Saturday, 31 August 2019

Shimmer Stars Review

(Ad- Gifted)

I love it when I have new toy that I can't wait to tell you about and so I am super excited to tell you all about Shimmer stars.

If you have a little one who loves cute little animals but also loves getting all glammed up with sparkles and pretty things then this toy is perfect for them. 

Shimmers stars are you new pet that you can glam up at the same time as glamming yourself up by adding fabulous shimmers and accessories. 

We was sent one to review and Lily was so excited when she saw it. She loved that it was a super cute unicorn and she was excited to get it out the box. 

We was sent a Unicorn pet. The unicorn is pink, with darker pink tail and mane, purple eyes and a golden horn and feet. She comes wearing a little purple tutu, purple bow in her hair and pretty necklace around her neck. She really is super cute and super soft, and the colours are very pretty. 

The set also comes with a pink brush to brush her hair and a headband.

The cute thing about the accessories is that as well as your unicorn being able to wear them, your child can too meaning that your child can dress up looking just like their pet. 

If that isn't cute enough that you have a matching pet, it also comes with a special shaped wand that you can attach sequins with to make your pet shimmer, then your child can attach them to their own hair so then again, they match. 

The way the sequins attach is really magical for kids plus it is really easy for them to do! I was really impressed with how easy they went on and its a really fun way for kids to be able to do it. 

Its all done with your special magic wand. The wand opens up by twisting it. I found this hard at the start and couldn't twist it, but then realised there is a very thin layer of tape holding it together. After the tape is removed it twists and opens very easily. The handle of the wand then comes apart, you then get a sequin and lay it on top of the part of the star that has a hole in it. You push the wand handle onto the sequin and it attaches to your handle. The handle has a button on it and you simply press the button as you press it onto the pet. This easy attaches it.

The toy comes with full instructions on how to do this in picture form which makes it a lot easier to understand than reading about it. 

Lily really loved playing with this toy, she sat for ages placing lots of sequins onto her pet, and then she let me put some on her and then of corse, she wanted to put some on me.

But what about when your child has filled the unicorn full of sequins, well, no problem there, as the brush simply brushes them back out and you can start all over again. 

I think this toy is really something different to others out on the market and if you child loves soft toys then this would be a way to buy them one but with a difference.

You can pick up your very own shimmer star from Smyths Toy Store. They are priced at £19.99 and there is also choice of cat, pup or panda if you didn't want a unicorn.

What would your child like about Shimmer Stars? 


  1. Probably be keen. As unicorn is popular with a lot of children presently. Children do tend to love animals. The pretty aspects are likely to appeal more to girl than boy. Though boys also like unicorns, and magic would appeal to both genders.

    The grooming aspect could be appropriate for all. Though this unicorn seems a bit glam with sequins. So most likely to appeal to female gender. Or be bought on behalf of a female.

    Must admit I do prefer a toy which is gender neutral. Personal grooming is a normal daily routinue for all. Grooming is for animals also :- Pets, such as cats and dogs are groomed by some owners. Some go to salons for grooming :- Dogs at least. Horses are regularly groomed. Good to encourage children to be involved in the real world, caring for pets. Becoming involved in Sports and other activities :- E.G. Horse riding gets us out into the fresh air. Interacting with others, interacting with animals, etc.

    Cuddly toy can help very young child to self soothe, play, entertain self and others, settle to sleep, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Oh wow, how cute is this, our little one would love the fact she can make it sparkle with sequins and brush and comb it, she would love it

  3. looks so magical cuddly and fun, my daughter would love it

  4. How lovely. The added extras such as the wand would be very popular in our house but the toy itself is seriously cute, too.

  5. my granddaughter loves unicorns and loves anything glittery or shiny or covered in sequins, so I'm sure she would love this toy.

  6. I think this would be a big hit with my granddaughter!

  7. Glamour model.

    Rachel Craig

  8. My daughter would love the cute matching accessories it looks lovely

  9. My grandaughter would love this and the fact it can be used over an over again is brilliant.

  10. My own Li,ky would love this, she is obsessed with unicorns and sparkles

  11. I would have loved this a kid!

  12. After seeing and reading this review, i brought one of these for my Granddaughter and have to say it was a huge hit, thank you

  13. This is so lovely, I might get one for my daughter for Christmas :)