Saturday, 21 December 2019

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Lily and I! 

Time to switch off from the blog and take some us time! 

But I will be back in the new year with a new project which is going to be all about Mindfulness. Im planning to have on the blog mindful January, though this is going to be a project and focus for my entire life, so you will see me posting through out the year about it. 

So I will have some great ideas to share with you, some great brands that can help, plus I will try to have some sort of mindful competitions!

I hope that everyone has a lovely Christmas and New Year and joins us again in January! 

Friday, 20 December 2019

Why the Secret to Winning the Bedtime Battle is not so Obvious to Adults.

When it comes to getting our children to sleep, or even want to go to sleep, sometimes we are very focused on the next day, or before the sleep. This maybe routines to get them to bed, this maybe encouraging them that they need sleep to not be tired, it may be telling them about the excitement of the next day, it may even be bribes! But have you ever thought that encouraging your child to have nice dreams may be the way forward?

Dream Pillow and SleepMasterEU have been looking into dreams and between the 21st Nov and the 17th Dec 2019 over 3,000 followers responded to five questions in a joint survey (Parents, children and sleep loving adults). It became apparent why the secret to winning “The Bedtime Battle” is not so obvious to parents.

When they spoke about Children's dreams, the examples of dreams was much different to the examples of dreams that adults have. They were creative, exciting, imaginative and FUN! Where as adults dreams were less imaginative and creative and a lot more predictable. This is unfortunetly because we are "grown up" and less likely to believe in the lovely world of make believe like children are. 

If you would like to read the Top 20 adult Dreams (which are not as creative and fun as the children's dreams but still worth a read!) you can do so by clicking Here !! 

I imagine that as a parent when we have dreams we can perhaps forget that children dream differently to us. Their dreams can be super exciting and they are off on a magical journey. So this is where it would be good to start to encourage your child before bedtime to want to think about what they would like to dream about. By making bedtime exciting by encouraging them to be looking forward to having their nice dreams. 

This is exactly what Dream Pillow is about, and so as well as conducting the survey they got some children to draw their favourite dream on our Dream Wish Notes! 

Read below about the top 20 kids dreams and see some super fun examples of what kids love to dream about. 


1 - UNICORNS AND RAINBOWS (12.1%). The number one children’s dream with over 12% of the vote involved rainbows and / or unicorns. Often they would be riding the unicorn over rainbow bridges between the clouds.
Unicorns sometimes ate the rainbows or would leave glitter rainbows in their wake.
Several reported herds of fully grown or baby unicorns discovered at the end of a rainbow. Many rode rainbow coloured unicorns and reported hearing the wind and feeling the breeze around them (not visual only dreams).
Sometimes the rainbow unicorn dreams involved other fantasies eg eating ice cream riding a unicorn with Princess Rapunzel making rainbows.
Selena’s Unicorn and Rainbow Dream Wish Note

Selena's example involved no rainbow but bouncing down the street riding a big blow up unicorn to fight the inflatable Marsh Mellow Man from Ghostbusters!!!!

2 - THE GIFT OF TALKING TO ANIMALS / PETS (10.0%). Many instances of dreams where children could understand and /or talk to animals.
“My daughter has a recurring dream about a friendly pet frog that lives under her bed. So often she will look under the bed at night time before climbing in to see if he will come and say hello to me”.
“My favourite dream as a child was to take my talking bird to school and tuck her safely into my bag so she could listen to lessons”.
One dreamt about “circus animals telling me how unhappy they were so I rescued them. They were very grateful and they kept visiting me at home”.
“I had a very clever talking dog who I would take to school and he would give me all the answers”.

Another talking Dog features on this Dream Wish Note drawn by Ruby (nearly three) who was the youngest of our Dream Pillow followers in the survey. 

