Thursday 31 October 2019

The All Hallows Club Box - Review

(Ad Gifted)
Happy Halloween everyone! 

Are you sad that halloween will be over and done with after today??? Well turn that frown upside down because it doesn't have to be! 

All Hallows Club is something that keeps Halloween alive, ALL YEAR ROUND!

I couldn't be more excited about this factor! I am halloween mad! I love anything spooky, freaky and so its great that on halloween I can enjoy all these things without seeming weird...not that I care, I love being weird!! Which is why The All Hallows Club is the club for me. 

So let me tell you a little about them. 

The All Hallows Club is a subscription box that celebrates halloween and all things freaky, for all of the year. They send you a special box every 3 months which contains a surprise of goodies that are all halloween related. How fun does that sound???

They are based in Australia but they ship to the Uk and around the EU. 

We were lucky this Halloween and was sent a box to open and enjoy! 

Firstly lets talk about the box. Its a white box, with a really cool sticker on the front that lets you know its from the All Hallows Club. You open it to be welcomed by black paper closed with the all hallows sticker. This whole layer thing makes it super exciting because you just don't know what is going to be inside.

And so here is what was inside. 

Firstly I must say I am super glad that the spider was concealed inside the trick or treat bag. I have a feeling otherwise its 8 legs may have made me jump haha. I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to spiders. But the spider is actually dead cute. Even Lily stroked it and liked it. Which was a surprise because she doesn't like spiders either. You can position its legs and it has a hard body and is super furry.
I still think one day I will forget that I have this pretend spider and i'm going to end up jumping through the roof when I accidentally come across it haha!

So talking of the Trick or Treat bag. I love this! It is made out of tin and so super sturdy and I love the design and pictures on it. It makes me want to go trick or treating myself this year. Nothing wrong with that right?

It also comes with a very cute notepad which I will definitely be using all year round. Its a To Do List pad, but they have creatively put To boo List on it instead which makes it more halloweeny! Which is then a much more ME notepad!

Then you may have seen in the bundle pic, there is something wrapped up. It kind of reminded me of a body bag, not sure if it was meant to be like that for freaky effect or if its my warped mind seeing it that way, but I love the way it was presented either way. So I opened it up and inside was a cute little beaded bracelet that was orange and black and purple with one bead with a pumpkin face on it.

Also in the box was a little skull bottle, this is empty so you can put what ever you want inside. I have some mini perfumes so these are perfect to empty into it to carry where I go. I love that is is skull shaped too. Skulls are my favourite.

Then we have this creative piece of soap, shaped like a Ouija Board. It comes in a cute little bag and I think it is a really great idea for a bar of soap. It even smells halloweeny with the scent of Caramel, and Roasted Hazelnuts. The Scent is called Sweet Spectre and the size of it is about the palm of your hand, so not bad in size.

Last but not least, comes the extra treats part to this box. SWEETIES! Its not halloween without sweets. All the sweets are all spooky looking with bones in a coffin, which you build up into a skeleton, then a skull ring and 2 vampire blood bubblegums. I must admit the sweets didn't last long. I am a big kid and they got eaten the same night! 

The way the box works is that All Hallows Club sources all the items from different people and puts them all into one big surprise box for you. But they do send you a nice list of where each item has come from so then you can check them out. I did like this extra element to the box.

As for my favourite item in the box, well that is tricky to decide. But I think it may have to be The Trick or Treat bag! I don't care how old I am, I am taking that out Trick or Treating tonight! 

So, if you are interested in keeping Halloween going all year round. Head to the All Hallows Club website and check out more about them.

AND to celebrate Halloween, they are giving you my readers 15% off buying a one off box! Simply enter LITTLE at the checkout! 

Do you love halloween?

Which of the items would be your favourite? 

Monday 28 October 2019

A Spooky Speedy Slimy Game for Halloween!

Only a few more days and its Halloween!!! It has to be one of my favourite times of the year, and so celebrating it is something I always do. 

Now that I have got Lily I always decorate the house, and always do lots of fun activities. 

This year I decided a fun activity would be to do an activity using some of Zimpli Kids Geli Bath. It is super slimy, goey and super colourful and fun to play with. Perfect for Halloween.

So this activity is a cauldron hunt. 

