Tuesday, 25 June 2019

PlayMobil Spirit Riding Free Barn Review

Lily has recently started to really enjoy Spirit Riding Free, and so when I found out that Playmobil had a Spirit collection I asked them if they would like me to review something. 

They offered me the Spirit Riding Free Barn with Pru, Lucky and Abigail and it looked great. Lily didn't have anything that was like a barn so I knew she would enjoy this. 

When the box came it looked brilliant. You can see it all set up on the picture on the front of the box and so we couldn't wait to get it opened and set up ready to play. 

With Playmobil you do need to set a little time aside to get it all set up, while also making sure your child can be patient. There is lots of building involved and also lots of fiddly bits. On the box it says about 60 mins for building and I think in total it probably was about that. Though I didn't do it all at once so it wasn't timed.

All the parts come in little plastic bags all ready to be used and then you also get some leaflets with instruction. There are also stickers that you need to apply yourself. 

One tip I would give is to put on the stickers before it is assembled. I did it after and found it slightly tricky in some areas and ended up putting on a few wonky. The stickers do add a lovely design to the set though.

When it is all set up it looks brilliant. One thing I love about it all is the colours, the added green really brightens the barn up.

The barn is 2 floored with some ladders going upstairs, and it has a little stable part added to the side. It also has a door at the top you can open and double doors on the bottom which also open. The stable has a door that opens at both ends. It also has a floor which you insert which then makes it a hay floor. 

The set comes with 4 figures and a horse which is a really decent amount of figures to play with. As usual with the figures they need to be partly built with the hair needing to be added. All playmobil characters are made so then you can place things in their hands and this set comes with lots of accessories that they can hold such as a bucket, or garden fork. The characters are made really well in the way that they do look like the characters from the show. Lily recognised lucky from her outfit straight away.

The set also comes with so many more accessories that just build the set up to be able to give so many imaginative play scenarios. There is a wheelbarrow that has moving wheels, there is a hammock for them to lay in, there are storage chests and bundles of hay. But my favourite little extras have to be the cute little animals. There is a tiny little cat, some mice and some birds. I think the little cat was Lily's favourite thing to play with in the whole set actually and she was pretending that the girls were taking care of it. 

There really are some tiny pieces in this set though that I have just kept to the side because I know that within 2 min of Lily playing with them they will end up lost or hoovered up when not tidied away properly by Lily. When she is a little older I will more happy with letting her play with these small pieces. 

I think this set is perfect for any Spirit Riding Free fan, or for any horse fan. You can buy additional sets that add onto the barn or additional horses or characters to extend the play.

This set is for 4+ and is £59.99 to buy. Head to the Playmobil Store to see other sets or purchase the barn. 

Would your child enjoy this toy? 


  1. Absolutely.

    Rachel Craig

  2. My granddaughter has acouple of Playmobil sets, and I think she would enjoy this one.

  3. I love playmobile, and my children have had many years of playing with our sets