3 - BEING A SUPER HERO OR SUPER HERO'S PARTNER (8.9%). The most popular was Spiderman, followed by Batman then Superman. Sometimes as a super hero partner they would have super power, other times not, but would bravely help catching bad guys anyway.
One was approached by the Avengers who wanted her to be their leader “I always think it’s funny the “missions” she explains to me” said Mum.
Apart from comic book heros one dreamt he was a giant looking down on small people helping the police with robbers.
“I would become invisible and explore different places to find out what the villains were planning then foil them”.
One boy dreamed he was a cloud and could rain on school bullies to make them go away.
“Always used to dream I was Superman so one Christmas my Grandad bought me the full outfit ….I cried so much when it didn’t work (I couldn’t fly)”.

Rhu’s (aged 6) favourite dream is as a super hero with her brother Ted as her partner.

4 - LIVING IN A SWEET/ CANDY LAND (8.1%). There are so many variations on this dream, Marsh mellow ground with plant lolly pops or ice creams, palm trees bearing sweets instead of coconut, candy floss clouds and chocolate rainforests, rivers or mountains.
Some would be given the keys to a sweet shop. Others have candy comes or baths where the water was skittles, chocolate or whatever their favourite sweet.
“There is always cake in my best dreams”.
One got a job as a taster in a Smartie factory where he got to eat as many as she liked.
“I had Mr Tickle who would use his long arms to stretch all the way down stairs to grab sweets, biscuits and a drink for me”. 

Will aged 10 wants to dream about Candy Land where the sun melts the chocolate into a river!

5 - IN THE DINOSAUR AGE (6.2%). These normally involved riding on the back of friendly dinosaurs through a magical forest or Jurassic Park type of landscape.
T rex was the most popular dinosaur in these dreams and they are often reported to be wearing a crown.
One dreamed of being a dinosaur vet who prevented extinction.

In the favourite dreams reported there was normally only play fighting between dinosaurs.

That said this Dream Wish note has the dreamer pleased to be safely on high ground while “My brother Carter” is shown running away from a not too friendly looking Raptor!!!!!!

6 - WHITE CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY / SANTA CLAUS (5.9%). As our days inform our dreams it may be that conducting this survey in the four weeks before Christmas put this higher in the top twenty than at other times of the year.

The most popular dream wish (Xmas Ground Hog Day) has been drawn for us by Ryan age 9.

The other popular Christmas dream involved going to Lapland (or the North Pole) to meet Father Christmas and / or helping his Elves make and deliver the presents.
“Santa flying over his house on our sleigh” or “finding him putting presents under the tree in Summer were also mentioned”.
One child who lived in a house with a real coal fire had a recurring dream that the fire was still burning when Santa came down the chimney and it “burnt his bottom”. His parents recalled having to spend a long time assuring him the fire would be out early on Christmas Eve.

7 - FLYING WITH SOMEONE OR SOMETHING (5.8%). Unlike the adult flying dreams which tend not to feature anyone or anything else…. almost of the child dreams have some other element.

Ethan (age 6) has drawn travelling the world on a flying pizza as his favourite dream.

One flew to China on a more traditional flying carpet and got there to find the flowers were made of chocolate.
Some fly in a Harry Potter car, whilst others sit in a fairground ride which spins around and takes off into the clouds.
Animals are also popular flying companions….not only with a flock of birds but also on the back of a befriended Dragon or around the garden with Hobbs (the cat). Peter Pan was also involved in many of the top flying dreams.
One girl was “rescued” from school by Pegasus and flew back in time.
Another recalls vividly how she would “hold out her cardigan and fly anywhere along with her pet dog…feeling the wind on my face and the sun on my back”.

Building a Lego hose to live in was exceptionally popular.
“Living in a huge Lego house is always the favourite dream of my little boy. I swear I could actually build my own full size house with all the Lego used constructing over the years”. There is massive evidence that repetitive actions can be used to effectively influence dreams….eliminating the negative ones or just creating better dreams that children can look forward to when they go to sleep.

This Lego dream house was drawn by the oldest child Dream Pillow follower in the survey Alfie (age 13).