You will need, some Zimpli Kids Geli Bath, A cauldron (or big bowl), and something to hide inside. This could be plastic spiders, plastic worms, or like we found, plastic body parts!

First you need to make your Geli. I chose Geli because it is very easy to conceal things in and its non see through and thick. Perfect for hiding items inside. 

The Geli Bath pack does make enough for a bath full, so you wont need to use it all. You simply add water to the mixture and it creates your Geli. 

Then get your items you want to hide (10 is a good number) and push them into the Geli. Nice and deep so they are all hidden and as spread out as you can. 

Now the idea of the game, is to see how many body parts you can pull out in 30 seconds! You can adjust the time for younger children if they are struggling.

So set yourself a timer, we used my phone for this. 

Ready, steady GO! The first player has to dig there hands deep into the Geli and try and get all 10 before the 30 seconds are up! 

It is super fun, but warning, it is super messy and you will want to put something down onto your carpet.

Lily played this with her friends and they all did really well, though the most they could find in 30 seconds is 9! So we did eventually give them a whole minute to find them. 

This isn't just fun for kids, I joined in too and found it super fun! 

You are never to old for Halloween activities!

We are having a Halloween Party next week and so this will be played again but with more children! We can't wait! 

Do you think your child would find this game fun?

How would you like to WIN a Pack of Gelli Bath? 

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Thursday 24 October 2019

Win a Natural Birthing Company Birthing Essentials Kit

Wherever you plan to give birth there will always be those 'go-to' essentials that you will want to grab just as you need them. So, The Natural Birthing Company have brought together a selection of  products that they feel would really support you in a natural way during your birthing journey.

Mama’s Moments Birthing Essentials Kit contains:
  • Cool it Mama - Cooling Body Spritz (50ml)
  • Relax & Breathe - Calming Massage Oil (30ml)
  • Bottoms Up - Soothing Bottom Spray (50ml)
  • Sleepy Mama - Relaxing Pillow Mist (100ml)
  • All placed in a reusable wash bag.

All of these products have been developed by working midwives and aromatherapists to safely support women through the journey from bump to baby.

The Set is RRP £20 and you can buy yours here.

And your in luck! I have one of these kits to give away!!

Enter below on the Gleam app for your chance to win! 

Win a Mama's Moments Birthing Kit

Monday 21 October 2019

Luvabella Newborn Review

Did you think Luvabella was cute? Well wait until you see the new Luvabella newborn. 

We have been sent one to review and oh wow, she is adorable!

She comes in her box with a plastic see through front so you can see her in all her cuteness. This got Lily even more excited to be able to see her and she couldn't wait for me to get her out. 

Lily is a huge baby doll fan and she really loves her Luvabella that she has and so she was super impressed to be getting an even smaller version of Luvabella who she could also love and care for. 

Firstly, and something that is a very important factor of a toy, she is really easy to get out of the box. You just need scissors to cut the little plastic ties and she is out. Perfect for impatient children who just cant wait to get their hands on their new Luvabella Newborn.

Then its the all important stage of putting in the batteries. The battery compartment is located at the back and you need to open this with a screwdriver. Luvabella newborn needs 4 AA batteries to work. I found it pretty easy to get the batteries in.

As soon as the batteries are in, you switch her on with the switch on her back and she is ready to play with.

The first thing Lily did was carefully give her a cuddle. Lily knows to be gentle with babies and Luvabella seems so real with her weighty more lifelike body that Lily acts extra gentle. The Luvabella newborn has a soft body which makes her nicer to cuddle. 

Her arms and legs and head are made from plastic and have a rubber like texture to it. Her head is quite heavy but also feels soft to touch.

Luvabella Newborn is super interactive. She reacts in so many cute ways, you can tickle her so she will giggle, she will coo and make lots of baby noises and she sounds super happy. But while she does all these cute noises, her expressions on her face change and she moves in such life like ways.

She has super cute eyes with little eyeslashes, and comes in a cute pink outfit and a sweet little headband. Her eyes also open and close like she is blinking. All the details of how a baby's face moves has been brought into this doll. 

Luvabella comes with a dummy and a bottle. They are made from a very light plastic but still feel very durable. If you want to settle your baby you can put the dummy into her mouth and she will suckle on it. You can lay her back and rock her and she will close her eyes and go to sleep. The sweetest thing is listening to her breathing and seeing her tummy move up and down.

