Friday, 13 September 2019

Baby Alexander Doll Review

Lily is baby doll obsessed and she has always loved the baby Annabell range from Zapf Creation. But Lily mostly owns girl baby dolls and so it was so lovely to find out that Zapf Creation has also got a baby boy in the Baby Annabell range. 

He is called Baby Alexander and he is adorable. 

We was sent one to review and Lily was very excited to be getting a new baby to play with. She couldn't wait for me to get him out of the box. 

Just like all the Baby Annabell babies, he is amazing quality. His outfit is super soft and comes in a lovely shade of blue. He also has the traditional picture of a lamb on the front which is in keeping with the Baby Annabell theme. He also comes wearing a cute hat. 

Another great addition to him is his accessories, he has a blue bottle, dummy, cute little bib and also little necklace. 

He is super cute and his features make him feel like you are playing with a real baby. 

But the most exciting part of him is the interactive features that he comes with. He is not just your ordinary doll and he makes sounds just like a baby does and also amazingly makes movements.

First you need to pop some batteries into you doll, You will need a small screw driver to get into the battery area of the doll. I did struggle to get to the area due to it being buried so much into the body but at least that means that a child can't get into it. After the batteries are in and you switch it on, baby Alexander comes to life and straight away starts making baby noises. 

As he sits there he makes gurgling baby noises, but you can make him do so much more. 

If you hold him upside down, he will cry. The cry is so lifelike and sounds like a real baby. Lily always reacts to the cry straight away and starts saying "its okay baby" She will then cuddle the baby and put her dummy in. As soon as the dummy goes in Baby Alexander's lips start to move like it is sucking the dummy along with dummy sucking noises. It seems to realistic and Lily thought it was amazing. 

Then Lily decided it was time for baby to play, you can make your baby giggle by holding it under the arms and moving it around. Lily found this so cute, she then felt it was time for baby to have a nap. So she layed baby onto its back in her arms, baby straight away closed its eyes. This part was important for Lily as she has had dolls in the past that didn't and it annoyed her that the dolly wouldn't go to sleep. Then baby started to make sleeping noises so she knew it had gone to sleep. 

The fun with your baby doesn't end there. It wouldn't be a baby without burping, and so you can pat it on the back to make it burp, then after that baby may need the toilet so you can also pat it to make it break wind. Which Lily found hilarious. 

The doll is so good for child role play and gives them a new responsibility looking after their baby. Baby Annabell has lots of other toys that are perfect as a additional role play opportunity.

Baby Alexander is £44.99 and can be bought from most highstreet stores.  

What do you think to the new boy doll?


  1. Wow! Very cute, very lifelike and very good quality.
    It's also great to see boy dolls for a change.

  2. Very sweet its lovely especially if you have a bab brother

  3. Just what my grandaughter wants she's been asking for a boy doll

  4. Seems like good fun for little ones, role play can prepare child for new baby within the family :- Whether that be a sibling, cousin, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  5. Our little girl loved getting Alexander after having Annabel BUT was disappointed to find the bottle and romper suit still had Annabel's name on although the bib had Alexander on.

  6. Why does Alexander have a bottle ifeeding he can't wee or cry ?

  7. I do love all the dolls in the Zapf Creation range as they have so many realistic features!