“My favourite dream was to be a Princess in an enchanted forest where I looked after all the fairies”.
“I lived in a big palace with long hair and had a maid to brush it for me”.
In the traditional fairy tale style a few dreamt they got married to a Prince and lived happily ever after in one of several castles of England.

The drawing shows Glesni’s favourite dream where she is a very young Welsh Princess meeting Princess Elsa from Frozen.


Diana sent us this picture of her favourite Dream Wish Note under the sea with a Mermaid!

“Mine is where I can breathe underwater and swim across the Ocean’s with a family of dolphins”.
“I love it when I dream about living under the sea with (or in some cases as) a mermaid”.
No mermaids or slides …but we love the girl who travelled to school on a waterslide.

11 - BECOMING WHAT THEY WANT TO BE WHEN THEY GROW UP (4.1%). Some of the older children surveyed said that their favourite dream was actually getting their perfect job.
“I was a clumsy child and dreamt I was dancing in a West End show”.
Jobs associated with animals were popular many wanted to be a vet, some zookeepers whilst one wanted to work in a circus so he could look after the animals. The next most common answer was to be a lead singer / pop star, actor, followed by a ballerina.
Less popular were a judge on X Factor, a famous You Tuber, author, nurse or jockey. One wanted to be a teacher not a pupil. Transport jobs were also popular air hostess, train driver or even an astronaut.

Phoebe (age 10) has drawn a picture of her modelling her own range of clothes on the catwalk.

12 (Joint) - ADVENTURES WITH TOYS THAT COME TO LIFE (3.4%). Toys can be children’s best friends during the day but some found themselves interacting with them in a totally different way when their toys talk back.
“My son tells me his best dreams always involves the adventures he has with his toys when they turn into his friends”.
“My daughter’s favourite dream is when she becomes the same size as her toy dolls who come alive and they have many outfit changes every day”.

 Amy (8 YO) draws her favourite teddy comes to life and they go downstairs to find out what the elf is up to.

12 (Joint) - OWNING A THEME PARK AND/OR A CHOCOLATE CASTLE / FACTORY (3.4%). In joint 12th position is a dream where the child becomes the boss or owner of their favourite theme park and / or a chocolate factory.
Many became Willy Wonka…but our favourite Dream was that of Adele (10) who became boss of Alton Towers and lived in the castle (which was made from Chocolate).

Adele's Dream Wish Note 

14 - DRIVING (MAINLY) BIG STUFF (3.3%). In this top dream the children could often drive but their chariot of choice was often surprising.
Although a few choose sports cars most went for bigger diggers, lorries, cement mixes and several even choose garbage trucks.

The top dream though involved driving monster trucks like those draw here by Brady.

15 - ON THEIR FAVOURITE HOLIDAY - NORMALLY DISNEY LAND OR THE SEASIDE (3.2%). Perhaps surprisingly this ranked much lower down the Children’s top dream list than it did on the adults.
The one we liked the best was the girl who travelled around Europe on a bouncy castle (although 90% of the children who picked this choose either a visit Disney Land or the beach as their most cherished holiday dream).

Cayson (age 5) shows his all time favourite dream where he is in Disney Land meeting Mickey Mouse with his Mum and lots of sweets. 

16 - ALONE ALL DAY OR NIGHT IN A TOY SHOP (3.1%). This dream often involved the child being left in a huge toy shop where they could play all night and normally did not have to go to school the day after.
For some it was just an unlimited supermarket sweep visit but they could take all the time they wanted to buy anything in the shop.

Seven year old Darcy shows her ideal toy shop dream which involves lots of LOL dolls.

17 - JOURNEYS IN A ROCKET SHIP (2.7%). Journeys sometimes around the Earth but normally into space on a rocket came in as the 17th favourite child’s dream.
Some would go into deep space …some towards the sun but the majority were happy to just land on the Moon.

Here Charlie (age 7 ½ ) meets up with Buzz Lightyear for his moon visit dream.

