Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Kids Games for Christmas

(Ad- Gifted)

I think games are a really great idea for Children's gifts. To me christmas is all about getting together as a family and spending quality time together and games are a really good way to do this. So I have put together a list of games that I think your children would just love to receive this Christmas.

1. Eye Spy with My Little Eye - RRP £14.99 *Buy Me Here*

I love the idea of this game. Eye spy is a favourite game amongst most young children. So Cheatwell games incorporating it into a board game is just great! It is just like you play in real life, but this time you find the picture that starts with the letter. But to make the game more exciting there is also a race element to it and you have to place your counter down on the word first. It is a really great game if your child is just starting school like Lily is, she just loves learning all about her letters at the moment and so she will find this game very exciting. As well as fun, it also has a great learning element to it. So it really is the perfect gift for any letter learning enthusiast. 

2. Rainbow Unicorns - RRP £8.25 *Buy Me Here* 

This is a magical game of matching while featuring wonderful rainbows and unicorns. Which are very popular amongst children at the moment. Players need to take turns picking up tail cards and match them to their unicorn heads. For every match they make they move one step closer to the pot of gold on the rainbow. It is recommended for ages 3-5 and is also a great way to help children learn and recognise colours. We have always been a big fan of Orchard Toys games and so I would always recommend these as a brilliant gift for a child.

3. Masha and the Bear Race to the Tree House - RRP £15.00 *Buy Me Here* 

Do you have a Masha and the Bear fan in the family? Tactic games have now turned this popular Kids Tv show into a game called Race to the Tree house and that is exactly what you have to do. But on the way you need to beware of the pink and green arrows and the rope ladders that may speed you up or slow you down. The other cool thing about this game is that it is built up to be 3D which makes it stand out from all the flat board games on the market. Recommended for children aged 4+, this game is sure to make your child happy when they go from finding it under the tree, to racing up to the tree house. 

4. Mud Party - RRP £26.00 *Buy Me Here* 

Kids just love mud right? So this game is sure to gain there interest. It is called Mud Party by Tactic games and is a hilarious game that includes a rubber pig. Sounds fun? Here is how you play. Lay your animal tiles on the towels around the pool and try to splash as many of them as you can by dropping the pig right in the mud! The game characters take a step for each animal you splashed but be careful - or you might end up helping your opponents move towards the finish line! I think this is a great game to get your kids laughing and smiling this Christmas. 

5. Orangutwang - RRP £14.99 *Buy Me Here* 

This game is a super fun game with the element of surprise. The game comes with a vine that you construct, a orangutang and some colourful plastic fruit and jungle friends. The idea is to hang the orangutang on the vine, then take turns to hang a piece of fruit or little animal to his legs. Then see how many you can get on him before TWANG he goes flying into the air causing a room full of laughter and giggles. This is such a exciting game with tons of suspense and one that everyone in the family will enjoy playing. Perfect to enjoy together at Christmas. Recommended for ages 3+

6.  Five Little Fish - RRP £20.00 *Buy Me Here* 

I think fishing is one thing that all children love to do, and games like this remind them of fun activities like hook a duck at the fair. Which is why this game Five Little Fish from University Games will be a popular one for children this Christmas. The game is a matching game and starts by flipping over a card, you then have to catch a fish and the tail will reveal if it is a match. The easy to understand instructions to this game will make it super fun and easy for children to play and I would say is a perfect first game for children aged 3+. 

7. OJO Which Way? Game - RRP £24.99 *Buy Me Here* 

Coding is a new and very clever thing to learn and this game is all about helping learn that skill while having fun at the same time. It features the fun character Messy from the Cbeebies show "Messy goes to Okido" and this is all about helping him visit all his friends across the map using coding. It includes a magic self driving car which is a totally new feature for board games. It is such a great game for encouraging learning and helps cognitive thinking, problem solving and STEM learning. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)
With the cool new technology that this game has, it will sure impress any child aged 4 to 8 if they received it as a gift this Christmas. 

If you like this sound of this OJO game then you may want to check out this Kickstarter campaign which has an opportunity for 4 more games to be released. 

Hope you have gained some great games inspiration!

Which of the games do you like the sound of for a Gift this year? 

(I was gifted these items in return for feature) 


  1. great list of games, we especially like the idea of the orangatwang game

  2. So far I have got the Orangutwang & I am thinking about the mud party for the girls too.

  3. We love games at Christmas and always get a few new ones every year . Nila is obsessed with Marsha and bear , she would love that game

  4. There's nothing like a good game at Christmas and these ones sound like they will be so much fun to play!

  5. It's good to have fun games during Christmas and those are all looking great. I'm sure the family would enjoy playing with these.

  6. I love Orchard Toys but I've never seen that Rainbows and Unicorns game before! My daughter would love it!

  7. You've definitely giving me some game inspiration today! Olivia would love that unicorn game!

  8. Mine are all getting older now but we've always loved playing games together. Orchard Toys used to be a real favourite, they last so well. Great selection, Mich x

  9. These look like so much fun! Love the rainbow unicorns!

  10. Such a lovely list of games for little ones. The games always come out at christmas

  11. Ah brilliant! I've actually been looking for a few bits for my sons that aren't just toys and there are some great games here that would be perfect!

  12. All the games look like a lot of fun but I know my niece would love Rainbow Unicorns - she's Unicorn obsessed at the moment x

  13. Nothing is better than family game time over the holidays. I love the fishing game, it's so simple but kids get so much fun out of it

  14. Great selection - loving the rainbow unicorns

  15. Fantastic ideas! I always buy both my little ones a few new games every Christmas as they are great for playing all year round and they can both play eachothers games too! My little girl would love the unicorn game (shes unicorn mad atm lol!) and my son would love the OranguTwang game it looks like lots of fun!

  16. A brilliant list of great ideas. All's favourite would be the Playmobil city Life let Hotel. He loves all animals

  17. Great ideas, i always love to buy a game for the kids for Christmas, one we can all play as a family

  18. Masha and the beae tree house sounds good