Friday 11 October 2019

The Halloween Fun Guide

If your anything like me then you will have already started to prepared for halloween. My house is already starting to look spooky (thought to be fair I would have halloween all year round if I could so my house is often spooky looking). So far I have organised trick or treating, a fun slime activity and a fun halloween party! But there is plenty more you could be doing and so I have compiled a list of items you may want to think about getting to create more fun for kids and yourself this halloween. 

Fun for Kids 

1. Seedball Bat Mix - RRP £6.00 - *Buy Me Here*
I really love bats, I often spot them flying around my next door neighbours massive tree. but I never really thought into making sure the bats are taken care of. Without plants in your garden, you won't get as many insects, and bats eat insects. So what about making sure that all your bats are fed this halloween by buying some special bat mix that will grow some plants to attract the insects that bats need? I think its a really fun idea that children will enjoy getting to be involved in, plus they are also learning about bats which is a great animal to learn about on halloween. I am really looking forward to planting these with Lily and encouraging lots of bats to be flying around my garden.
If you don't have a garden, not all is lost, teach your children about how the bats live in the nearby park and plant the seeds there to make sure the bats have some food.
The balls need to be planted in March or Autumn time and should flower in october. 

2. Gross Science Zombie Hand - RRP £12.00 - *Buy Me Here*
Halloween is all about things grim and gross and you can't get much more gross that a rotting zombie! So why not create and dissect your very own gruesome severed zombie hand. This kit comes with a hand shaped mould, clip together skeleton bones, zombie skin powder, green powdered colouring, zombie ooze liquid, setting powder, fingernails, a safe scalpel, a maggot, goggles and the instructions. It is a great activity all in one box to sit down with your kids and create something fun with a super halloween theme. Recommended for children aged 7+ or children supervised with a responsible adult. 

3. Zombie Boy Squeeze Popper - RRP £9.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
Some people now give gifts at halloween, and so if you like to treat your child to something halloween related this october then this makes such a great gift! Squeeze Poppers are all about the fun of shooting soft foam balls at a great distance and now you can get a Zombie monster themed one! Its all powered by air and shoots around 20 feet! The pack comes with 6 soft balls which are also brain themed and so make such a fun toy to play with this Halloween. 

4. Personalised Monster Apron - RRP £14.99 - *Buy Me Here*
There are 2 times a year that I always with out fail end up baking with Lily, Easter and Halloween! Last year we made spooky halloween cakes and made spooky pizza's and without a doubt we shall be doing something creative again this year. So to make it even more fun for Lily I have been sent this personalised monster apron! It is a great theme for halloween and will really get Lily in the mood for baking. So if you are someone who enjoys baking with their kids at halloween this may be well worth a look! You can get a green, orange or blue monster and it can be personalised with up to 15 characters.  

5.  Zimpli Kids Slime and Gelli Baff Kits - RRP from £4.99 - *Buy Me Here*
The amount of activities I can think of relating to Zimpli Kids Gelli and slime baffs is long! You can be super creative when it comes to halloween and slime and won't be long before I shall be showing you a fun activity you can be doing on the blog. Each pack comes with the ingredients to make your own slime or gelli and then you simply add the right amount of water to turn it into your oozy fun! Zimpli Kids have so many different packs with different colours, though the great ones to go with for halloween are red or green. But they even have a special batman black which also would give a spooky desired effect. Plus with each pack only being £4.99 its a fun activity that doesn't break the bank! Plus they are super safe and super easy to clean up after making messy play so much more fun! 

For Kids to Read 

Who doesn't love a spooky story to read at halloween? Walker Picture books sent me 3 books that are perfect for spooky stories. Wether in bed or around a campfire these are perfect to be read to your little ones. The stories are all not too scary but also have a good spooky or halloween theme. If you are interested in buying any of the Walker books you can head to the website to buy them. *Buy Me Here* 

1. Pick a Pumpkin by Patricia Toht RRP - £12.99
This book is super halloweeny because of corse its all about picking pumpkins which is a lovely activity to do at halloween. The book is a wonderful rhyming book which goes along the journey of picking a pumpkin and taking it to the final steps of carving and making it into a jack o lantern. The book even says Happy Halloween at the end which gives the perfect ending to it. The book is also filled with stunning halloween scenes and lovely pumpkin illustrations. Can't beat it for a book to read this October. 

2. Hide and Seek by Katie May Green RRP - £12.99
This book has a super spooky feel to it when all the children who are in the paintings on the wall all decide to come out and play hide and seek. The story is set at night and people in paintings has always been seen as something of a spooky thing to have in a house, often featured in horrors. So this is a kid friendly way of using that as inspiration. The story is fun and has a very playful feel to it and makes a great bedtime story to read during the month of halloween. It also features wonderful rhymes and illustrations.

3. Beast Feast by Emma Yarlett RRP - £10.99
I think monsters stories are a great way to celebrate halloween without being too spooky. Especially when the book features a friendly monster such as the one in this. It is quite comical as the story is all about monster and dinner, with dinner being the little boy. He decides he is having a beast feast and invites lots of monsters who all want dinner preparing in a certain way. But the boy makes the preparations fun and in the end monster doesn't want to eat him. The fun thing about this book is that each invite to each monster is a letter that you can open up and read. It adds another element to the book which Lily thought was fun. 

For The Adults 

Halloween is most definitely not just for kids! Adults love it just as much. Which is why I have a special selection of things that could help make your halloween more fun! 

1. The Walking Dead Mug RRP - £12.99 *Buy Me Here*  

This makes either the perfect halloween gift or the perfect halloween treat for yourself. Especially if your a walking dead fan. Walking dead has just started back up for halloween so its the perfect time for you to own this mug to be sipping your hot drinks from while watching the TV series. But be careful not to spill on yourself because if The Walking Dead doesn't make you jump then the hand reaching through your drink might just! This creepy cup has a hand sticking through your drink looking like its about to grab you. The perfect mug to make your nights in a little more freaky this halloween.

2. Bucket of Doom Game RRP - £11.99 *Buy Me Here* 

This game from Big Potato Games is sure to get you having a laugh on halloween, or maybe even feeling frightful for your life!
The idea of the game is to escape from tons of bad situations with the help of hundreds of seriously useless objects. The best escape plan wins! Escape rooms are super popular on Halloween so why not play a game all about escape but from your very own living room! The game comes with lots of different cards for you to form your own extremely stupid escape plan and to win yours must be voted the best. Then they are stored in this super handy tub until your ready to play again! This death dodging party game is the perfect way to spend a halloween night with your friends.

3. Don't Trust Dolls Creepy Plush - RRP - from £18.00 *Buy Me Here* 

So as I am a lover of all things creepy, I have been following a few creepy people on etsy who make lots of weird and wonderful creations. So I really wanted to share these amazing but very scary teddy's. All handmade, these cute but not so cuddly teddy's all come with a face full of scary teeth and some with a mouth full of drool! This cute (what?? I think its cute) bunny was made especially for me, think its scary? Let me tell you, its not the scariest I have seen her make. The wonderful owner of Don't Trust Dolls can make custom designs and can make them as scary as you like. She makes small plush's to large plushes, and a range of different animals and teddies. I haven't been bit from my teddy yet, but I always handle with care! If you are looking to treat yourself to something this halloween then go have a look on her etsy page or follow her on IG - @dont_trust_dolls where you can see her creations. 

So thats all of the items in my guide to making Halloween more fun!

Which of the above do you think you would love to buy?