18 – IN PIRATE SHIPS HUNTING TREASURE (2.5%). Almost three percent of children mentioned Pirate ship adventures as the favourite dream they wanted to have at night. 
“In my best dream I was a pirate on a treasure hunt to far away lands and everytime I get close to the treasure I wake up. I looked forward all day to going back to sleep when I can find out where my treasure is. Eventually I found it”!

Eve want’s to dream about finding treasure on a Desert Island.

19- SCORING THE WINNING GOAL / TRY/ RUN FOR THEIR NATIONAL (OR LOCAL) TEAM (1.3%). Cricket and rugby both featured in this desirable dream but the majority of children surveyed wanted to score the winning goal in a cup final for their national or local team. One boy scored the winner for Watford, most scored for England.

On this Dream Wish Note Tomos from Glamorgan has just scored the world cup winner for Wales.

My favourite dream is when Cinderella comes into my bedroom to play, we have a slide and trampoline in there too.
Actually being in the Minecraft game, Scooby Doo or Hogwarts were other examples of the 20th most popular dream.

Jessica (age 7) uses a Dream Pillow Dream Wish Note to write her favourite dream where she dances with Snoopy and bunnies in a field. 

So as you can see, children have some BRILLIANT Dreams, But if their imagination can think up some of this fun creative nice stuff, then that means their imagination can also come up with some pretty scary stuff too in the form of nightmares.

Nightmares can also be a thing that stop children wanting to go to bed. Which is where the re enforcement of encouraging them to talk about positive fun dreams will help!
When a child selects one of the three Dreamimal pillow characters which most closely match their personality they can use the Image Rehearsal Technique (easily understood in the user friendly instructions) to totally transform how a child thinks about bedtime.

Any dream pillow ordered here before Saturday 21st December is guaranteed to arrive next working day. If ordered via Amazon we will deliver by the earliest date of the date range (either Monday 23rd or Tuesday 24th  December).

Have you ever thought about the difference in Children's dreams to Adult Dreams? 

(This was a collaborative post) 

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

The Colour Monster Game - Review

So I expect your all wondering about this Colour Monster?

Well the Colour Monster originated from a brilliant book which is all about a monster that has its feelings all confused. A kid girl helps the colour monster understand his feels and seperate them by putting them into jars. Which made the monster feel much better. 

We have read this book ourself and it is such a great book so as soon as I was offered the game to review I just had to give it a try. 

The box looked just like the front cover so Lily recognised it straight away. 

Inside the box there is games board, counters with 4 different coloured monsters on, 2 cardboard shelfs that need assembling, and some jars. There is also a nice and a girl counter and a monster one.

The jars all have colours on one side, and a hole on the other. They also have a hole in the top. 

The game is super easy set up, you get out the board and place the coloured counters on the same colour. EG- Green on green.

You then get the girl and the monster and place them on the pink spot. This is the starting point. 

You then need to assemble the shelfs, I must admit, I am terrible at construction and couldn't figure out how to put it together but thats just me as the person who did it for me, did it in seconds. 

Then you place the jars on the shelf with the non coloured side facing you. 

This game is actually a non competitive game and is all about working together to beat the game itself. It did come with instructions but I found that I started to understand it a lot quicker by just playing it. 

The game is all about feelings, just like in the book. You need to help the colour monster get all his feelings into a jar. To do this you must land on a coloured spot, then tell everyone about a moment you felt that feeling. EG, Green is Calm, talk about a time you was calm. Then you get to choose a jar and turn it over. If the jar is the same colour EG green, then put your counter in the jar but if not, then turn the jar back over and place the counter back on its colour spot. But there is a catch that makes it not so easy. 3 of the jars all has squiggles of mixed colours showing mixed feelings. You must not turn these over. If you end up turning over all 3 then that is game over and the game has won!

The dice tells you how many places you must move, 1, or 2, and then there is symbol which means you can move to which ever feeling space you like. There is also a symbol of the girl, this means you can move the girl player to any space you like.

The game is super easy to play and I think is a really clever way to get your children to open up and talk. Feelings are not something children can always understand so for them to suddenly have a fun game that helps them express, is a really good thing. 

