Monday 16 September 2019

Schleich Croco Jungle Research Station Review

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Schleich have always been about creating amazing realistic animals toys and now they are making amazing play sets to go along side them. 

We were sent a set from the Wild Life Collection called the Croco Jungle Research station and it is just amazing.

When it came in its brightly coloured box with the picture of it set up on the front of the box, Lily was so excited and wanted it set up straight away. 

It does come in a lot of pieces and so you do need to set aside half a hour or so to set it up. Luckily as it came with some animals, Lily happily played with these as I started to build it. 

Now I will be honest,  I have no patience with building these type of things up, but I did manage to do it, only struggling with one part of the set which I later got Lily's dad to sort for me. Most of the pieces simply slot in to each other and the instructions are really good and easy to follow and very step by step. 

The set comes with 4 animals plus a man. There is a baby elephant which is totally adorable, a crocodile, a orangutang, and what looks like a jaguar. They are all made to such amazing detail and from a good hard plastic. The crocodiles mouth opens and shuts and the orangutang's arm reaches into the air so you can swing him from things. The mans arms and legs also move so then you can sit him down and place him in different positions. 

The set comes with many accessories. You can set up a camp fire with hanging pot, and logs to sit on. Which also comes with things like cups and plates to make it seem like your figure is having a meal. There is also a deck chair and some handy objects like a laptop, map, phone, spade, axe, knife and binoculars, and there is a chest that the little man can keep all these items in.

When the set is build up it looks brilliant. It comes with a massive crocodiles head which is meant to be a rocky type cave. This Lily thought was very cool. You can make it so the mouth is held open by placing one of the logs between the 2 pieces which keeps it open, or there is a opening at the back which you can get your animals and characters to go in. There is also a secret crocodile tooth shape that you can pull out which leaves a hole to hide hidden treasure.

Treasure and treasure box is supplied as well as a very cool looking skull. I just love all the thought and detail that has gone into this set. It creates endless possibilities for the imagination to grow and for a child to make all sorts of play scenarios. 

The other part to the set it a little hut which is raised up high with ladders to get to it. It has a balcony and a opening door and window. It also has a hanging bed inside where you can lay down you man. The set has even gone to the detail to put little shelves up and horns that you can hang things such as your binoculars from.

Underneath this hut, is 2 built cages. There are 2 ways you can build the cages swapping doors between them to make one always closed or to have a door. My favourite part about the cages are that the cage doors even have little locks on them. Attention to detail of this toy is amazing.

Lily has spent a lot of time playing with this toy, sometimes catching the animals and putting them in the cage and sometimes playing adventures inside the crocodile. She has also loves playing with the little man, making him sit and do his work on his computer. The imagination opportunities are endless. 

All the pieces are made to such a hugh standard and even the crocodile which is massive is made from a high quality strong plastic.

This set is a great set to have if you already own lots of Schleich animals (Like we do) because there are so many animals that you could bring into play with this set. And to top that, there are also other playsets based around this croco research centre and so you can make your wild life play even bigger and better. 

This set is £99.99 and can be bought from Smyths Toys Store. You can also see more about the sets at

What do you think your child will love about this playset? 


  1. Animals.

    Rachel Craig

  2. A very beautiful and substantial set. I find that such sets are a good investment as, once built, they stay out and get played with daily. In our house, the sweet little figures of animals would be a big draw.

  3. Seems like lots of scenarios can be imagined and acted out through play with this playset.

    Rachel Craig

  4. I think they will like the caves best!

  5. This sounds like a great activity set. We love Schleich figurines as they are always very realistic and well made. Having the extra accessories in this set means that there are lots of play opportunities.