Friday 20 September 2019

Win a Monster Popper Zombie for Halloween

Just over a month and its halloween and so I have teamed up with Cheatwell Games to offer you a chance to win a fun toy which you will get just in time for your halloween celebrations. 

and here is what I have for you...

They're ghastly... they're ghoulish... but monstrous fun!

These funky Monster Poppers are gruesome and terrifying in equal measure! 

Just stuff the ball, squeeze their middle and shoot! The harder you squeeze the further the foam ball will fly... up to 6 metres!

Hair-raising, eye-popping indoor or outdoor fun for kids of all ages, each pack includes six foam balls and a cool carry net bag to hold your spares.

Each monster is £9.99 and you can see a little more about it here

If you would like to be able to win a Zombie Popper then enter below on the Gleam app. 

Win a Monster Popper Zombie

Thursday 19 September 2019

Monthly Book Roundup - What we have been reading in August

I read to Lily each night with out fail. Story time is so important for settling a child for bed, giving them that extra one on one time plus it will help them with learning to read in the future. 

Lily is a lot fussier with the stories I read her now, and she does go back to her old favourites a lot of the time and as she is at an age where she can start to remember stories, she asks for specific ones. But I do get chance to introduce a few new new books each month, usually around 2 or 3.

You can read all my other book reviews from the last few years Here

This month she chose 3 books from her collection.

Here is what we read.

1. Zog by Julia Donaldson 

I had no idea what Zog was about until I read it and it was one by Julia Donaldson that I wasn't too familiar with. But I am glad I read it because it is a brilliant story. The storyline is all about a dragon school and they are getting taught how to do dragon things. As Zog is out practicing one of his dragons things he hurts himself. Luckily a girl comes along and she looks after him and makes him better. This happens a few times and the dragon Zog becomes friends with her. Soon there comes a lesson all about how to capture a princess and they all must go out and capture one. He failed and was really upset until he met she girl again, and she told him that she was a princess, so he took her back and became the first dragon to claim a princess. The next challenge was to fight a knight. The knight tried to take the princess and there was going to be a fight between the dragons and him, when the princess stopped the fight. Upon talking to the knight, she found out that they both didn't actually want to be knights and princesses and wanted to be doctors instead. And thats what they did. The story has such a great storyline to it with lots of exciting things happening. Lily really liked the fact the princess wanted to be a doctor and loved that she was so kind. This story is definitely worth a read if you like Juilia Donaldson. 

2. I don't want to wash my hands - By Tony Ross 

This story is part of the A Little Princess series that is shown on Tv. It is all about the princess not wanting and not understanding why she has to wash her hands. A story that a lot of children can relate too. Her nanny teacher her exactly why and when she needs to wash her hands and soon the little princess wants to wash her hands. The story isn't too long but it is a great story book to encourage children to want to wash their hands. Lily loved learning all about why she should wash her hands. 

3. Big Bad Bunny by Melanie Joyce 

This story is all about a big bad bunny who comes and keeps spoiling all the fun. He had bad manners and a horrible temper, and at times was really naughty. Soon all the animals was feeling really sad about his behaviour and got together to form a plan, but they decided that instead of being mean back to the bunny, they would be nice to him and throw him a party. He tried to ruin the party, but then soon found out the party was actually for him. But they carried on the party anyway and the big bad bunny soon found out that friendship and kindness can go a long way. It is a great book to read to children who may not always have the best behaviour to encourage them to be kind.

Which of the above stories do you like the sound of? 


Monday 16 September 2019

Schleich Croco Jungle Research Station Review

(Ad - Gifted)
Schleich have always been about creating amazing realistic animals toys and now they are making amazing play sets to go along side them. 

We were sent a set from the Wild Life Collection called the Croco Jungle Research station and it is just amazing.

When it came in its brightly coloured box with the picture of it set up on the front of the box, Lily was so excited and wanted it set up straight away. 

It does come in a lot of pieces and so you do need to set aside half a hour or so to set it up. Luckily as it came with some animals, Lily happily played with these as I started to build it. 

Now I will be honest,  I have no patience with building these type of things up, but I did manage to do it, only struggling with one part of the set which I later got Lily's dad to sort for me. Most of the pieces simply slot in to each other and the instructions are really good and easy to follow and very step by step. 

The set comes with 4 animals plus a man. There is a baby elephant which is totally adorable, a crocodile, a orangutang, and what looks like a jaguar. They are all made to such amazing detail and from a good hard plastic. The crocodiles mouth opens and shuts and the orangutang's arm reaches into the air so you can swing him from things. The mans arms and legs also move so then you can sit him down and place him in different positions. 

The set comes with many accessories. You can set up a camp fire with hanging pot, and logs to sit on. Which also comes with things like cups and plates to make it seem like your figure is having a meal. There is also a deck chair and some handy objects like a laptop, map, phone, spade, axe, knife and binoculars, and there is a chest that the little man can keep all these items in.