If you are wanting to give Luvabella her bottle, hold it close to her mouth and she will open it and say "Ahhhhhh" as she does. Lily did find that the bottle didn't fit too well into the mouth though and got frustrated at the fact she would not stop going ahhhhh. It did seem a little small for Luvabella to notice it. I had to show lily exactly how to place the bottle in the mouth for the baby to start to drink. But when she does drink, she suckles onto the bottle just like a real baby.

Overall she is a super cute doll and your child will really feel like they are taking care of a real baby. Lily has spent hours taking care of her baby, and loves the amount of role play she can get out of playing with her.

Luvabella Newborn is RRP £59.99 and recommended for children ages 4+.

You can buy Luvabella Newborn at most toy stores such as Smyths Toy Store

Do you think your child would love Luvabella Newborn?

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Baby Born Surprise Bottle House Playset Review

(ad gifted)

Lily is really big fan of Baby Born Surprise. She really loves anything baby related but she loves the fact these she can play with differently to how she does her bigger dolls. Plus the surprise element makes them even better.

So we were super pleased to find out that they had brought out a Baby Born Surprise bottle House and just had to get to get our hands on it. Luckily Baby Born was happy to send us one out to review. 

The first thing I thought about it when it arrived was that I loved that it was a bottle house. Such a creative way to make a home for babies. Also the colours were super nice with a lovely shade of blue, yellow and pink. 

It also came with one baby ready to unwrap in outs outfit and play with.

Lily was so excited to start playing with it and luckily it opened very easily so then Lily could start to play straight away. It just took some scissors to cut open some ties and it was done. 

Lily did struggle to pull the house open though and I think its going to take a few attempts to teach her which directions of what you need to pull to get it open. 

Inside you will find a baby bath, and some accessories which include teddy, bottle, brush, talk and bubble bath.

So, the house itself. It doesn't have a huge amount of elements for it. There is nothing that moves inside apart from the gate on the cot area and the bath. The bed, and changing area and play area is all just set plastic. This toy is definitely more for children who are good at using their imaginations. Luckily Lily is and she has LOVED playing with it. Her imagination goes wild and she loves doing all that you would need to do with a baby. Putting it to bed, bathing it, changing its clothing and nappy.

The cot area gate opens and closes so then you can put the baby in and out. Also the door to the house also opens and closes. this is really easy to do and Lily can do it herself. 

The thing that Lily enjoyed the most was the bathtub. You can fill it with water and it actually makes the shower work. You just push the shower head down and it squirts out water.

The bottle itself and all the interior inside is made from plastic that isn't too flimsy. This seems the sort of toy that isn't likely to break too easy. 

The doll it comes with does all the usual things the baby born surprise dolls do such as wetting their nappy, and revealing the eyes and much more. 

If you don't know about Baby Surprise dolls themselves, then you can read all about them here on the review. 

The playhouse is £29.99 and can be bought all major toy stores such as Smyths Toy Store 

Would your child love the Baby Born Surprise Playset? 

Friday 11 October 2019

The Halloween Fun Guide

If your anything like me then you will have already started to prepared for halloween. My house is already starting to look spooky (thought to be fair I would have halloween all year round if I could so my house is often spooky looking). So far I have organised trick or treating, a fun slime activity and a fun halloween party! But there is plenty more you could be doing and so I have compiled a list of items you may want to think about getting to create more fun for kids and yourself this halloween. 

Fun for Kids 

1. Seedball Bat Mix - RRP £6.00 - *Buy Me Here*
I really love bats, I often spot them flying around my next door neighbours massive tree. but I never really thought into making sure the bats are taken care of. Without plants in your garden, you won't get as many insects, and bats eat insects. So what about making sure that all your bats are fed this halloween by buying some special bat mix that will grow some plants to attract the insects that bats need? I think its a really fun idea that children will enjoy getting to be involved in, plus they are also learning about bats which is a great animal to learn about on halloween. I am really looking forward to planting these with Lily and encouraging lots of bats to be flying around my garden.
If you don't have a garden, not all is lost, teach your children about how the bats live in the nearby park and plant the seeds there to make sure the bats have some food.
The balls need to be planted in March or Autumn time and should flower in october. 

