Thursday, 28 November 2019

Kids Stocking Fillers

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Wether you have a small stocking for your child or a large one that practically they can climb into, you will be looking for items that can fit inside it. Below is my guide for items that I think fit wonderfully into a stocking and make great gifts this year for Christmas. 

1. Baby Born Surprise Series 2 - RRP £11.99 *Buy Me Here* 

If your little one is a fan of Baby Born, and also a fan of collectables AND also a fan of surprises then this toy is all that in one. Each Baby Born surprise comes with a cute little baby inside which is wrapped in its very own swaddle. Each Baby Born swaddle is different and there are lots to collect. When you unwrap your baby you will find out what colour hair it has and then you magically wipe the babies eyes to see what colour eyes they have. The surprises don't end there, you then give baby a drink with its bottle it comes with and it will wet its nappy. The nappy then reveals a design! These come nicely packed in plastic and wrapped inside in a baby patterned cloth so are the perfect size for a stocking. 

2. Sylvanian Family Blind Bags - RRP £3.99 *Buy Me Here* 

We love Sylvanian and so its great that they do little blind bags so then you can have a surprise to which cute little character you will get. These blind bags go perfectly inside a stocking and are a lovely little extra gift to open. This blind bag is from the Baby Shopping Series and there are 9 characters to collect. They all come with a cute little accessory related to shopping! How sweet! 

3. Micro Motorz Twin Pack - RRP £9.99  *Buy Me Here*

Love cars? Well Micro Motorz is all about collecting them! There are 20+ cars total to collect and they all come in these special surprise packs! In each pack there is 6 surprises with one meaning you can customise your car because it comes with an interchangeable accessory. It also comes with a launcher so you can launch your car into action. Then have fun racing against your friends! These are the perfect size to pop into a stocking and for £9.99 you get 2 packs! 

4. Playmobil Movie Blind Bags - RRP £3.00 *Buy Me Here* 

These are perfect for the child who just loves to play with Playmobil, or for a child who has never had play mobil before. These little blind bags have one little figure inside to build and play with, and in the theme of the Playmobil Movie! If your child hasn't seen the movie then these are still great because the characters are so varied and can go great with lots of sets you may own. They are the perfect size and price for popping into a stocking. 

5. Playfoam Pals Monster Party - RRP £6.00 *Buy Me Here* 

Playfoam from Learning Resources can only be described as squishy squashy balls of fun. You can mould it into shapes you like or just enjoy squishing it in your hands. These Playfoam pals are even more fun as come with a little pal that you find in the middle. Plus the Playfoam in this series is even more special because it is exciting glow in the dark playfoam! This series is all about Monsters and there are 13 to collect, the perfect gift to find in a stocking! 

6. Orchard Toys Mini Games - RRP £5 *Buy Me Here*

You can't beat games at Christmas and so what better thing to find in a stocking than a fun game! Orchard toys has an amazing selection of Mini games that fit perfectly into a stocking. This game Llamas in Pjyamas is all about Matching. the idea of the game is to build as many Llamas in Pyjamas before the sleeping picture is complete. It sounds a super fun game and is also perfect for children to get playing over the Christmas Holidays. 

7. Geomag Rainbow - RRP £12.50  *Buy Me Here*  

If your child loves construction then they will be thrilled to find this in their stocking. These mini travel Geomag packs come with 15 very colourful pieces that all magically stick together using magnets. With these pieces you can construct 2D and 3D shapes and build whatever your childs imagination will let them. And as they come in this very flat pack they are the perfect size to pop into a stocking.

8. Love Writing Co Pencils - RRP From £3.99 *Buy Me Here* 

Lily is currently writing all the time at the moment and so finding pencils in her stocking would be a super exciting thing! Love Writing Co make pencils that are perfect for little ones who are learning to write. The smaller pack is £3.99 and comes with 5 pencils inside. The other pack has 12 coloured pencils inside and is £6.99. The great thing about these pencils is that they are larger in size so easier to grip, and the coloured pencils are also erasable so your child can rub out their mistakes. They really do make a cute little stocking filler. 

9. Snoball Play Sachets - RRP £0.99 *Buy Me Here* 

Just incase it doesn't snow this christmas, you may want to think about getting this pretend snow from Zimpli Kids. Not only does it look like real snow, but it can also be played with like real snow! Just add water to the mixture and then get ready to play and have a snow ball fight! With such a great price and cute sized packet, it fits perfectly into a stocking. 

10. Personalised Water Bottle - RRP £15.00 *Buy Me Here*  

I always end up buying Lily a new water bottle at Christmas time, and this cute Personalised bottle is perfect to fit into a stocking. There is a choice of many different designs and you simply upload your child's picture and they add it to the character you have chosen. It also comes with 2 different types of lids so your child can choose which they want. The perfect thing about this bottle is it will never get mixed up with another child's when out and about. It is something your child can treasure as its their very own special water bottle. 

Which of these items would you child like to find in a stocking?

Will you be considering any of these for your child? 

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  1. Baby born is a favourite - inspiration for the perfect gift

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  5. I like these stocking stuffer ideas. Kid appreciated, and endorsed by mom! My kids would like these.

  6. The baby born surprise would be a great idea to include in my daughter's stocking, since she is obsessed with babies :P

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  8. These are so good mh 6 year old would love any and all of them. Such good prices too

  9. We love stocking filler, and sometimes I think kids love this more than their presents from Santa! The Playmobil Movie Blind Bags would be my choice as my kids collect them.

  10. I love all of these!! My favourites has to be the Playmobil figures and the Sylvanian family's toys. I wouldn't mind them for myself.

  11. Lovely stocking filler ideas, I love stocking fillers and get more excited buying those than I do main presents x

  12. Brilliant selection of stocking filler gifts. Love the Orchard Toys game and love writing co pencils.

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