When the set is build up it looks brilliant. It comes with a massive crocodiles head which is meant to be a rocky type cave. This Lily thought was very cool. You can make it so the mouth is held open by placing one of the logs between the 2 pieces which keeps it open, or there is a opening at the back which you can get your animals and characters to go in. There is also a secret crocodile tooth shape that you can pull out which leaves a hole to hide hidden treasure.

Treasure and treasure box is supplied as well as a very cool looking skull. I just love all the thought and detail that has gone into this set. It creates endless possibilities for the imagination to grow and for a child to make all sorts of play scenarios. 

The other part to the set it a little hut which is raised up high with ladders to get to it. It has a balcony and a opening door and window. It also has a hanging bed inside where you can lay down you man. The set has even gone to the detail to put little shelves up and horns that you can hang things such as your binoculars from.

Underneath this hut, is 2 built cages. There are 2 ways you can build the cages swapping doors between them to make one always closed or to have a door. My favourite part about the cages are that the cage doors even have little locks on them. Attention to detail of this toy is amazing.

Lily has spent a lot of time playing with this toy, sometimes catching the animals and putting them in the cage and sometimes playing adventures inside the crocodile. She has also loves playing with the little man, making him sit and do his work on his computer. The imagination opportunities are endless. 

All the pieces are made to such a hugh standard and even the crocodile which is massive is made from a high quality strong plastic.

This set is a great set to have if you already own lots of Schleich animals (Like we do) because there are so many animals that you could bring into play with this set. And to top that, there are also other playsets based around this croco research centre and so you can make your wild life play even bigger and better. 

This set is £99.99 and can be bought from Smyths Toys Store. You can also see more about the sets at

What do you think your child will love about this playset? 

Friday 13 September 2019

Baby Alexander Doll Review

Lily is baby doll obsessed and she has always loved the baby Annabell range from Zapf Creation. But Lily mostly owns girl baby dolls and so it was so lovely to find out that Zapf Creation has also got a baby boy in the Baby Annabell range. 

He is called Baby Alexander and he is adorable. 

We was sent one to review and Lily was very excited to be getting a new baby to play with. She couldn't wait for me to get him out of the box. 

Just like all the Baby Annabell babies, he is amazing quality. His outfit is super soft and comes in a lovely shade of blue. He also has the traditional picture of a lamb on the front which is in keeping with the Baby Annabell theme. He also comes wearing a cute hat. 

Another great addition to him is his accessories, he has a blue bottle, dummy, cute little bib and also little necklace. 

He is super cute and his features make him feel like you are playing with a real baby. 

But the most exciting part of him is the interactive features that he comes with. He is not just your ordinary doll and he makes sounds just like a baby does and also amazingly makes movements.

First you need to pop some batteries into you doll, You will need a small screw driver to get into the battery area of the doll. I did struggle to get to the area due to it being buried so much into the body but at least that means that a child can't get into it. After the batteries are in and you switch it on, baby Alexander comes to life and straight away starts making baby noises. 

As he sits there he makes gurgling baby noises, but you can make him do so much more. 

If you hold him upside down, he will cry. The cry is so lifelike and sounds like a real baby. Lily always reacts to the cry straight away and starts saying "its okay baby" She will then cuddle the baby and put her dummy in. As soon as the dummy goes in Baby Alexander's lips start to move like it is sucking the dummy along with dummy sucking noises. It seems to realistic and Lily thought it was amazing. 

Then Lily decided it was time for baby to play, you can make your baby giggle by holding it under the arms and moving it around. Lily found this so cute, she then felt it was time for baby to have a nap. So she layed baby onto its back in her arms, baby straight away closed its eyes. This part was important for Lily as she has had dolls in the past that didn't and it annoyed her that the dolly wouldn't go to sleep. Then baby started to make sleeping noises so she knew it had gone to sleep. 

The fun with your baby doesn't end there. It wouldn't be a baby without burping, and so you can pat it on the back to make it burp, then after that baby may need the toilet so you can also pat it to make it break wind. Which Lily found hilarious. 

The doll is so good for child role play and gives them a new responsibility looking after their baby. Baby Annabell has lots of other toys that are perfect as a additional role play opportunity.

Baby Alexander is £44.99 and can be bought from most highstreet stores.  

What do you think to the new boy doll?

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Lily Starting School

So yesterday Lily hit that big milestone of starting school! It really doesn't feel long since she was born, and doesn't seem long since she started Nursery. 

Lily started Nursery at nearly 2 and a half and she used to go 1 day a week until she was 3 when it became 3 full days a week. I remember her first day and she cried and didn't want me to leave, but she soon got used to it and started to love Nursery. 

As Lily's birthday is in November that meant she got to spend extra time in nursery and she spent nearly 2 and a half years there. Her nursery I felt was a really great nursery. they always had things out for them to do, and I could see they put a lot of effort into their activities. While Lily was there she learnt to write her name, learnt more about numbers and letter and her confidence just grew leaps and bounds. 

Which means that now she is coming to start school she is super ready for it. 