2. Gross Science Zombie Hand - RRP £12.00 - *Buy Me Here*
Halloween is all about things grim and gross and you can't get much more gross that a rotting zombie! So why not create and dissect your very own gruesome severed zombie hand. This kit comes with a hand shaped mould, clip together skeleton bones, zombie skin powder, green powdered colouring, zombie ooze liquid, setting powder, fingernails, a safe scalpel, a maggot, goggles and the instructions. It is a great activity all in one box to sit down with your kids and create something fun with a super halloween theme. Recommended for children aged 7+ or children supervised with a responsible adult. 

3. Zombie Boy Squeeze Popper - RRP £9.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
Some people now give gifts at halloween, and so if you like to treat your child to something halloween related this october then this makes such a great gift! Squeeze Poppers are all about the fun of shooting soft foam balls at a great distance and now you can get a Zombie monster themed one! Its all powered by air and shoots around 20 feet! The pack comes with 6 soft balls which are also brain themed and so make such a fun toy to play with this Halloween. 

4. Personalised Monster Apron - RRP £14.99 - *Buy Me Here*
There are 2 times a year that I always with out fail end up baking with Lily, Easter and Halloween! Last year we made spooky halloween cakes and made spooky pizza's and without a doubt we shall be doing something creative again this year. So to make it even more fun for Lily I have been sent this personalised monster apron! It is a great theme for halloween and will really get Lily in the mood for baking. So if you are someone who enjoys baking with their kids at halloween this may be well worth a look! You can get a green, orange or blue monster and it can be personalised with up to 15 characters.  

5.  Zimpli Kids Slime and Gelli Baff Kits - RRP from £4.99 - *Buy Me Here*
The amount of activities I can think of relating to Zimpli Kids Gelli and slime baffs is long! You can be super creative when it comes to halloween and slime and won't be long before I shall be showing you a fun activity you can be doing on the blog. Each pack comes with the ingredients to make your own slime or gelli and then you simply add the right amount of water to turn it into your oozy fun! Zimpli Kids have so many different packs with different colours, though the great ones to go with for halloween are red or green. But they even have a special batman black which also would give a spooky desired effect. Plus with each pack only being £4.99 its a fun activity that doesn't break the bank! Plus they are super safe and super easy to clean up after making messy play so much more fun! 

For Kids to Read 

Who doesn't love a spooky story to read at halloween? Walker Picture books sent me 3 books that are perfect for spooky stories. Wether in bed or around a campfire these are perfect to be read to your little ones. The stories are all not too scary but also have a good spooky or halloween theme. If you are interested in buying any of the Walker books you can head to the website to buy them. *Buy Me Here* 

1. Pick a Pumpkin by Patricia Toht RRP - £12.99
This book is super halloweeny because of corse its all about picking pumpkins which is a lovely activity to do at halloween. The book is a wonderful rhyming book which goes along the journey of picking a pumpkin and taking it to the final steps of carving and making it into a jack o lantern. The book even says Happy Halloween at the end which gives the perfect ending to it. The book is also filled with stunning halloween scenes and lovely pumpkin illustrations. Can't beat it for a book to read this October. 

2. Hide and Seek by Katie May Green RRP - £12.99
This book has a super spooky feel to it when all the children who are in the paintings on the wall all decide to come out and play hide and seek. The story is set at night and people in paintings has always been seen as something of a spooky thing to have in a house, often featured in horrors. So this is a kid friendly way of using that as inspiration. The story is fun and has a very playful feel to it and makes a great bedtime story to read during the month of halloween. It also features wonderful rhymes and illustrations.

3. Beast Feast by Emma Yarlett RRP - £10.99
I think monsters stories are a great way to celebrate halloween without being too spooky. Especially when the book features a friendly monster such as the one in this. It is quite comical as the story is all about monster and dinner, with dinner being the little boy. He decides he is having a beast feast and invites lots of monsters who all want dinner preparing in a certain way. But the boy makes the preparations fun and in the end monster doesn't want to eat him. The fun thing about this book is that each invite to each monster is a letter that you can open up and read. It adds another element to the book which Lily thought was fun. 

For The Adults 

Halloween is most definitely not just for kids! Adults love it just as much. Which is why I have a special selection of things that could help make your halloween more fun! 

