Tuesday 10 September 2019

Lily Starting School

So yesterday Lily hit that big milestone of starting school! It really doesn't feel long since she was born, and doesn't seem long since she started Nursery. 

Lily started Nursery at nearly 2 and a half and she used to go 1 day a week until she was 3 when it became 3 full days a week. I remember her first day and she cried and didn't want me to leave, but she soon got used to it and started to love Nursery. 

As Lily's birthday is in November that meant she got to spend extra time in nursery and she spent nearly 2 and a half years there. Her nursery I felt was a really great nursery. they always had things out for them to do, and I could see they put a lot of effort into their activities. While Lily was there she learnt to write her name, learnt more about numbers and letter and her confidence just grew leaps and bounds. 

Which means that now she is coming to start school she is super ready for it. 

So yesterday was her first day of starting her school in reception class. The whole day before she was super excited and was literally telling everyone over and over again that she is going to school. 

The morning came and she excitedly got dressed into her uniform and put her hair up into a bow and was ready to go. She looked so adorable in her uniform and also so grown up. 

We took a photograph on the front door step just like we did on her first day of nursery and just look at the difference.

Her first day of school was totally different to her first day of nursery. She went in with such confidence, took of her coat and found her name peg, she then ran into the classroom without even saying goodbye to me and her dad. We had to call her back to get a goodbye hug!

When I picked her up later that day, she was so excited to see me and said that she had loved school. She told me about playing outside, and she told me they had to sit on the carpet and also had milk in cartons. 

She was also very impressed that they served dinner on a tray and that she got to carry it to her table. She told me she had fish, potatoes and sweetcorn and then a cake for pudding. I was so pleased she enjoyed the school dinners as her not eating was my biggest concern. 

Today Lily did the exact same when she went into school, full of confidence and again forgot to say goodbye. I am looking forward to seeing what she learns and how much more she grows with confidence. 

What was your child like on their first day of school?


  1. My granddaughter also started school last week. She was really looking forward to it and loved wearing her uniform as it made her feel very grown up. As with Lily, my granddaughter was really confident and enjoyed herself at school. It helped that some of her friends from nursery and from next door were in the same class, so she already knew some of her class mates.

  2. First Day at School stories this year seem to be positive. Possibly children having experienced Nursery School. Being prepared for School, and in positive ways :- We tend to Praise their ' Growing Up'. A visit or tour of the School can be helpful. The child knowing some others who will be there when they start school :- Friends from Nursery School, etc. All helpful in Preparing the children for School.

    Experience seems to prepare us for many life events, situations, etc. Have recently began watching The Big Hospital Experiment on BBC2 Wednesday (2nd episode on this evening) at 9 p.m. A group of 14 youngsters volunteering at the hospital in Derby, England, and it follows them for six weeks. Is this the future? Will youngsters be expected to volunteer in hospitals, and possibly other environments :- Such as Nursery Schools, Schools, Libraries, Health Centres, Care Homes, Dentists, Social Work Departments, Jobcentres, etc, etc.

    Certainly we learn through experience, and perhaps a variety of experiences can be beneficial to the individual, as well as communities. What will the volunteers gain at the end of the ' experiment'? Apparently it is based on a project which is ongoing in Germany. Perhaps the programme will give us the full facts, and history of th German project which it is based upon.

    Schools do provide " Work Experience",

    Such projects may improve Communities :- As we learn most effectively from "Experience". Many people have found themself becoming a Carer. Discharge from Hospital is an aim / plan from preparation for admission, or admission. Some have more resources / supports than others. Perhaps volunteers could assist those with limited or no resources, etc. As some live alone within Communities, and have no one to assist them with housework, shopping, etc whilst they aim to recover. As it seems resources are required within Communities.

    Great that Lily is enjoying Schoo. Best Wishes for her future.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Lovely Navy Anorak for School, Great length. As Autumn, and soon Winter will follow. Lily looks nice and smart / dressy / formal for her First Day of School.

    Rachel Craig