Saturday 30 November 2019

Mens Christmas Gift Guide

I think the men in our life are always the trickiest to buy for, but actually there are lots of great gifts that you may want to concider to buy for them. 

This list consists of lots of ideas that may be great to treat the man in your life! Or you may be a man looking for inspiration of what to ask for this year and these may give you some great ideas. 

Of corse, all of these items below are not JUST for men, but you may find something that may make a great gift for who ever you choose. 

1. True Colours Game - RRP £14.99 *Buy Me Here* 

This is a fab game to play with your friends this Christmas. It is all about how well you think you know your friends. A question is read out loud and then everyone must vote for who they think it sounds the most like then gain points for being the correct vote! You need at least 3 players to play this game and up to 6 can play. This makes a great gift for someone who loves a good party game! 

2. Tru Bamboo Tumbler - RRP £19.95  *Buy Me Here* 

This gift is perfect for the lover of anything Eco Friendly. It is made from Bamboo and the inside is made from 100% fully recyclable stainless steel making it super Eco Friendly. It is perfect for either keeping your drinks warm, or super cold and is leak proof so perfect for taking on long walks. It also comes with a infuser on the inside so then you can add fruit or tea, keeping your drink full of flavour. No Bamboo grains are the same making each finish of the Tumbler compleatly different and unique to you. It truly makes a lovely gift. 

3. Tru Bamboo Cheese Board - RRP £22.45  *Buy Me Here* 

Got a cheese fan in the family? They will love this cheeseboard because of its amazing size. It is one of the biggest on the market and perfect for fitting as much cheese on as you desire. It comes with 3 lovely knifes for cutting your cheese and also a fork, all stored in a little drawer inside the cheeseboard. This is also the perfect board for the Eco Friendly lover as the board and knife handles are all 100% bamboo. Bamboo is one of the strongest materials so this cheeseboard is made to last!
It makes the perfect gift for the cheese lover, and also makes a wonderful addition to any sort of cheese and wine hamper. 

4. Tru Bamboo Food Markers - RRP £4.99 *Buy Me Here* 

If you love the cheeseboard you may want to concider also getting these food markers so you can mark which cheese is which. On the Tru Bamboo website you can buy then alongside the cheese board as a full 10 piece set. But these arn't only good for cheese. They are perfect for parties and marking which food is which, especially if you have any vegetarians or vegans attending. There are so many different ways they can be used, maybe for cakes? Or maybe you know someone is a keen gardener and may want to mark which plant is which. There is 4 in a pack and it also comes with a gold pen. They look incredibly pretty and just add a lovely extra touch to what ever your displaying. 

5. Gillette Skinguard Razor - RRP £8.99 *Buy Me Here* 

Every man needs a decent razor and grabbing them a new one for christmas is a great idea. This Gillette Skinguard Razor is the first razor that has been developed for sensitive skin. It is deigned so then it doesn't pull or tug which then reduces irritation afterwards.  The size of this makes a perfect gift to pop in a stocking or y
ou can also buy matching shaving cream and extra razor heads to make the gift a set. 

6. Ralph Lauren Socks - RRP £25.00 *Buy Me Here* 

Looking for some luxury quality socks to treat someone to this year? You may want to concider these Ralph Lauren Polo Socks. There is 3 in a pack and they are all different designs. One a with the Ralph Lauren teddy bear, one grey with the Ralph Lauren logo and one pair of navy with a white and red stripe at the top. These would be perfect for the man in your life that is a big Ralph Lauren fan or simple someone who loves snuggly warm feet. 

7. Bic Pens - RRP £24.99 *Buy Me Here* 

Know someone who loves writing, or maybe design? These colourful pens from Bic make the perfect gift. One pack has 13 different colours inside and one has 3 standard red, black and blue. The great thing about these pens are they are Ultra fast drying meaning less chance of smudging. The Ultra Fast drying is also perfect for any left hand writers who often find that they end up smudging their writing with their hand. They all have a special grip handle which is designed for ultimate comfort for when writing. Perfect to buy all together as one gift or perfect for popping into a stocking. 

