Friday 5 April 2019

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Mermal Magic Review

(Ad- Gifted Review) 

Series 5 of Hatchimals CollEGGtibles is here and we are so excited! Lily is a huge fan and has quite a collection now which go along side her playsets. 

We were super happy to be able to get a selection of the new series to review! 

SpinMaster sent us 4 different sets. 

- One 4 pack with Extra Hatchimal
- One 2 Pack with Nest
- One Mystery Egg
- One 6 Pack 

Lily was super Excited to have some new Hatchimals and knew it was time for her favourite thing to do! Hatch them all!

Series 5 Hatchimals are all about Memal Magic and have a underwater theme to them. We was very excited to see what we would get inside. 

The eggs look slightly different this time with a more shell appearance to the eggs. They also open up width ways instead of taking the top off the egg. They were still super pretty though with glitter and the traditional colour changing heart on the front of the egg. 

The 4 pack even came with an extra special pink shell type egg which opened differently to all the other eggs. Lily really liked the fact there was a special looking egg inside. 

We soon got to cracking open the eggs to see what characters was inside. To our delight there are lots of new looking Hatchimals. Some with mermaid tails and some shaped like sea creatures like starfish. Our favourite that we found had an underwater helmet on and was super cute!

All the eggs are different colours so then you don't duplicate as there are over 80 new characters to find. Each coloured egg relates to a different family of Hatchimals. All sets come with a collector sheet so you can keep track of which characters you already have.

The great thing about the different packs, are that they are all different prices so affordable for different treats. 

The one pack is a perfect example of this.

The new 6 pack is very lovely though. It comes with a really cute glittery seashell shaped case and the eggs inside are so sparkly too. It also comes with a set of stickers which really pleased Lily. 

We set to opening them and was really surprised by what was inside. Each character was carrying a little gem stone. 

The surprise of series 5 doesn't stop there. These Hatchimals also have a colour changing technology where they change colour when placed in water. They then turn back into the original colour quite quickly when brought out. It is quite magical to watch.

With the Hatchimals with the gemstones, it is the gemstone that changes colour. 

Overall Lily was really happy with all her new little Hatchimals and happily added them to her Hatchimal family.

Hatchimals are my favourite type of collectable surprise toy. I think the way you open each egg and the characters being so cute but also different each time makes them a collectable worth collecting. 

You can buy Hatchimals from most highstreet stores such as The Entertainer or Smyths. 

What do you think to the new Hatchimals? 


  1. Lovely, links to the sea :- Is a nice theme.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Lily looks delighted with the Hatchimals.

    Rachel Craig

  3. they look great, my daughter would love them

  4. Hatchimals, a nice gift for Easter Time / Spring Time.

    Rachel Craig

  5. My daughters not had any of the Hatchimals figures yet, Theres so many blind bag type things out there, she goes through phases so i'm sure Hatchimals will have their time lol

  6. My daughter loves these colour change one's, she puts them in the bath with her.