1. The Walking Dead Mug RRP - £12.99 *Buy Me Here*  

This makes either the perfect halloween gift or the perfect halloween treat for yourself. Especially if your a walking dead fan. Walking dead has just started back up for halloween so its the perfect time for you to own this mug to be sipping your hot drinks from while watching the TV series. But be careful not to spill on yourself because if The Walking Dead doesn't make you jump then the hand reaching through your drink might just! This creepy cup has a hand sticking through your drink looking like its about to grab you. The perfect mug to make your nights in a little more freaky this halloween.

2. Bucket of Doom Game RRP - £11.99 *Buy Me Here* 

This game from Big Potato Games is sure to get you having a laugh on halloween, or maybe even feeling frightful for your life!
The idea of the game is to escape from tons of bad situations with the help of hundreds of seriously useless objects. The best escape plan wins! Escape rooms are super popular on Halloween so why not play a game all about escape but from your very own living room! The game comes with lots of different cards for you to form your own extremely stupid escape plan and to win yours must be voted the best. Then they are stored in this super handy tub until your ready to play again! This death dodging party game is the perfect way to spend a halloween night with your friends.

3. Don't Trust Dolls Creepy Plush - RRP - from £18.00 *Buy Me Here* 

So as I am a lover of all things creepy, I have been following a few creepy people on etsy who make lots of weird and wonderful creations. So I really wanted to share these amazing but very scary teddy's. All handmade, these cute but not so cuddly teddy's all come with a face full of scary teeth and some with a mouth full of drool! This cute (what?? I think its cute) bunny was made especially for me, think its scary? Let me tell you, its not the scariest I have seen her make. The wonderful owner of Don't Trust Dolls can make custom designs and can make them as scary as you like. She makes small plush's to large plushes, and a range of different animals and teddies. I haven't been bit from my teddy yet, but I always handle with care! If you are looking to treat yourself to something this halloween then go have a look on her etsy page or follow her on IG - @dont_trust_dolls where you can see her creations. 

So thats all of the items in my guide to making Halloween more fun!

Which of the above do you think you would love to buy? 

Wednesday 9 October 2019

15 Halloween Films to Watch if you are a Wimp!

I have always been quite into the gothic side of things. I used to have jet black hair and I also collect spooky Living Dead Dolls that lived in coffins. If its freaky then I love it, just like Halloween. I Love getting dressed up, doing scary activities, having parties and decorating the house all spooky. So you would imagine that I probably LOVE watching horror films right? 

Wrong!!!! I hate horror films!! Im a total wuss, wimp, scaredy cat, coward! Im that person that you would find hiding behind the pillow while watching a horror. Then I would be the one not going to sleep at night as my imagination ran wild and I thought each shadow I saw was going to kill me. Nope, I avoid horror films as much as I can. 

But that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy movies at Halloween. There is so much choice of non scary films out there that are perfect for Halloween and I have thought of 15 films that I would quite happily watch. They range from kids films to teen films to some that are a little more for the adults. 

Here are my 15 Halloween films to watch if you are a wimp! (Like me)

1. Hocus Pocus
I have always loved this film and it is an ultimate must watch at Halloween. You really can't get more Halloween related than a film about Halloween itself. With witches, trick or treating, halloween parties, a talking black cat and spell books, What more could you want? This film is very child friendly and I don't remember ever having any fears after watching it but it may have some scary moments for really young children. It has comedy, adventure, music and fun and is one of my favourite Halloween films. 

2. Scary Movie 
I love Scary Movie because I get to watch all the scary movies with out having to be frightened. It shows all the horror stories, the build ups, and the freaky costumes. But then it is a total comedy sketch making fun of the most well loved horror films and their clich├ęs. The first film has to be my favourite involving the well known horror character Scream. But there are now 5 films of scary movie and so this could keep you going all Halloween night. This film is definitely not one to watch with the kids though, they probably will be scared and maybe slightly scarred for life with some of the ruder scenes. 

3. Beetlejuice 
Tim burton to me is the legend when it comes to Halloween. There will be a few more of his films listed here but Beetlejuice is one of my favourites. If you have never seen it, it is definetly one to watch at halloween with a ghostly family, and a freaky man trying to help them haunt a house. It has comedy and fun and lots of ghoulish characters that definitely come from a crazy imagination. This film again isn't for small kids but is definetly one that your teen would enjoy. 