8. The Lean Exec - RRP £8.99 *Buy Me Here* 

This book is all about fitting in exercise around a busy working lifestyle. Many of us want to get fit but really struggle to fit it into our daily lives. This book will help you get motivated and fit with only using 3 hours a week of your time. It is a no nonsense guide on tips and hacks to optimise your time and use it well to get in that all needed exercise. This paperback edition is perfect for taking on the go and perfect for reading on your way home from work. It makes a great gift if your wanting to give some fitness inspiration this year. The size of the book also fits nicely into a stocking. 

9. Sleepmaster Deluxe Sleep Mask - RRP £24.99 *Buy Me Here*

Know someone who is struggling to sleep? This Sleep master could be the answer. It is super thick, comfortable and blocks out all light with wonderful size of it. It is easily fastenable at the back with velcro making it one size fits all, so you don't have to worry about if it will fit who you buy it for. The thickness of the mask also makes it have sound muffling qualities which is great if your easily disturbed. But if that isn't enough it also comes with ear plugs. This deluxe version has a handy storage slot within the mask to store your earplugs and comes with a lovely drawstring bag to store your mask. Perfect for if your travelling soon and the perfect gift for the person who has to sleep in the day. 

10. Blockbuster Game - RRP £19.99 *Buy Me Here*  

Film mad? then this is the party game for you or someone you know. This blockbuster game is all about your knowledge of films, where players go head to head to battle it out to name the film. There is also a quote it round and a act it out round. The game includes cards, game board and buzzer and its cleverly packaged into a Video case which totally reminds me of renting movies as a child. This will make such a fun but also nostalgic gift for anyone who has ever seen a movie.  

11. Tardis Desk Tidy - RRP £24.99 *Buy Me Here* 

Here is one way to turn a messy desk into a tidy one while having a cool Doctor Who Theme about it. This is such a cute little Tardis which opens up and has storage for all the things you would keep on your desk. It is made from quality wood and is made with such lovely details. the doors open at the front and the lid lifts off so then you can pop all your pens and bits and bobs inside. It looks just like the real Tardis from Doctor Who so makes the perfect gift for any Doctor Who fan. 

12. SIGG Hot Cold Flask - RRP £22.99 *Buy Me Here*

This flask is exactly what is says in its title, its a flask made especially with keeping drinks hot or cold in mind. This is one of the larger flasks in the Sigg collection and so perfect for long walks or even long days at work. With it being larger it is always a worry to wether your drink will go cold when you want it hot, or warm when you want it cold. With this flask you are guaranteed for your drink to stay at the temperature you want it to. It is made from stainless steel and has a easy cap to quickly access your drink. thinking this may make a perfect gift but not sure about the colour? Don't worry, SIGG has a great selection of different colours to pick from.

Which of these gifts do you think you will be considering this year? 

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Friday 29 November 2019

Japanese Ramen Bowl Set Review

(ad- gifted - Words and Pictures are my own) 

If you love eating new types of food then Sous Chef is probably the place to go shopping. Their website is all about different cuisines and they have lots of products from ingredients to cooking equipment to tablewear. 

I was asked if I would like to review something from the website so I chose to review the lovely Ramen Sets that they have. 

I was sent the Japanese Ramen bowl set, which comes with 2 ladles, 2 bowls, a recipe book and a bag.

I really loved the look of them on the website and was just as pleased with them when they arrived. 

The bowls are a gorgeous colour of blue and have such a nice marble pattern to them. They are super shiny too and just look so beautiful. They are such a good depth and size and they look like they will hold a decent amount of food.

They are really high quality and the shape of the bowl is made especially to hold noodles or ramen. They are brought here all the way from Japan so with these you know you are getting the real deal!

In the pictures I took below you can see the high quality of the bowls and the decent sizing of them. 

The set also comes with 2 ladles which are perfect for Ramen dishes. They are made from natural Bamboo and are also such a lovely colour of wood. They both have really long handles and the wood is so smooth to hold in your hand. They compliment the bowls really nicely and the size of them means you would be getting a decent mouthful of delicious Ramen.

I have never tried Ramen before. But this kit comes with a wonderful recipe book which means that I can now make my own. It tells you how to follow the recipes and also tells you all about the different types of Ramen.

