Tuesday 2 July 2019

Baby Annabell Baby Walker and Deluxe Knit Outfit Review

We are always so pleased to see what Baby Annabell has next and what I am about to tell you about today is a Baby Annabell product that both Lily and I just love. 

Zaph Creation sent us The new Baby Annabell Baby Walker. They also sent us a very cute Deluxe Knit Outfit which fits nicely on Baby Sweet Dreams Mia. 

As always Lily was super excited to have something new that was baby related. Her babies are the thing she plays with me most at the moment and so anything that just adds to that play is perfect for her. 

The baby walker does take some assembly but its quite easy and we got it fixed together in no time at all. You are also going to need batteries. You will need 4 AA batteries and 2 AAA batteries. 

When all placed together it is ready to be played with. It looks so cute and just like a real baby walker would. The theme is Baby Annabell's usual cute little lamb and the colours are a nice pale pink and white to match the rest of Baby Annabell's accessories. I love that it has handles and also a cute little toy at the top where the baby would push the beads along. 

The seat of the walker is a little tricky for little ones to place there baby in, Lily managed it depending on the size of her baby, and sometimes she needed help. The seat is elasticated in places to make it so then you can tightly fit in your doll and it won't fall out. It has a soft material making it comfortable for your baby doll to sit. It is all also build so then when a doll is inside it, it wont tip over. Zapf creation state that it is build for dolls sized up to 43cm. 

I do love how baby Annabell make everything so like you would if it was for a real baby, this really helps a child get into the mind of pretending to be a mummy or daddy. I think the softness of the seat, the design and the little toy addition all help this. But there is an extra element that just makes it so much better. The walker is actually operated via a remote control, this means it looks like Baby Annabel is walking all by herself. 

I am super impressed with this element of the toy. The remote is really easy to use and you can move the walker forwards, backwards and left and right. The walker moves so smoothly and turns corners really easily too, this really helped Lily be able to move the walker and she managed to drive it from one room to another around the house. 

Lily has been playing with this loads since I gave it to her and I know it is something she will keep playing with over and over again. 

Now for the outfit that we was sent. 

Lily loves being able to dress and undress her dolls and so when this new clothing set arrived she was so pleased to have another outfit to play with.

The outfit is super cute as always with Baby Annabel clothing. It is all pink with pretty pictures of flowers and the Baby Annabel lamb on the front. The skirt part to the dress is tutu like and the set also comes with some little pink knickers to go underneath.

The top half of the dress is knitted along with a matching hat. It is made really well and feels like such a cosy outfit. Again this would give a child the feeling they are really dressing their baby in real baby clothing. 

The cutest part to the outfit in my opinion is the shoes. They are super sparkly and I love the shape to them. They are made out of a plastic and so reality sturdy shoes. Lily has needed slight help slipping them onto the dolls feel, but can easily take the shoes off. 

When the baby was dressed up Lily said she looked beautiful and was super pleased that her baby had a brand new outfit. 

The Baby Annabell Walker is priced at £34.99 and can be bought from Smyths Toy Store. 

The Deluxe Knit Outfit is retailed at £21.75 and can be found on Amazon 

Would your child like these items for their Baby Annabel dolls? 


  1. Yes, absolutely. Beautiful outfit. Baby Annabelle Baby Walker looks like a great fun toy for use with Baby Annabelle Doll.

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  2. Baby Annabelle Baby Walker looks so cute. Some parents and others are keen / eager for little ones to begin to walk, and to talk :- Both obvious signs of Development. Babies and children develop at different rates, as do adults most likely ( some workplace had Personal Development forms to complete when employee assessments carried out). So why do some seem in a rush / hurry in seeking evidence of Development?

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    Babies and children seem loved and valued within the British Culture. We celebrate their achievements with Delight. Yet they grow up, and still need some love and nurturing. Maybe there is a need to Value everyone, as Social Inclusion can be Beneficial for our Health and Wellbeing. Maybe Communities, Localities are in NEED of resources , Information, Education, Finances, Moral Support, etc. In order that Individuals, Couples, Partners, Family, Friends, Neighbour's, Colleagues, Carers, Groups, etc can support each other :- Particularly those that are in NEED.

    Maybe we could acknowledge babies, children, adults, older people all live, develop, have positive and negative experiences along life's journey. Isolation can be dangerous / Risky. Healthy Communities can be Beneficial, supportive to all, at every age and every stage if and when they have the resources to do so.

    Rachel Craig

  3. So cute - Esmay would ADORE this beauty -so would I !!

  4. How gorgeous is that little outfit! So cute!

  5. "Little Lamb".

    Rachel Craig

  6. "Sweet Dreams".

    Rachel Craig