4. Casper 
Yes the friendly ghost, one of my childhood favourites. The film came out in 1995 after the cartoons and I must admit I still love this film as an adult. Ghosts are scary right? Well not this one, as he is a friendly ghost. Casper the ghost is so cute and most children love him. This film is so lovely. Its funny, has lots of action and also some heart touching moments. This one will definetly be watched by me this Halloween. 

5. The Addams Family (Click Click)
After even saying the name of this film I am singing the theme tune and clicking my fingers. This is another loved halloween film by many and another great one if you love anything of the freaky nature, but with out it being scary. You just have to love all the costumes and characters in this film and the way that being freaky is just perfectly normal for the Addams family. Again another one I shall be watching this Halloween. 

6. Misery
This one is definitely more for the adults. Misery is another film I love. It has all the scary parts and may have you hiding behind a pillow at times but at the same time its not that scary and thank fully there is no blood and guts. This film is based on a very insane freaky lady who saves/kidnaps an author of her favourite book. She saves him from a car accident he had in the snow but then doesn't want him to leave. This film is quite the thriller but I assure you that it won't leave you having nightmares. It may stop you heading out alone in a car in the snow though. 

7. Hotel Transylvania 1&2
One that is a little more light hearted and for the kids now but yet still enjoyed by adults. Or at least I enjoyed it. I recently watched this with Lily and happily sat and watched the entire film without thinking "this film is for kids only". It has great animation and great characters. Fun for all the family to watch. If you liked the first one, the second one is just as good. I would say this is the perfect starter film for introducing your child to Halloween. It has mummies, vampires, Frankenstien, wolfs, ghosts and many more freaky characters. 

8. Corpse Bride 
This is another Tim Burton film that is the perfect example of all things freaky. It has a great story line about a human accidently marrying a corpse and the film is filled with lots of songs and a great storyline. Not to mention it is put together with stop motion brilliantly. This would be perfect to watch with an older child and is more fun than scary. 

9. Shaun of the Dead
This film is such a great comedy film. I have watched it so many times and still laugh at a lot of the scenes in it. You can't beat a zombie film and I do love comedy so put them both together and you have one brilliant film. The good thing about this film is that they have still left in some of the gore which you need to have in a zombie film (though I think they used ketchup a lot of the time.) 

10. The Craft 
I have been watching this film since I was a teen and it was one of my favourite freaky films. I must admit I haven't seen it for a few years and after making this list, it may be one I will watch this halloween. This film is all about some girls dabbling with witchcraft and magic. But there is white magic and black magic and so you see some scenes that are showing good spells but also some which show bad and thats where the slight horror in this film begins. But unless you have a huge fear of creepy crawlies and snakes then you should not find this film to scary. 

11. A Haunted House 
Following on from Scary Movie we have A Haunted House which is by one of the Waylan brothers Marlon. He acts in the film as Malcolm who moves into a new house with his wife. This is where freaky things start to happen. Its a spoof film which shows scenes simular to paranormal activity (which I have never seen). Some say you need to have seen the original horror films to get the jokes, but I haven't and I still enjoyed this film. There is also A Haunted House 2 available to watch if you enjoyed the first one. 

12. Scooby Doo 
A GGGGhost! Scooby Doo the movie is a brilliant film for all the family to watch at Halloween. Full of freakishly ghoulish characters and lots of action and adventure it makes the perfect film to sit with your youngest and introduce them to some thing a little bit spooky. If your children enjoy the cartoon then they will definetly enjoy the film. I think I will introduce this one to Lily this year.

13. Sweeny Todd the Tim Burton Version
If you enjoy a little bit of blood and guts then this is the film for you. Sweeny todd isn't scary but does show some pretty gruesome scenes as he slices the throats of his victims. Then to top if off, you get to see scenes of people indulging on what are meant to be the best pies in town but we know that really they are eating human meat. Yuck! I have seen the original with Ray Winston in and that one is just as good, so you could choose between that one or the musical version from Tim Burton.  

14. Zombieland 
Okay it's another Zombie comedy, but I simply can't get enough of them. This film is all about trying to survive a zombie apocalypse and it features 4 characters who all team up to try and stay alive. But the film is very light hearted and not scary at all. So if you are a big fan of zombies but don't like horror then this is one to watch. 