Lily found it easy to talk about the 4 feelings, Calm, Happyness, fear and Sadness. 

We managed to beat the game twice before we ended up collecting all 3 mixed feelings cards and loosing. she wanted to play the game over and over again so she really did enjoy it. 

I would 100% recommend this game for anyone who is currently concerned about their child and how they may be dealing with something. 

The colour monster game is from Kosmos games and is recommended for children aged 4+. It can be played with 2 to 5 players.

Head here to the Kosmos Website to see more. 

Do you like the sound of this game?

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Win a Child's and Adults Game from Interplay

Wether it is for Christmas or New Years Eve, or just for fun in general! Games are a great way to get together and have a good laugh.

Interplay have a great selection of games and I have 2 to tell you all about.

First one is for the kids! The p
erfect game to get together to create some fun and giggles. 

It is called Don't Rock the Boat and is £19.99 to buy from John Lewis and other retailers. 

This Swashbuckling game is made for children aged 5 plus and is best played when there is 2-4 players playing.

The idea of the game is to take it in turns to balance your pirate penguin crew on the deck of the boat with out rocking it. Try get all 16 on with out tipping the boat, if you knock a penguin over board, you loose!!!

Perfect for the pirate loving player and the perfect game to master some serious balancing and co-ordination skills.

Then when you have got the kids settled in bed, its now time for some adult fun! Get out this next game for some hilarious naughty adult laughs!

Its called 5 Second Rule, Uncensored and can be bought from Amazon.
In the origional game you get 5 seconds to blurt out 3 things that answer the question. But in this version the questions are a little more naughty and provide much more laughter with the answers. For example " 3 ways to hide a fart". Name 3 things to score a point!

It is the perfect game to leave you tongue tied and flustered and also maybe a little embarrassed. Perfect for parties and drinking games! 

It is for ages 17+ and you need 3 or more players to play.

Now how would you like to win these games for your child to enjoy and then you to enjoy at your next party? 

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Thursday, 12 December 2019

Win 12 Beers of Christmas from Gorgeous Brewery

As it is near to Christmas, Gorgeous Brewery have a very special message for you and a special treat!

See Below! 

The 12 Beers of Christmas

Ho Ho Hold my beer… because it’s Christmaaaas! The most wonderful time of the year. The fabulous, festive season is filled with nights out, boozie catch ups and Christmas parties where many of us choose to treat ourselves and indulge in a little tipple. Here at Gorgeous Brewery, we’re big fans of beer 365 days of the year, but Christmas drinks do taste that little bit more special, don’t you think!
This year we have decided to combine our two great loves, craft beer and Christmas time to come up with our very own take on the classic Christmas carol, featuring our much loved (and much consumed), 12 Gorgeous Brewery beers.
Do sing along merrily and enter our festive giveaway, details are below.
May we present to you, Gorgeous Brewery’s 12 beers of Christmas…

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me
A Greedyguts in a Pear Tree

On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me
Two Gunpowder Doves 
and a Greedyguts in a Pear Tree

On the Third day of Christmas my true love sent to me
Three French Geekhunters 
Two Gunpowder Doves 
and a Greedyguts in a Pear Tree

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love sent to me
Four Calling Gyrocopters 
Three French Geekhunters 
Two Gunpowder Doves 
and a Greedyguts in a Pear Tree

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love sent to me
Five Golden Greaseballs
Four Calling Gyrocopters 
Three French Geekhunters 
Two Gunpowder Doves 
and a Greedyguts in a Pear Tree

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me
Six Goofyhofs Laying 
Five Golden Greaseballs
Four Calling Gyrocopters 
Three French Geekhunters 
Two Gunpowder Doves 
and a Greedyguts in a Pear Tree

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me
Seven Glowflys Swimming 
Six Goofyhofs Laying 
Five Golden Greaseballs
Four Calling Gyrocopters 
Three French Geekhunters 
Two Gunpowder Doves 
and a Greedyguts in a Pear Tree

