Saturday 2 November 2019

Paw Patrol Super Jet Review

Lily is a massive Paw Patrol fan so when I found out I was being sent the new Paw Patrol Super Jet made by Spin Master, I was so excited to show her. 

The Jet came in a massive box, and I could tell it was going to be one of those really impressive large scale paw patrol toys. 

I was right! The Jet is super impressive in size. 

Lily was so pleased when she saw it and so excited to get it out the box. 

Luckily it was really easy to get out of the box and a few cuts to some elastic bands and some twists and pulls to some plastic screws in the bottom and it is out. Again I need to emphasise that the jet is super big, and Lily held it up excitedly and it was nearly as big as her. Children do love toys that are large in size. 

She did find it quite heavy to lift though, and there was a few drops of it to the floor when picking it up. It is a little bit of a difficult shape for them to lift and fly round. Lily mostly ended up just using it as a Jet base on the floor.

The Jet does look super cool though, with its typical red and blue and yellow paw patrol colours and its super cool set shape. The first thing Lily did was open up the front to put in Ryder. She loved that he could sit in the front of this. We then noticed that there was another little compartment and this is where you put some little blue disks that was provided. Both little compartments were easy to open and this is something Lily could do herself. 

We then noticed that there was a little yellow button on the top. We had no idea what this did until I pressed it and out flew one of the round disks. This is a super fun element to the jet. But, our button was really hard to press and Lily couldn't press it down with her fingers. In the end she got used to bashing the button hard with her hand and they flew out. Perfect for any heavy handed kids, i'm sure they will have no problem.

We then opened up the jet, it opens up into a interactive area inside. This gives plenty of space for other paw patrol characters to be placed inside to extend the paw patrol play. As we did this we noticed that there was a red lever, and as we pulled it out shot the jet at the front. This was a total surprise and we didn't know that it had a smaller jet. This was perfect for Lily to fly around with and she loved using it to transport Ryder to and from the Jet.

The next thing we did, was add the stickers to it. the stickers are labeled quite obviously to where they need to go and are all quite large. But I must stress how careful you need to be. They don't peel off easily if you make a mistake. I am terrible at putting stickers on so mine wasn't on super neat. Not that Lily notices. There is also 2 shelves that fold down that people can stand on and then buttons which make the jet flash and make a jet noise. The noise is loud enough to hear, but isn't an annoying sound. The set already comes with batteries, which is always a bonus.

Overall Lily was really pleased with this toy, she got out all her other paw patrol toys and this became a great new addition to the sets she already has.

This toy is RRP - £49.99 and can be bought from Smyths Toy Stores. 

Would your child enjoy this Paw Patrol toy? 

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  1. My niece loves Paw Patrol! I think this might be a good shout for a Christmas present!