The steps to the recipes look really easy to follow and they all also sound really tasty. It includes 4 different recipes and one is perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

Ramen sounds perfect for the winter months and I can't wait to get making some.

The last thing to tell you about this set, is that the dishes are dishwasher safe. So if your lucky enough to own a dishwasher (which I am not) then your going to be able to pop them in that to be washed.

The sets are £39.50 to buy and I can certainly say with the quality of them, they are well worth the money.

Head to the Sous Chef website now to pick up a set!

Have you ever made Ramen? Would you concider this set? 

Thursday 28 November 2019

Kids Stocking Fillers

(ad gifted)

Wether you have a small stocking for your child or a large one that practically they can climb into, you will be looking for items that can fit inside it. Below is my guide for items that I think fit wonderfully into a stocking and make great gifts this year for Christmas. 

1. Baby Born Surprise Series 2 - RRP £11.99 *Buy Me Here* 

If your little one is a fan of Baby Born, and also a fan of collectables AND also a fan of surprises then this toy is all that in one. Each Baby Born surprise comes with a cute little baby inside which is wrapped in its very own swaddle. Each Baby Born swaddle is different and there are lots to collect. When you unwrap your baby you will find out what colour hair it has and then you magically wipe the babies eyes to see what colour eyes they have. The surprises don't end there, you then give baby a drink with its bottle it comes with and it will wet its nappy. The nappy then reveals a design! These come nicely packed in plastic and wrapped inside in a baby patterned cloth so are the perfect size for a stocking. 

2. Sylvanian Family Blind Bags - RRP £3.99 *Buy Me Here* 

We love Sylvanian and so its great that they do little blind bags so then you can have a surprise to which cute little character you will get. These blind bags go perfectly inside a stocking and are a lovely little extra gift to open. This blind bag is from the Baby Shopping Series and there are 9 characters to collect. They all come with a cute little accessory related to shopping! How sweet! 

3. Micro Motorz Twin Pack - RRP £9.99  *Buy Me Here*

Love cars? Well Micro Motorz is all about collecting them! There are 20+ cars total to collect and they all come in these special surprise packs! In each pack there is 6 surprises with one meaning you can customise your car because it comes with an interchangeable accessory. It also comes with a launcher so you can launch your car into action. Then have fun racing against your friends! These are the perfect size to pop into a stocking and for £9.99 you get 2 packs! 

4. Playmobil Movie Blind Bags - RRP £3.00 *Buy Me Here* 

These are perfect for the child who just loves to play with Playmobil, or for a child who has never had play mobil before. These little blind bags have one little figure inside to build and play with, and in the theme of the Playmobil Movie! If your child hasn't seen the movie then these are still great because the characters are so varied and can go great with lots of sets you may own. They are the perfect size and price for popping into a stocking. 

5. Playfoam Pals Monster Party - RRP £6.00 *Buy Me Here* 

Playfoam from Learning Resources can only be described as squishy squashy balls of fun. You can mould it into shapes you like or just enjoy squishing it in your hands. These Playfoam pals are even more fun as come with a little pal that you find in the middle. Plus the Playfoam in this series is even more special because it is exciting glow in the dark playfoam! This series is all about Monsters and there are 13 to collect, the perfect gift to find in a stocking! 

6. Orchard Toys Mini Games - RRP £5 *Buy Me Here*

You can't beat games at Christmas and so what better thing to find in a stocking than a fun game! Orchard toys has an amazing selection of Mini games that fit perfectly into a stocking. This game Llamas in Pjyamas is all about Matching. the idea of the game is to build as many Llamas in Pyjamas before the sleeping picture is complete. It sounds a super fun game and is also perfect for children to get playing over the Christmas Holidays. 

7. Geomag Rainbow - RRP £12.50  *Buy Me Here*  

If your child loves construction then they will be thrilled to find this in their stocking. These mini travel Geomag packs come with 15 very colourful pieces that all magically stick together using magnets. With these pieces you can construct 2D and 3D shapes and build whatever your childs imagination will let them. And as they come in this very flat pack they are the perfect size to pop into a stocking.

