Monday 9 December 2019

Fun with Zimpli Kids

(ad gifted)

We have always been a big fan of Zimpli Kids, they have so many fun products for kids. 

We were sent some to review - 

We was sent a Emoji Chocolate Picture Maker and some brand new Crackle Bath. 

First we tried the Crackle Baff Colours. These are mini surprise bags that you can use in either your bath, or if your child prefers then they can be used in a tub of water. Inside the pack is a crunchy looking powder, that you simply add to water to get a new sensory experience. 
As you add them to the water the star to make a super loud crackle sound. They are just like the crackle sweets that you put in your mouth that pop on your tongue only much much louder. They also come in different colours and you never know what colour you will get until you open your packet. This then leaves your water colourful. 

Of coarse it is much better to be able to see this in action, so if you head to my instagram, you can find this in my story. (Added to Loved products highlighted story)

Then we tried the Emoji Chocolate Picture Maker. Lily was super excited for this as she loves chocolate. 

I must admit, she didn't do the neatest job but she loved making it anyway. 

The kit comes with Chocolate in dark, milk and white, and it comes with some pictures that you can cut out and a special tray to put your chocolate in. 

First we chose our Emoji we wanted to make. Lily chose one that had hearts for eyes. We cut it put ready to use. You put this under the plastic tray so then you know where to draw with the chocolate. 

Then to get your chocolate ready you need to get a tub of warm (not hot) water to get your chocolate to melt. Don't take the chocolate out the packs, leave it in side. I ended up having to add a little boiling water to warm my water up as It wasn't seeming to melt the chocolate but then it is winter and so my warm water may not be as warm as usual at the moment. 

When you can feel that your packets are nice and sqidgey, it means they are ready to use. You cut a small hole in the corner and then pipe the chocolate in the areas you want it. You can be as precise as you want to be, but of corse lily is only 5 and so she wanted dark brown eyes and a white mouth, and so we didn't focus on doing too much detail. I let lily squeeze the chocolate on, which she did by herself and didn't do too bad of a job. 

After you have got your design, you then cover the rest in milk chocolate and then place the lid on the top. The next job is to pop it in the fridge and wait 20 min. This is probably the most difficult part because have you ever tried to make a child wait 20 min for chocolate before ? I think I got asked ever few min "is it ready yet"?

I don't think we waited the full 20 min and when I checked it, it looked like it was ready. 

(Before the Fridge)

After I was happy that it was ready I took it out of the mould. We probably should have waited the full 20 min as it was still a bit soft, but that did not bother Lily at all and she was just pleased she has a bar of chocolate that she had made herself. 

Over all its a fun little activity that doesn't take too much time and at the end of it puts a bit smile on your child's face.

Head to the Zimpli Kids website to check out these items and more!

Would your child love these? 


  1. Oh wow, this looks great fun for the kids

  2. We love these too - great any day of the year

  3. We have only recently discovered Zimpli Kids products and think they are great fun. Look the chocolate Emoji kit. Yes, ours would enjoy making it.

  4. Our kids love these

  5. I love Zimpli products they are so much fun

  6. i think zimpli kids is a great brand, my daughter especially loves the gelli bath