Tuesday 5 November 2019

Ricky Zoom Tv Series Review


Have you seen the all brand new Ricky Zoom on Tv yet? Episodes have now been launched on Nick JR and are showing every Saturday and Sunday!

We have been watching and Lily Zooms to the Tv to watch it. It is that good!

So we want to let you know all about this great new show!

Ricky Zoom is all about a little red motorbike who lives with his friends and family in a little town called Wheelford. He is a speedy little motorbike who just loves to help and have new experiences. This leads to fun adventures where he zooms into action and sometimes has to come to the rescue!

The show is for pre schoolers is all about encouraging children to stand on their own two feet, as Ricky stands on his own two wheels. 

But it also emphasises the importance of friendship, and team work, as Ricky works along side his bike buddies 'Loop, Scootio and DJ,' and sometimes his little sister Toot who may get in on the action.

We think the Tv show is great, not only does it have great learning aspects to it that will really help your child through things like Pre School, it is super fun, action packed and exciting to watch. I think the characters are great, super friendly and something a child can really relate to. Making friends in pre School is a massive part of a child's day, so the encouragement of team work and also loyalty and kindness is a great aspect of this show.

I do love the designs of the characters to. They look child friendly and so happy with their big wide eyes and smiley faces. The show is also super colourful which is a really attractive feature about it. 

I also think the setting of where they live is great. With lots of race tracks for them to zoom around, over bridges and around rocks. It really does give a sense of adventure. Plus it is all such high quality animation which really helps bring it all to life.

Lily hasn't really chosen a favourite character yet, she says she loves them all. But I can see Ricky being a favourite amongst a lot of children. But the show is packed full of characters who all drive around the town. So there is plenty of choice.

One other good things about this show, is the theme tune. This can sometimes for a parent be the make or break to a show, to wether we allow our children to watch it over and over. Some get stuck in the head, some are unbearable, but I actually think this one is very catchy. I guess only time will tell but I can't see it bothering me too much!

I will definetly be encouraging Lily to watch the show, I really want her to start being braver and more adventurous and this show could really encourage this. 

As well as getting to watch the TV show, we got sent some great goodies!

Check out Lily's new back pack and drinks bottle! I think they are great and will remind children all about being adventurous, just like ricky is on the show.

Lily really enjoyed getting to fill out the activity pad. She loves being creative!

I really do hope you decide to tune in to Nick Jr and get your child watching this show! You won't regret it!

Do you think your child will enjoy this show?

Will you be tuning in? 


  1. The activity pad and other props look great! I am glad Lily is enjoying the show :)

  2. Oh no I’ve never seen this show before ! Nila is obsessed with cars and bikes . She would love it, the little gifts would be perfect for Xmas too!

  3. We are really loving the show recently! Such fab characters and such a great concept.

  4. Mellissa Williams10 November 2019 at 15:18

    This sounds like a wonderful show for kids! The characters all sound great - my son would have loved this when he was younger.

  5. My friends kids watch this! Its great to see that theres merch available too xxx

  6. My friends kids also love the show. I love the little activity pack and water bottle.

  7. This looks great for small children. Some of the kids a preschool have mentioned Ricky Zoom - now I know what they are talking about

  8. We love Ricky Zoom!! It's fun and educational!

  9. That sounds amazing and fun. I'm sure the kids would enjoy those exciting items and watching the show.