8. Love Writing Co Pencils - RRP From £3.99 *Buy Me Here* 

Lily is currently writing all the time at the moment and so finding pencils in her stocking would be a super exciting thing! Love Writing Co make pencils that are perfect for little ones who are learning to write. The smaller pack is £3.99 and comes with 5 pencils inside. The other pack has 12 coloured pencils inside and is £6.99. The great thing about these pencils is that they are larger in size so easier to grip, and the coloured pencils are also erasable so your child can rub out their mistakes. They really do make a cute little stocking filler. 

9. Snoball Play Sachets - RRP £0.99 *Buy Me Here* 

Just incase it doesn't snow this christmas, you may want to think about getting this pretend snow from Zimpli Kids. Not only does it look like real snow, but it can also be played with like real snow! Just add water to the mixture and then get ready to play and have a snow ball fight! With such a great price and cute sized packet, it fits perfectly into a stocking. 

10. Personalised Water Bottle - RRP £15.00 *Buy Me Here*  

I always end up buying Lily a new water bottle at Christmas time, and this cute Personalised bottle is perfect to fit into a stocking. There is a choice of many different designs and you simply upload your child's picture and they add it to the character you have chosen. It also comes with 2 different types of lids so your child can choose which they want. The perfect thing about this bottle is it will never get mixed up with another child's when out and about. It is something your child can treasure as its their very own special water bottle. 

Which of these items would you child like to find in a stocking?

Will you be considering any of these for your child? 

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Tuesday 26 November 2019

Learning Resources 5 in 1 Outdoor Measure Mate - Review

(ad gifted)
Spending time outdoors is always a great thing to do, what ever the weather. Even if it is cold it is well worth going out to get some fresh air. Also outdoors can be very education with lots to learn about.

Learning Resources is all about learning and so they have invented a toy that is perfect for outdoor play and learning at the same time. 

It is called the Measure Mate and is all about discovering measurements, mostly for things out doors.

So the measure mate comes in 7 pieces but is a 5 in one toy to help measure the things you find outdoors. It comes with 5 different tools which include a vertical measure, callipers, a trundle wheel, spirit level and measuring stick. 

Lily has never done any measuring before so she was really excited to give it a go.

But firstly, you need to get your measure mate ready. It is super easy to fix together so then you can start to use it. Then when that is done, you can decorate it as it comes with a huge sheet of colourful stickers. The stickers are also weather proof so they don't peel off when wet which is an added bonus.

So Lily stuck on her stickers and we was ready to head out. 

We decided to go to the local park where there are lots of outdoor measuring opportunities to be had. 

The first thing Lily decided to get to grips with was using the trundle wheel. The trundle wheel measures distance. You push it along the floor and each time it clicks you start to count. Each click = 1 metre and so you can measure how many meters you can walk.

Lily at times found it easy to manage and at times struggled to control it, but I think mostly that is because she is a dot for her age and she doesn't always put the most effort into things.

We counted together each click, i'm not sure Lily quite understood that we was counting distance in metres but she did enjoy pushing it along while counting. 

The cute thing about the wheel is that it is patterned with little marks so then if you push it through mud it will make little marks left behind. Unfortunetly the ground was a little cold and hard to leave marks when we out. But I think a great time to use it will be in the snow and I look forward to trying it out again then.

After we did this we then pulled it all apart to use the other tools. It comes apart really easily and also goes back together really easily, so changing it to use it for what we needed was not a problem.

We then tried it as a spirit level. We put it on a bench to see if it was straight. But we live up north, which is full of hills and so the bench was definitely not sitting straight. I explained to Lily how the little ball needed to sit in the middle to work out if the bench was level or not.

We then decided to use this as a measuring stick. I told Lily to go and find things she could measure and so she found a stick. Lily isn't fully clued up with measurements yet (takes after her mummy) but she understood that you had to put the measuring stick next to the tree stick to be able to measure it. We also decided we would measure how thick the tree was. This tool was brilliant for this and the Calliper jaws helped place the tree trunk in line so we could measure it easier.

The measure mate can also be used to measure the holes inside tree's and the Calliper jaws are the best thing to use to do with with.

