Thursday, 31 October 2019

The All Hallows Club Box - Review

(Ad Gifted)
Happy Halloween everyone! 

Are you sad that halloween will be over and done with after today??? Well turn that frown upside down because it doesn't have to be! 

All Hallows Club is something that keeps Halloween alive, ALL YEAR ROUND!

I couldn't be more excited about this factor! I am halloween mad! I love anything spooky, freaky and so its great that on halloween I can enjoy all these things without seeming weird...not that I care, I love being weird!! Which is why The All Hallows Club is the club for me. 

So let me tell you a little about them. 

The All Hallows Club is a subscription box that celebrates halloween and all things freaky, for all of the year. They send you a special box every 3 months which contains a surprise of goodies that are all halloween related. How fun does that sound???

They are based in Australia but they ship to the Uk and around the EU. 

We were lucky this Halloween and was sent a box to open and enjoy! 

Firstly lets talk about the box. Its a white box, with a really cool sticker on the front that lets you know its from the All Hallows Club. You open it to be welcomed by black paper closed with the all hallows sticker. This whole layer thing makes it super exciting because you just don't know what is going to be inside.

And so here is what was inside. 

Firstly I must say I am super glad that the spider was concealed inside the trick or treat bag. I have a feeling otherwise its 8 legs may have made me jump haha. I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to spiders. But the spider is actually dead cute. Even Lily stroked it and liked it. Which was a surprise because she doesn't like spiders either. You can position its legs and it has a hard body and is super furry.
I still think one day I will forget that I have this pretend spider and i'm going to end up jumping through the roof when I accidentally come across it haha!

So talking of the Trick or Treat bag. I love this! It is made out of tin and so super sturdy and I love the design and pictures on it. It makes me want to go trick or treating myself this year. Nothing wrong with that right?

It also comes with a very cute notepad which I will definitely be using all year round. Its a To Do List pad, but they have creatively put To boo List on it instead which makes it more halloweeny! Which is then a much more ME notepad!

Then you may have seen in the bundle pic, there is something wrapped up. It kind of reminded me of a body bag, not sure if it was meant to be like that for freaky effect or if its my warped mind seeing it that way, but I love the way it was presented either way. So I opened it up and inside was a cute little beaded bracelet that was orange and black and purple with one bead with a pumpkin face on it.

Also in the box was a little skull bottle, this is empty so you can put what ever you want inside. I have some mini perfumes so these are perfect to empty into it to carry where I go. I love that is is skull shaped too. Skulls are my favourite.

Then we have this creative piece of soap, shaped like a Ouija Board. It comes in a cute little bag and I think it is a really great idea for a bar of soap. It even smells halloweeny with the scent of Caramel, and Roasted Hazelnuts. The Scent is called Sweet Spectre and the size of it is about the palm of your hand, so not bad in size.

Last but not least, comes the extra treats part to this box. SWEETIES! Its not halloween without sweets. All the sweets are all spooky looking with bones in a coffin, which you build up into a skeleton, then a skull ring and 2 vampire blood bubblegums. I must admit the sweets didn't last long. I am a big kid and they got eaten the same night! 

The way the box works is that All Hallows Club sources all the items from different people and puts them all into one big surprise box for you. But they do send you a nice list of where each item has come from so then you can check them out. I did like this extra element to the box.

As for my favourite item in the box, well that is tricky to decide. But I think it may have to be The Trick or Treat bag! I don't care how old I am, I am taking that out Trick or Treating tonight! 

So, if you are interested in keeping Halloween going all year round. Head to the All Hallows Club website and check out more about them.

AND to celebrate Halloween, they are giving you my readers 15% off buying a one off box! Simply enter LITTLE at the checkout! 

Do you love halloween?

Which of the items would be your favourite? 


  1. I love Halloween it is my favourite time of year because you can get dressed up and be a kid again for one day! I even have a black cat to complete my witch costume!! Although he is not happy to join in he would rather sleep!

  2. Aww this is such a lovely idea and one my daughter's would love over Halloween! The sweet skeleton would certainly catch their eye :)

  3. I have to admit I am not a fan of Halloween, but for those who are, this is a great subscription kit. I do like those bones sweets, very cool! Mich x

  4. I do love Halloween. I've never seen a Halloween box before. That sounds like a lovely idea. My kids would love the sweet bones in a coffin!!!

  5. OK now this sounds like such a fun box! I love that they ship over to the U.K. I do love everything spooky so I may have to treat myself to one.

  6. This sounds like a great box!! I really love the beaded bracelet, the colours are perfect for this time of year. And the Ouija soap is great!

  7. Amazing I didn't know there was a subscription box for halloween themed treats, I shall keep this in mind. The Ouija Board soap I was drawn to the most - I loved how detailed and cute it is!

  8. That subscription box sounds great and those items are amazing. That fuzzy spider looks adorable and also that skeleton sweets.

  9. I love halloween and would love it all year round so this sounds like a really great subscription box x

  10. I love Halloween so much and I can't believe that you can get a box all year around. And by the way that spider is terrifying!

  11. Such a cool idea for a box! I am terrified of real spiders but that one in the box is actually pretty cool!

  12. Oh wow, I have a cousin who is Halloween obsessed and is training her kids the same way so this would be perfect for them!

  13. Definitely not sad that Halloween is over - we're much more about Bonfire Night in our house! This sounds like a great gift for someone who is really Halloween focused though.