Monday 15 July 2019

Helpful Holiday Activities by Orchard Toys

It's coming up to Holiday time! You may be taking a really long trip on a plane, or maybe a shorter trip in a car, or maybe visiting family for the holidays. Either way there are times that we all need to keep our children amused.

Holidays are generally full of fun and excitement, but it is also great for your child to have some down time. 

Orchard Toys have the perfect solution to keeping you child entertained and thats in the form of fun activity books and mini games. 

We was sent some Activity Books and a Mini Game for Lily to take on her upcoming holiday and so I want to tell you all about them. 

We was sent the game Penguin Pairs and also 3 Activity books, My First Words, Outer Space and Things to do. 

The first thing that your kids are going to love about these activity books is that they come with lots of fun stickers! If your children are anything like Lily then I bet they love stickers. The stickers are all at a large size too and so easy for little fingers to peel off and stick down. 

The second thing your child will love is that it is filled with colouring in, every page has something for them to colour. 

And one thing you will love about as an adult, is that as well as fun the books are all very helpful for learning. Lily loves to learn and anything that she can engage her brain in she loves. 

Here is a little more about each book - 

My First Words 
As the title states, its all about first words. The way this book works is that is has pictures of the word EG cat and then under it will have the word cat written out several times in dotted form for your child to copy over. Then also it will leave space for your child to try and write the word themselves. The book also has extra fun of colouring and some funky colourful stickers to add to the pages. 

Outer Space 
This book has a theme of all about outer space. It has tons of colouring pages, areas for sticking stickers and then lots of fun activities like dot to dots, word searches and counting activities. 

Things To Do
This book has a mixed theme of fun things to do. Again it has dot to dots, word searches, puzzles, and counting activities. All the puzzles and activities increase in level difficulty and so its great for keeping your child learning new things while having fun. It also comes with plenty of space to colour and areas to stick fun colourful stickers. 

Lily really loves activity books and she is also a mega fan of learning. She currently loves writing and so thats why the My first Words book is perfect for her. We have had some Orchard Toys Activity books before and Lily couldn't put them down. As a parent I was really impressed with the books as the amount of learning opportunities is fantastic and also the quality of the paper in the books really nice. 

Each book is £3 and is well worth the money. 

Now a little more about the game. 

Orchard toys have a range of Mini Games. These are perfect for travelling and taking with you when you go away. 

The games are all in a flat small box and so really don't take up much space. They are also really quick and easy games to play. Perfect to keep a child entertained with out using up to much of your holiday time. 

We was sent Penguin Pairs. This game is super easy to play and to set it up all you have to do is lay down the penguins face down. You then take it in turns to pick up 2 penguins and you are looking for 2 that are the same. 

The great thing about this game is that it can be playing together, or your child can play on their own trying to find the matching penguins.

Mini games are only £5 each and so again, well worth the money. 

So if you are planning to go away, or are looking for things to keep your child entertained for the summer holidays. Head to the Orchard Toys Website and pick up some helpful holiday activities now.

Keep your eye out on the Lily's Little Learners Instagram for pictures of Lily trying them out.

Which of the books do you think your child would like?

Are you planning any holidays where activities like this could come in handy? 


  1. I love the sound of the activity books. My granddaughter is a couple of months younger than Lily, and will be starting Reception this September. She's already learning her letters, so the writing activity book would be perfect for her.

  2. All of the books seem good and would be enjoyed. As children do enjoy activities, as do adults. Activity books can be great for children and adults, particularly useful for times when travelling :- Whether that be for Day Out, visit to family / friends, or holidays. I think the variety within each book is what is beneficial " Variety is the Spice of Life".

    Rachel Craig

  3. Our children have always been keen on stickers, so would really enjoy the activity books.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Penguin Pairs, could play :- Snap, or a Memory Game. We do like penguins.

    Rachel Craig

  5. BEAUTIES - CERTAINLY make travel fun- lots of trips to the seaside for us

  6. Recent tv programme :- Interesting piece of information / history. It mentioned that a man from Millport ( Isle of Cumbrae, Scotlamd, UK) was responsible for introducing penguins to Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland, UK. Apparently he was an explorer. See,s there is much historical information / facts that we may yet become aware of." We learn something new every day".

    Rachel Craig

  7. Great activities.

    Rachel Craig