So yesterday was her first day of starting her school in reception class. The whole day before she was super excited and was literally telling everyone over and over again that she is going to school. 

The morning came and she excitedly got dressed into her uniform and put her hair up into a bow and was ready to go. She looked so adorable in her uniform and also so grown up. 

We took a photograph on the front door step just like we did on her first day of nursery and just look at the difference.

Her first day of school was totally different to her first day of nursery. She went in with such confidence, took of her coat and found her name peg, she then ran into the classroom without even saying goodbye to me and her dad. We had to call her back to get a goodbye hug!

When I picked her up later that day, she was so excited to see me and said that she had loved school. She told me about playing outside, and she told me they had to sit on the carpet and also had milk in cartons. 

She was also very impressed that they served dinner on a tray and that she got to carry it to her table. She told me she had fish, potatoes and sweetcorn and then a cake for pudding. I was so pleased she enjoyed the school dinners as her not eating was my biggest concern. 

Today Lily did the exact same when she went into school, full of confidence and again forgot to say goodbye. I am looking forward to seeing what she learns and how much more she grows with confidence. 

What was your child like on their first day of school?

Friday 6 September 2019

KindiKids Doll and Playset Review

(Ad - Gifted)

Introducing your child's new bff! KindiKids from Moose Toys. 

As included in the name these dolls are all based on children who are in Kindergarden (which is our UK version of Infant School) and as its Back to school time for many of us, they are being used to help your child adjust to that move to school by becoming your child's new friend! 

Going to school, especially for the first time can be daunting for any child and there are lots of new things that will be happening, making friends, discovering and learning, going to new places. KindiKids are perfect to support your child and hold their hand during that first move to school and throughout. 

This doll also supports parents worries about their child going back to school, knowing their child can always have a friend to talk to, dolls for children are that one friend that is always their and can be of great importance to a child. 

Lily is about to start school so it was the perfect time to introduce her to KindiKids and so we offered to do a review for them. We was sent a doll and 2 playsets.

There are 4 dolls to collect and we was sent Jessicake who is a super cute blue haired doll that just loves cake!

The dolls are all relatable to children who are infant and have cute outfits, acsessories and facial expressions. Jessicake has sparkly blue eyes, a super happy smile, and wears a sprinkle style top and skirt. She has cute sandals that are made from plastic and very easy to get off and on. Plus wears a cute cake headband. Over all she is adorable!!! 

All KindiKids Dolls have a special bobbly head which makes them even more cute and adds a difference to other dolls. Her arms and legs also move meaning you can change her position and make her sit down.
She is made from a really decent plastic but it isn't to heavy for your children to carry around which is perfect. 

Each doll comes with a playtime snack, Jessicake comes with a cute little cupcake and sprinkles. You can pretend to shake sprinkles onto the cake and the cake is designed so then when you put it to her mouth, the cherry pops inside making it look like she has eaten it. This is a really cute little addition to the doll.

Lily is so pleased with her new doll, I have been talking to her about how she is going to be her little school friend and although she can't take her to school, she can say goodbye to her each morning and tell her all about her school day when she comes home. Lily is super excited to be starting school and says she can't wait to tell Jessicake all about it.

As well as being sent the lovely doll, we was also sent some playsets. 

We were sent a supermarket and shopping trolley, which Lily was super excited about when she saw. She loves playing shopping and so having her own little supermarket impressed her. She couldn't wait to get it out of the box to play with.

Luckily it is easily removed from the box though you will need some scissors to help you.

The supermarket has all sorts going on with it and is very interactive without even needing batteries. Mums will be happy to know its a quiet toy with no noises, which means your child has to develop their imagination by making the noises themselves. (Okay that can be just as noisy I know) 

The Supermarket comes with 2 exclusive shopkins to put in your supermarket plus 2 coins to use on the till, it also comes with a shopping basket.

Some of the wonderful features of the supermarket include a wobbly scales, which bobble when you put an item on it. It has 2 sliding drawers that Lily said was the Fridge section, it has shelves for your Shopkins to be placed on and also a till and conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt is very cool because you can put your basket underneath it and press a button and your item drops into your basket. You can also press the buttons on the till to make a receipt pop up and slide across the slider to open up the till. 

The set also comes with a play mat that you can place your supermarket on, making it even more fun!

Lily has had so much fun with this set and really enjoyed playing shopping and using the till. 

Last but not least is the wonderful shopping trolley we was also sent. The trolley is a really decent size and can fit lots of shopkins in. It has a special platform at the back that your doll can stand on and when you move it back and forward the bunny ears move. It also comes with 2 shopkins which are super adorable! Its a really cute toy that adds another element of play to the super market set and doll. 

If you love the sound of KindiKids then you can buy them at the following prices. 

KindiKids Doll - £24.99
Supermarket Set - £29.99
Trolley - £14.99

Plus if you like the sound of KindiKids to help your child progress to and throughout school then they have their very own episodes you can watch on Youtube! 

KindiKids are now available from your leading toy stores and supermarkets. 

Is your child starting school soon? What would they think to KindiKids?