Lily really enjoyed that she was getting to do something so grown up and instead of wanting to run straight off to the play ground she was engrossed in this activity.

Plus if you wanted to extend the activity more the set comes with a guide that gives more ideas of how each tool can be used.

Overall the Measure Mate is a really decent toy that has a huge learning aspect to it. I find that children love to learn and so this toy makes learning really fun.

And of corse with it being made by Learning Resources, it is super quality and super colourful.

After you have finished using your measure mate outdoors you can then bring it in and give it a easy quick clean by simply wiping it down. Learning Resource have also thought about how to store this item and it comes with a netted bag that you can place everything inside and then hang up. Perfect!

This toy is recommended for children aged 4 to 8 and retails at £32.00, it can be bought from the Learning Resources Website

Do you think your child would Enjoy learning about Measuring?  

Monday 25 November 2019

Emotion Pets - Toffee The Pony Review

(ad- Gifted)

Is your child asking for a pony, but it is just not feasible. Maybe they will settle for the next best thing.

Toffee The Pony! 

It is the newest companion for kids and will be just like having a real pet (just without the mess)

Lily was sent one to review and here is what we thought about it.

Firstly as it sits in its box, straight away it looks impressive. Lily couldn't wait to get it out of the box and play with her new pet.

It was super easy to get out, simply chop the straps holding it into the box and toffee is free.

Toffee also comes with a brush and a carrot which are held in place with plastic. So also easy to remove.

Toffee doesn't come with batteries so you will need 4 AA batteries and a screwdriver to access the battery area.

As soon as the batteries are in, it is ready to play.

Lily loved how cute and loveable it was and straight away give it a big cuddle. Toffee's legs are soft and plush, and so can be made to lay down and sit down, but Toffee can not stand up.

The body is quite soft but you can feel a harder centre where the battery pack is, plus you can also feel the mechanism inside the head. But this does not take away from how soft the toy is at all.


Toffee's fur is really lovely and soft to stroke. It is a beautiful colour of brown and has white tuffs around its hooves. It also has a lovely soft mane. 

The mane is the perfect opportunity to use the brush and brush its lovely hair.

Toffee is super interactive and loves the attention. It blinks and moves its ears as it waits to be cuddled and reacts if you give it a tickle or a stroke. He makes wonderful horse noises that sound like a real horse. The noises are quite loud though and Lily was quite surprised at how loud to begin with.

Toffee also gets scared from time to time and if it hears a loud noise then it will close its eyes and its ears will go back. But if you then stroke Toffee then it will soon be happy again. 

As well as being brushed, Toffee loves its food and so you can feed it a carrot. Lily was so impressed with what Toffee does when you offer it a carrot. Its mouth makes eating movements and it sounds like it is actually munching on the carrot. Such a cute Feature!

Over all Lily loves her new pet and is super happy to have a new pet to take care of. 

The pony is recommended for children aged 2+ and retails at £44 and be bought from toy stores such as Argos

Would your little one love to have their very own Interactive Pony?

Saturday 23 November 2019

2 Christmas DVD's your kids will love! Plus a Giveaway!

(AD - Gifted)

I don't know about you but I can't wait to get watching Christmas films. There are so many classics out there and especially ones that the kids will love. But i'm here to tell you about 2 Christmas Dvd's that you may want to concider getting this year.

The Grinch, AND The Elf on the Shelf

The Grinch

For their eighth fully animated feature, Illumination and Universal Pictures present The Grinch, based on Dr. Seuss’ beloved holiday classic. The Grinch tells the story of a cynical grump who goes on a mission to steal Christmas, only to have his heart changed by a young girl’s generous holiday spirit. Academy Award ® nominee Benedict Cumberbatch lends his voice to the infamous Grinch. This is available both on DVD and Blue Ray and can be bought from Amazon.

The Elf on the Shelf

Follow Scout Elves Joy Sugar Cookie, Newsey Noel, Scout Elf Joe, Captain and Chippey on their fun-filled adventures. Also, meet the Elf Pets®, Santa's cuddly friends! These three specials feature original songs and stories that prove nothing is more powerful than faith, hope and love during the christmas Season. It is available now on DVD and can also be bought from Amazon.