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love sent to me
Eight Gravediggers Milking 
Seven Glowflys Swimming 
Six Goofyhofs Laying 
Five Golden Greaseballs
Four Calling Gyrocopters 
Three French Geekhunters 
Two Gunpowder Doves 
and a Greedyguts in a Pear Tree

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love sent to me
Nine Guzzlas Dancing
Eight Gravediggers Milking 
Seven Glowflys Swimming 
Six Goofyhofs Laying 
Five Golden Greaseballs
Four Calling Gyrocopters 
Three French Geekhunters 
Two Gunpowder Doves 
and a Greedyguts in a Pear Tree

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love sent to me
Ten Grasshoppers Leaping
Nine Guzzlas Dancing
Eight Gravediggers Milking 
Seven Glowflys Swimming 
Six Goofyhofs Laying 
Five Golden Greaseballs
Four Calling Gyrocopters 
Three French Geekhunters 
Two Gunpowder Doves 
and a Greedyguts in a Pear Tree

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me
Eleven Gatsbys Piping
Ten Grasshoppers Leaping
Nine Guzzlas Dancing
Eight Gravediggers Milking 
Seven Glowflys Swimming 
Six Goofyhofs Laying 
Five Golden Greaseballs
Four Calling Gyrocopters 
Three French Geekhunters 
Two Gunpowder Doves 
and a Greedyguts in a Pear Tree

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me
12 Grizzlys Drumming

Eleven Gatsbys Piping
Ten Grasshoppers Leaping
Nine Guzzlas Dancing
Eight Gravediggers Milking 
Seven Glowflys Swimming
Six Goofyhofs Laying
Five Golden Greaseballs
Four Calling Gyrocopters
Three French Geekhunters 
Two Gunpowder Doves 
and a Greedyguts in a Pear Tree

If you like the sound of our 12 eclectic ales this Christmas, then enter our giveaway below where you could win all 12 to try. Tis’ the season of giving after all.

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Monday, 9 December 2019

Fun with Zimpli Kids

(ad gifted)

We have always been a big fan of Zimpli Kids, they have so many fun products for kids. 

We were sent some to review - 

We was sent a Emoji Chocolate Picture Maker and some brand new Crackle Bath. 

First we tried the Crackle Baff Colours. These are mini surprise bags that you can use in either your bath, or if your child prefers then they can be used in a tub of water. Inside the pack is a crunchy looking powder, that you simply add to water to get a new sensory experience. 
As you add them to the water the star to make a super loud crackle sound. They are just like the crackle sweets that you put in your mouth that pop on your tongue only much much louder. They also come in different colours and you never know what colour you will get until you open your packet. This then leaves your water colourful. 

Of coarse it is much better to be able to see this in action, so if you head to my instagram, you can find this in my story. (Added to Loved products highlighted story)

Then we tried the Emoji Chocolate Picture Maker. Lily was super excited for this as she loves chocolate. 

I must admit, she didn't do the neatest job but she loved making it anyway. 

The kit comes with Chocolate in dark, milk and white, and it comes with some pictures that you can cut out and a special tray to put your chocolate in. 

First we chose our Emoji we wanted to make. Lily chose one that had hearts for eyes. We cut it put ready to use. You put this under the plastic tray so then you know where to draw with the chocolate. 

Then to get your chocolate ready you need to get a tub of warm (not hot) water to get your chocolate to melt. Don't take the chocolate out the packs, leave it in side. I ended up having to add a little boiling water to warm my water up as It wasn't seeming to melt the chocolate but then it is winter and so my warm water may not be as warm as usual at the moment. 

When you can feel that your packets are nice and sqidgey, it means they are ready to use. You cut a small hole in the corner and then pipe the chocolate in the areas you want it. You can be as precise as you want to be, but of corse lily is only 5 and so she wanted dark brown eyes and a white mouth, and so we didn't focus on doing too much detail. I let lily squeeze the chocolate on, which she did by herself and didn't do too bad of a job. 

