Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Don't Forget!! Your Last Minute Guide to Going Back to School!

(Part Ad - Gifted)

If I am right, School goes back next week, or maybe for first timers like Lily it will be the week after. 

So your going to need to see if you have those items you may have forgot to buy. Your so busy buying the essentials that who knows, there may be something you have forgot. 

So here are a few ideas of things you may still need to buy!

1. Drinks Bottle 

One thing you may need to send your child with is a drinks bottle. You may be looking at all types but one to look at will be getting your child an Aluminium bottle, these keep your child's drink colder for much longer meaning their drink stays fresh. These bottles come with a easy lifting spout to drink from plus can be carried with the handle on the lid. Different kids designs coming to the Website GB Posters Soon - RRP £9.99 

2. Stationary 

Wether it is to take into school or for homework use at home, all kids are going to need stationary. Stabilo have a huge range of things you child will need and also love. They have pencils, pens and fantastic highlighters. One great thing about the Stabilo range is that they have stationary special designed for children with their Easy Start range. they are all designed with your children in mind making them easy to grip and giving them an easy flow when they write. These are perfect for children who are learning to write. These pens, pencils and highlighters are also made to last meaning you won't be replacing them a week later. You can find them on the Stabilo website for a range of prices. 

3. Stain Cleaning Products

Uniforms are one thing that as you already know, is super expencive to buy. So the last thing you want to be doing is throwing away uniform because you can't get that nasty grass stain out of it. So why not stock up on stain removing cleaning products? ACE is a leading stain removal brand and they have lots of products perfect for keeping your child's uniform looking brand spanking new!
They have products for whites, colours, and sprays that can be used on clothing before a wash to help remove the stain. Plus the bottles are nice and big meaning you are going to be able to use them for plenty of washes. You can head to the ACE website to check out all their products.  

4. Early Reading Books 

One thing your child will be doing when they start school is learn how to read and there is nothing wrong with giving them that helping hand at home by getting them some books to read at home. These Early Reader books from Maverick Books are perfect for that with 5 books from 3 reading levels, telling 5 great stories that your children will love to read. 

5. PE Kit Bag

Nothing could be nicer than your child having their very own personalised PE Kit bag. Lily has this super cute bag with pull string tie at the top to keep her PE kit in. Sewn onto the front is her name. It is the perfect size and lovely material for her to carry herself. It is made by Isabel Peters who makes fabulous fabrics. 

Which of the above will you be needing for School? 


  1. Stain cleaning products. Always like to ensure clean fresh clothing is available.

    Rachel Craig

  2. My granddaughter is starting Reception in September, so my daughter has been buying loads of school supplies. I don't think she's thought of stain removers though, so I will get some for her.

  3. Lovely gifts which I am sure that Lily and yourself will appreciate. Starting school can be a big new adventure. Whilst your experience of Child Care may well have assisted you in preparing Lily for this new venture. It can be a time of great anticipation and excitement for the whole family, as well as friends, etc. A Rites of Pasage.

    Hoping that by Lily starting school it will enable you to diversify and Possibly Reach your Own Potential. As Motherhood is part of you, so is the blog, your photography, your exercise regieme, your Adult life :- Freedom, Fashion, Socialising, Blogging. Perhaps the time that will be Freed up by Lily being at school :- Will be Productive. Perhaps even Creative for yourself. As you seem creative :- Your Photography. Maybe you could implement more aspects into your blog. Events, Fashion Modelling, Photography, Themes, Outdoors, Entertainment, Learning :- As learning is Life Long, maybe you will choose a new project, etc. Best Wishes to Lily and yourself, at this time of life changing / adaptation / development.

    Rachel Craig

  4. How interesting but incredibly sensible to include stain removal products in your back to school list. I wouldn't be without such products in my cleaning cupboard.

  5. P.E. (Physical Education) Kit. Oh! How that has changed over the years ( history). Her story of a particular age group / generation. As I have heard 'Navy Knickers' were once the item that girls wore, along with their school blouse, and a pair of plimsoles. How Embarassing. Thankfully some things change for the better.

    Then there has been the multi itemed School Uniform. Only available via / from the school itself ( Monopoly). Polo shirt with school emblem on. School P.E. Shorts, most likely with school emblem.

    I believe that I have heard that due to Austerity, Inclusiveness, Practicality, Sensibility :- School uniforms can once again be bought from town stores again. Supermarket school uniform items , including P.E. Shorts, sand shoes, etc are also allowed. Equality and Diversity perhaps has come to the rescue.

    Rachel Craig

  6. all great items, i love the drinks bottle my daughter chose a disney princess one

  7. Going back to school is always a time when i have lists, of what is needed, this is a wonderful write up for ideas, thank you

  8. Now that the children are back in / at school. What does that mean for us adults. A bit of Peace and Quiet perhaps, maybe some studying / learning of our own, a new routine, a project to plan, etc. Maybe a time to forward plan :- For next school holidays, Autumn / Winter, Christmas. Employment, volunteering, Caring role for family member / friend. Healthy Eating Plan, Exercise regieme. Variety may be the Spice of Life. We can have many aspects to our life.

    Perhaps a Journal. A gratitude Journal could help us to make a regular record of what we appreciate, what made us happy, what brought a smile to our face. Could help us to determine the priorities in life, help us get more organised. Maybe children might want to start a journal or a scrapbook :- Can perhaps encourage the children to store / record memories, consider hobbies, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  9. All great items, the crayons look nice

  10. Some excellent items here :) My daughter gets through school supplies like snacks!