15. Split
I would say that this is the scariest film in my list. Slightly jumpy, slightly gory at times, but a fantastic film. Split is about a man who kidnaps some girls, only it's not just one man they are dealing with, it's many. This kidnapper has multiple personalities and they all have something in store for the girls. This is another thriller and I wasn't feeling scared while watching it but it definitely had it's freaky moments. It is quite a new film so if you haven't seen it then I would really recommend that you get your hands on it for Halloween. 

So thats the end of my list. I hope you are inspired and looking forward to a fun movie night for Halloween. I'm not sure I can watch 15 in one night so i'm going to go and have a long think about which I want to watch. 

Which of these films do you think you will watch for halloween? 

Do you have any good ideas for Halloween films for wimps? (like me) 

Thursday 3 October 2019

Tv Shows to Binge Watch this Halloween

It's the start of October, time to start getting your spook on. And what better way than to start binge watching some spooky TV.

So here are 5 TV series that you may want to concider starting watching this halloween! 

1. Salem 

If you are a fan of Witches then this one may be for you! I watched the entire series last year and I was hooked! It is historic, grim, gory, spooky and full of drama! The fact that there wasn't any cheesiness to the whole witches storyline made it brilliant and you really do get a spooky authentic feel to the story. the story line is all about a high witch who rules over Salem, and is hatching a plan to conjure the devil.
There is 3 seasons in total, and after the 3rd the show got canceled, BUT I found the ending of the 3rd season made it come to a close so I was happy with the finally. There are 13 episodes in season one and 2 and then 10 episodes in season 3 and they are all a hour long each so that should keep you going for some of halloween depending how fast you watch them. You can get this on Netflix.

2. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

If you manage to make it all the way through Salem and your still looking for something witchy to watch then you next bet is giving The chilling adventures of Sabrina a try. I can't tell you much about it other than it is mildly set on the Sabrina the teenage witch that we all grew up and loved watching. But it has made its changes, the characters are the same but it is not for kids, it is a lot more freaky, spooky and contains some gore and it also doesn't have a talking cat. The reason I can't tell you much about it is that it is on my watch list at the moment and is going to be my Go to series for this Halloween. There is currently 2 seasons on Netflix and there are 11 episodes in the first and 9 in the second. 

3. The Lizzie Borden Chronicles

I was super excited last year to find this on Netflix as Lizzie Borden is one of my favourite non fiction female killers. If you don't know her then this little rhyme might jog your memory. "Lizzie Borden took an axe, and gave her mother 40 whacks, and when she'd seen what she had done, she gave her father 41". The series is loosely based on the character of this evil women who committed that murder in 1892. But unlike true facts of Lizzie Borden, she carries on Murdering lots of the people in the town she lives. The thing that sold this series to me was that Lizzie is played by the amazing Christina Ricci who I have always been a big fan of ever since she played Wednesday Addams. If you enjoy watching murder series and love seeing gore then this is a great series for you. Unfortunately I have just checked and its been taken off Netflix, but it is available on DVD and so may be worth investing in.

4. Bates Motel 

If female killers arn't your bag then you may want to look for a series with a male killer and if you are a fan of the 1960's film Psycho, then this could be a Tv series for you as it is inspired by that film. Its about a mother and teenage boy who open up a motel in a quiet town. but it soon becomes quiet teenage boy turned serial killer because of his complicated bond with his mother. It is a phycological thriller which has 50 episodes to keep you glued to your Tv this halloween. It has 10 episodes per series and 5 seasons and all 5 seasons are available on Netflix to watch. If you like creepy programmes with sadistic killing then you will love Bates Motel. 

5. Scream

The films are a classic horror must watch, but now that there are TV shows to follow they are also now a halloween must watch this year. I know that people have been worried to watch the series hoping that it wouldn't ruin what was one of their favourite horror films but many have been delighted that it is just a brilliant addition to the horror classic. It follows the film and so keeps to that scary scream you know but has some amazingly added scary extras that you will just love. There are 2 seasons available on Netflix with 10 episodes in, each lasting 45 mins so this series shouldn't take you too long to get through.

Would love to know what you thought of the above series?

Can you recommend anymore perfect for halloween?