How would you like to WIN both of these DVD's in time for Christmas? 
All you have to do is enter on the Gleam app below!

Good Luck!

Win 2 Kids Christmas DVDS

Friday 22 November 2019

Kids Christmas Gift Guide 2019

(ad- Gifted) 

It's already that time of year where we are thinking about what to get out little ones. They already have everything (right?) So what more could we buy them. Well instead of scrolling pages and pages of toy store magazines, why don't you have a read below of my christmas gift guide??

I have listed 22 ideas of what you might want to buy your child this year. Or you may be looking for a grandchild, or even a friends child and not know what they are really into. The guide below has a super variety and gifts that all children will love. 

I hope you find something on my list and it makes gift hunting much easier for you. 

1. Personalised Christmas Eve Box - RRP £17.59 *Buy Me Here*

If you don't already do a Christmas Eve box for you children then here is where you can start. This personalised Christmas Eve box from I Just Love It is beautifully made from wood and then personalised in any colour and with your child's name on it. They are perfect to put little activities in for Christmas Eve, new Pjyamas, and Christmas treats. It comes with a metal clasp to keep the box closed and features the phrase "Christmas Eve Box" on the front. This box is the perfect way to make Christmas Eve even more special. 

2. Talking Bing Plush - RRP £15.99 *Buy Me Here*

Lets start with the item for the youngest members of the family. This talking Bing is aimed at Children aged at children aged 0+ and even if your child doesn't know Bing, it is a delightful talking plush toy. It is super soft and cuddly and when you press its stomach it says 15 fun phrases such as "Hi My Name is Bing".
It is 30cm tall so a lovely size for a little one and I think any Bing fan would be delighted to get this for Christmas. 

3. Pop Pop Hair Surprise - RRP £9.99 *Buy Me Here* 

These are a new cute and collectable craze that kids are going to go mad for. Especially if your little one loves styling hair. The toy is a full surprise package that comes with 3 surprises. When opened up you get a hair brush, a mini spray pod, and long haired character with some more matching hair. The cute thing about this toy is not only can your child style the characters hair but they can add it as an accessory to their own hair and style their own. Lots of fun to be had in one toy!

4. Sylvanian Families Polar Bear Family - RRP £14.99  *Buy Me Here* 

If your child is mad on Sylvanian then you might just want to add this family to their collection. It's the Polar Bear set which is a lovely Christmas themed animal to receive as a gift. You get 3 of them in a pack, the parents and very cute small child polar bear. If you haven't had Sylvanian before then you won't be disappointed. The characters bodies are furry to touch and are super quality toys. This set is the perfect set to introduce your child to Sylvanian and would make a lovely Christmas gift. 

5. My Little Pony Styling Head - RRP £16.99 *Buy Me Here*

Why not give your child the chance to create endless hairstyles with this my little pony styling head. The beautiful Twighlight Sparkle has beautiful rainbow hair ready to be brushed and accessorised. Which is easy to do with this set as it comes with a brush and over 30 accessories. It makes the perfect Christmas gift for any My Little Pony fan. 

6. Schleich Horse Club Advent Calendar - RRP £24.99 *Buy Me Here*

Have you got your child's advent calendar yet? This one from Schleich is full of lovely horse and christmas themed toys. In 24 doors to open you will eventually have a full beautiful horse Christmas scene. The set comes with 3 horses, a bunny, a dog and a cat which means you are getting plenty of animals in this set. If you haven't had Schleich toys before. There animals are beautiful and full of amazing detail as well as super sturdy quality. Your child will love opening this up every day on the build to Christmas. 

7. Tonie Audio Box - RRP £69.99 *Buy Me Here* 

Introducing the brand new Tonie Box. The new audio system for kids. This special audio box is all about introducing sound to children, with books and stories. The clever design means your child can easily pop a Tonie on the top and let the audio adventure begin as it plays the story. This means your child can listen to audio without your help. You can also upload your own MP3 or Audiobooks and you can create your own content.
You can buy the starter set in different colours from green, blues, pinks to reds and your little tonie character also comes in that colour. The characters you put on top act as a little key to download the audio and you can buy lots of different ones for £14.99 each. 

