gift retailing at £39.00

All of these amazing items can be bought from a Smiggle Store or online on their website

Have you ever been into a Smiggle before?

Do you think you will be getting any of these gifts? 


  1. I've bought smuggles this year again for my granddaughter

  2. Never heard of Smiggle before, but will definitely be checking it out in the near future

  3. Smiggle do some lovely gift ideas I've always loved them

  4. I love the Imagine Unicorn Earmuffs - my daughter would love them. Lovely gift ideas

  5. I always love having a look in smiggle stores, everything is so bright and happy