After you have got your design, you then cover the rest in milk chocolate and then place the lid on the top. The next job is to pop it in the fridge and wait 20 min. This is probably the most difficult part because have you ever tried to make a child wait 20 min for chocolate before ? I think I got asked ever few min "is it ready yet"?

I don't think we waited the full 20 min and when I checked it, it looked like it was ready. 

(Before the Fridge)

After I was happy that it was ready I took it out of the mould. We probably should have waited the full 20 min as it was still a bit soft, but that did not bother Lily at all and she was just pleased she has a bar of chocolate that she had made herself. 

Over all its a fun little activity that doesn't take too much time and at the end of it puts a bit smile on your child's face.

Head to the Zimpli Kids website to check out these items and more!

Would your child love these? 

Saturday, 7 December 2019

Gift with Smiggle This Christmas

(ad- Gifted) 

Still looking for additional gifts this year for your little one? Well have you thought about checking out Smiggle?

What is Smiggle? If you haven't spotted it in your shopping centre, or maybe have but haven't been inside, Smiggle is your store for all things fun, colourful, stationary and simply COOL!

They have a super range of products from pencils to backpacks and there is things that both boys and girls will both love. 

Smiggle even have items in there store that maybe you may not know was even in there... So I have been sent 4 items to tell you about!

1. Star Wars Character Wallet 

Big star wars fan in the family? Well this wallet is sure to make them feel grown up and cool. They are bound to get some Christmas money from family, so what a perfect gift to receive from Santa, something to store it in! The waller features Darth Vader on the front and so is very recognisable as star wars. Not only that, there is a surpise smell element to it as the Darth Vader has a Cola scent to it! How cool!
It has 2 zipped compartments, plus card area and translucent are to put a photo. You can grab this from Smiggle for just £10! 

2. Star Wars Slapband 

This item is the perfect stocking filler for any Star wars fan. Everyone knows how much kids love slap bands and this one being themed Star wars just gives it that extra added cool! Again it features Darth Vader on the front and your child will love showing off their wrist while wearing this. At only £5 its perfect for a little extra added gift this year. 

3. Imagine Unicorn Earmuffs 

It is most definitely getting colder and your going to need something to protect your child's ears. So how about a pair of earmuffs? Smiggle have these lovely Unicorn ones that are super soft and fluffy meaning extra comfort for when your child wears them. Your child will love the pretty pastel colours of this but the thing they will look the most is that they get to look like a unicorn with the golden horn on their head. These make the perfect gift to add a little magic while helping your child feel super stylish and super warm. Smiggle are now selling them for a nice price of only £10. 

4. Sing It, Karaoke Microphone and Speaker 

This is perfect for the little singer in the family. Simply connect the microphone into a smart phone, laptop or tablet device and get your child ready to sing along to their favourite tunes. It can be connected via AUX or bluetooth so really easy to get started. The thing your child will love the most about this item, is that it looks just like a microphone all the famous singers have. So they will feel extra special and just like a real star! This item is a definite special christmas gift retailing at £39.00

All of these amazing items can be bought from a Smiggle Store or online on their website

Have you ever been into a Smiggle before?

Do you think you will be getting any of these gifts? 

Friday, 6 December 2019

Win a Science Mad Chemistry Lab

(ad- Gifted)

Is your child Science mad? Do they wish to become a scientist? Do they Love chemistry. If yes is the answer to these questions then your child will love the Science Mad Chemistry Lab.

Discover the wonders of chemistry with this well-equipped laboratory set where you can perform 80+ safety-tested, themed experiments.

The experiments are clearly planned and set out within a detailed instruction manual. 

The set comes with an excellent selection of 10 different chemicals and a real methylated spirit burner to help when learning about the fascinating chemical reactions involving heat.

It is for kids aged 10+ and makes the perfect christmas gift for a little mad scientist. 

You can buy it from Smyths Toy Stores for £29.99 

I have the chance for you to WIN one of these exciting sets! (though heads up! The Competition doesn't end before Christmas) 

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