8. Geli Baff from Zimpli Kids - RRP £4.99 *Buy Me Here*  

Kids just love the feeling of anything slimy right? Well Geli baff is all about that fun with that slime! The Geli can only be described as little gooey balls that you can squish, splatt and mix about with your hands. They can be used in the bath, or as a fun sensory activity using a bowl or tray. There are endless possibilities with what you can do with it. You can buy it in lots of different colours just like the lagoon blue that we have been sent. At only £4.99 it makes a super fun gift perfect for Christmas fun.

9. AquaBeads Magical Unicorn Set - RRP £15.00 - *Buy Me Here* 

Aquabeads is all about being creative but in a easy and mess free way! You make your pattern, add water and then just like magic your design is complete. They are super clever and any child would be amazed at how they work. This set is super magical with the magical unicorn theme. It comes with special templates so you can make your unicorns and over 2000 beautifully coloured beads. I for sure love the idea of Aquabeads as a gift. Recommended for children aged 4+, It is the perfect gift to treat a little one to so then they have a lovely activity to do over the Christmas Holidays. 

10. Kurio Smart Watch - RRP £79.99 *Buy Me Here* 

A lot of kids are really into their technology now. In fact some of them are racing ahead of us with how good they are with it. So the Kurio Watch maybe just what you are looking for. It is the ultimate smartwatch built especially for kids. There are so many features to it, it can take photo's send messages to other smart watch wearers and it comes with another 20 apps and games. Plus it comes with an extra strap that you can change so you can change the colour of your watch. It also has some helpful every day things you may need like a built in alarm clock and a calculator. This watch could be the next best thing for your child and would make the perfect gift for Christmas. 

11. Baby Annabell Travel Carrier - RRP £16.99 - *Buy Me Here* 

Is your child like mine and baby obsessed? Lily has so many babies and almost has everything for them and this Travel carrier is going to make the perfect gift for her. It really is perfect for any doll lover as it means they can take their babies on the go with them. This travel carrier means your child can wear their baby on their front or back and make walking with their baby much easier. If your child already has baby Annabell and accessories then they may be another perfect addition for your child's dolls.

12. Geomag Rainbow and Confetti Sets RRP From £20.00  *Buy Me Here*  

If your child enjoys construction then Geomag could be the gift for them. Each box of Geomag comes with tons of colourful magnetic pieces that all connect to create exciting imaginative designs. The rainbow set comes with 32 pieces of different 2d shapes that you can connect to make amazing 3d shapes. The confetti set is a colourful set of 68 pieces which means you can make even bigger 3D shapes. The imagination can go wild with these sets and you can make your own buildings and even cars. these sets are both perfect for a child for Christmas as it will keep them entertained for hours.

13. Learning Resources ABC Cupcake Toppers - RRP £20.00  *Buy Me Here* 

I love toys that are super educational but fun at the same time. These cupcakes from Learning Resources are exactly that. It comes with 6 cupcakes and the idea is that you decorate with a picture and then either the letter for that picture of spell out the word. Lily is a huge fan of letters and words at the moment as she is learning them in school so this toy would be perfect for children around 4-5 who are currently learning their letters. Not only is this toy fun, its super colourful and child friendly. I think any toy that promotes learning and also makes a fun gift is the perfect choice. 

14. Shimmer Stars RRP £19.99 - *Buy Me Here* 

I really like this toy and can totally recommend it as a gift. Shimmer stars are adorable, cute animal pets that you can shimmer up with pretty sequins. Each animal comes with a magic wand and this is how you attach your shimmers. You press the sequin onto the wand and when you press it onto the character it magically stays on. The cute thing about this toy is that your child can also glam them self up and be just like their new found friend as the wand will work on any hair. It also comes with a cute head band that your child can wear so then they also match their pet. 

