Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Paw Patrol Little Heroes Paw Awards 2019

Lily has been a huge fan of the TV show Paw Patrol for a couple of years now. She loves all the characters getting into there life saving hero modes and saving the day. 

For the second year running, the hero pups are celebrating 'real life' heroes by running their very own Paw Patrol Little Heroes Paw Awards. 

Its now time to get nominating a little one for the 2019 awards. So if you know a little one who is aged 3 to 10 and in need of some recognition, then this is the award for them. 

There are 8 Categories you can nominate in and your little one (or a friends little one with their parents permission) could have the chance to be selected by a panel of judges to attend a pup tastic awards ceremony.

The Categories are - 

The Skye Award for Courage 

Did your child do something courageous or face their fears or maybe help a friend overcome theirs? Let us know by nominating them.  

The Rubble Award for Strength 

Did your child recently overcome something by showing great strength, emotionally or physically? Do you want to show them how proud you are of them? Then this is the award for them! 

The Marshall Award for Loyalty 

Loyalty is very important and is not always easy to do or show. But it can be done in many ways. So if your child has shown loyalty in some way. Then get them nominated in this award. 

The Rocky Award for Making a Difference 

There are so many ways a child can make a difference! Maybe they supported a charity, did something good for the environment, or simply came up with a brilliant idea. Show us how much of a star your child is by nominating them in this award. 

The Everest Award for Kindness and Friendship

It is important to always be kind to our friends and family but if your child has gone that extra mile to show their kindness and friendship to someone then we want to know how. 

The Chase Award for Leadership 

Being a leader is all about maturity, responsibility and confidence. If your little one is a great leader then this award is for them. 

The Ryder Award for Kindness to Animals 

Maybe your child has recently helped an animal in need, or is always showing great care to that pet at home. We want to know in what ways your child shows kindness to animals. 

The Zuma Award for being helpful

There are so many ways a child can be helpful. If your child has gone that extra mile to become helpful wether to you, a friend, a neighbour or a stranger then this is the time to let everyone know by nominating them in this award. 

The Award Ceremony and prizes!

All the award winners and their families will be invited to enjoy a luxurious VIP weekend staying in a family Studio (2 adults and 2 children under 12) from Friday 11
th until Sunday 13th October. Breakfast is included and each family will receive £200 spending money! 

The award ceremony is being kindly hosted by the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, London. It will take place on October the 12th in one of the hotels function suites. Paw Patrol Characters and special guests will be helping serve high tea before the ceremony takes place. 

After the brilliant event as a special finale, our winners will get to an exclusive prize of a closed door experience around Hamleys. You will get to have a run of the store plus be involved in exciting activities while hanging out with their favourite paw patrol characters. Not only that but Hamleys have donated a voucher to be spent on any of their store toys. 

Each winner will also receive an award keepsake and a bundle of the latest PAW Patrol toys including the Mighty Pups characters! 

How to Nominate your Hero!

You can enter the Awards by visiting and sharing why the little one deserves to be one of the PAW Patrol LittleHeroes of 2019. When nominating someone else’s child, Please seek permission of the child’s parent first.

About the Paw Patrol Toy Bundle 

We got to check out some of the toys that you have the chance of winning. We was sent an Ultimate Construction Truck and A Ride and Rescue with Marshall Set. 

Firstly we took a look at the Ultimate Construction Truck with includes Rubble. Rubble is Lily's favourite so she was very pleased to see him and this massive truck. 

Lily's favourite thing about the Truck is that it makes noise. There is a button on the top that you click and then it makes truck noises. The truck does all the general things you need it to do which means your child can start to imagine herself in scenarios where Rubbles help would be needed. 

On the back there is a dumper section plus an arm with a ball and chain hanging off. Perfect for knocking down bricks. It also has a digger arm. 

This toy also comes with a smaller vehicle that can sit in the back of the truck until rubble is ready to head off for smaller jobs.

As all the paw patrol toys, its very durable and your child won't be disappointed with the amount of play they can get out of it. 

You can buy the Ultimate Construction Truck for £34.99

The next toy we tried was the Ride and Rescue toy and Lily loved this one the most. 

It comes as Marshall's Fire Engine and has a Marshall character to ride in the toy. But the cool thing about this toy is that it opens up into a whole fire scenario with lots to do. 

You can make Marshall's Ladder pop up by pressing a button to be able to rescue poor chickaletta who is on the roof next to a fire. You can pull up a fire gun and shoot pretend water at the fire which come in the form of plastic water shaped bullets. Then You can put out the mini fire which is enclosing the bear via another water gun. Marshall saves the day! Then you can close up your fire truck to carry out other missions. 

You can buy Marshall's Ride and Rescue for £18.99 or if you prefer Chase, he also comes with a Ride and Rescue Set. 

Do you have a little hero in the family?

Will you be nominating anyone this year? 

* Disclaimer - We was sent these toys in return to write about the Paw Patrol Awards*


  1. Possibly. Not sure, yet. First that I have come across this. Seems a Good idea to recognise Good Behaviour, Kindness, Helpfulness, etc, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  2. It's a great campaign - sure it will be a big hit

  3. sounds like wonderful awards for well deserved kids

  4. The Skye Award for Courage. Reminds me of Acts of Courage :- Such as when my brother received an award, I believe it was via Fire Service ( possibly Police and Fire :- Rescue Services). He had climbed drainpipe of neighbouring building and assisted children to safety. A fire had been in progress. My Mum was proud of him. Yet his behaviour was due to how she had brought us up to look out for, and care for others.

    I can also recall some friends and their unfortunate experiences of fire. One was awakened by family cat ( called "Lucky"). She had been in bedroom sleeping following a night shift (everyone else at work or school. home alone) the cat was insistent making noise and scratching at her bedroom door. A portable heater had led to fire. She felt eternally grateful to her beloved cat.

    Another occasion friend had fallen asleep on couch during evening. His dog woke him up, insistently disturbing him. The flat above was on fire, smoke in the common landings. They managed to escape unharmed, due to loving, loyal dog's behaviour.

    Rachel Craig

  5. Brilliant idea, there are so many children which deserve an award

  6. Such a brilliant idea, sounds like a great event.

  7. My children love paw patrol there look fab my boy Charlie loves his vehicles

  8. Little Hero Paw Awards, a lovely idea and initiative. We had a Day Out yesterday to Fort William. Experience some :- Mannerly, Kind, Courteous actions. Door held open for us by an individual ( variety of individuals. As different person on the various occasions). Made our Day easier, Cheered us up :- To be dealt with, with such kind consideration, and without request. Kindly offered.

    Fort William :- Delight to be treated with good manners, kindness and Respect. Would most Certainly visit again.

    Rachel Craig

  9. Nice idea. Nice to be Nice. Such as Mothers Day, Mothering Day, Fathers Day, Grandparents Day, etc, etc.

    America seem to have many Celebration Days for such Varied individuals, situations, circumstances, etc. There is Sibling Day, etc, etc. Maybe we could take some of these onboard :- In order to show Appreciation, Encourage Inclusiveness, etc, etc.

    Rachel Craig