15. Hape Toys Race Track Station - RRP £50 *Buy Me Here*

Is your child car mad? Well this is sure to impress them. This race track station is an epic racetrack that drives by a cool station, and as extra, it also adds onto a railway track. This is perfect if you already have train track as it makes a brand new extension into car and train play. The set comes with cars, figures, car truck and a train and the station is easy to put together, ready to play on Christmas day. This cool looking race station has everything you could possibly need for imaginary car play. 

16. Dream Pillows - RRP £22.94 *Buy Me Here* 

Introducing Lamby, Sharkie and also on the website there is Pinky. These pillows arn't just any normal pillow. They work in special ways to help your child's dreams come true. Each pillow comes with dream shaped notes which your child can write or draw about what they would like to dream about. Do this every night for 2 weeks and the things they are drawing will start to make an appearance in their dreams. Not only is this a great tool to help your child sleep and a fun activity to do before bed, the Dream Pillows are also super snuggly. You can put your arms right through them to give them a big squeezy hug. These loveable characters are sure to put a smile on your child's face this Christmas. 

17. Playmobil City Life Pet Hotel - RRP £59.99 *Buy Me Here* 

Playmobil fans are going to love this one. If you already have an extensive city life set, or wether this is your first play mobil set, this pet hotel is a great choice of gift. The set comes with pet hotel house which includes reception area and kitchen, and lots of accessories to put inside. This set also comes with animals which have their own kennels, beds and also a seesaw to play on. It is amazing for imaginative play and especially great for children who love animals. 

18. Happy Linen Bedding - RRP from £12.99 *Buy Me Here* 

I know for some it is tradition to buy new bedding for Christmas. there is nothing better than sleeping in new sheets either when waiting for Father christmas to arrive or after a fun and long Christmas day. So look no further than the Happy Linen Company! They have so many choices of wonderful kids bedding as well as 2 Christmas designs. they have something that would suit all children from dinosaurs to unicorns. Plus they all come in sizes of toddler bed to double depending on your child's size of bed. So wether its for preparation for Christmas or as a gift, check out happy linen for your kids bedding. 

19. Christmas Stories from Walker Picture Books *Buy Me Here*

Walker picture books have some really lovely Christmas books published this christmas and here are 2 that would make lovely reading for Christmas. Maybe you are thinking of doing a book advent? Maybe your looking for books for gifts, or maybe you just want to find some nice stories for Christmas, either way Walker picture books has some great ones. You could choose Dasher, (£12.99) a sweet story about a reindeer who wishes for a different life and upon meeting santa that wish becomes true, or you could choose Pick a Pine Tree (£8.99) which is all about going out to get a christmas tree. Both books are wonderfully christmas themed and will be enjoyed by any child who reads them. 

20. Personalised Goes to Sleep Book - RRP £16.99  *Buy Me Here* 

Reading a story before bed is a super important part of a bedtime routine which is said can help your child to sleep so much better. This "Goes to Sleep" book is personalised featuring your child's name and picture throughout and is written with helping your child sleep in mind. It features a calming story with rhymes which will help your child float away into a magical sleep. Your child will love the personalised element to this book and will want to read it every night. It makes such a lovely gift that a child can cherish forever. 

21. Secret Life of Pets Two Movie Collection RRP - £14.99 *Buy Me Here*

Enjoy the first movie? What about the second? Well this DVD collection contains both films plus 5 extra mini movies. If you haven't seen Secret Life of Pets then it is a 3D animated comedy all about Pets and their lives. In this comedy you see all the pets talking to each other, going on missions and you get to see what they get up to when the owners arn't around. If your child loves animals then this is definitely the DVD collection for them. 

22. Disney Princess Cinderella Doll RRP - £19.99  *Buy me Here* 

I think the Disney toddler dolls are adorable and this Cinderella is no exception. She wears a pretty blue dress with pink detailing and bow, and wears a crown upon her head. She also comes with cute little blue slippers than can be placed on and off. Plus she comes with a brush so you can keep her hair looking beautiful. If your child is a fan of princess's then this classic Cinderella doll is sure to impress them and there would be a big smile on their face Christmas morning.

After looking at all these gifts, do you think you will be getting any of them this year?

Which of the items do you like the sound of the most?

Happy shopping!! 

(Ad Disclaimer - All items were sent in return for feature)