Thursday 4 April 2019

Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Range - Review

Sleep!! Something that we all do as babies, don't want to do when we are children, and always want to do when we are adults. 

So Baby Annabell have now brought out a sweet dreams range which is all about sleep and could possibly encourage your children to do exactly the same as their baby doll. Sleep. 

We were sent the sweet dreams range to review. This included Sweet Dreams Mia, the Sweet Dreams Rocker and the Sweet Dreams Pyjama set.

Lily was so excited when she received her Baby Annabell items. She really loves playing with her baby dolls and was really pleased to have another one join the family. 

First lets talk about the doll herself. She is called Mia and is such a cutie. She is soft bodied with harder legs and arms and head. But is perfect for giving a cuddle too. She has beautiful eyes and also her mouth has a hole for where her dummy and bottle can be placed. 
I think the cutest part about her is her outfit, super cute and soft to touch. She also comes with sweet little shoes that are easy enough for a child to be able to remove and put back on. Lily loved her new baby, she was really happy to give her lots of cuddles and feed her the bottle. As well as place in the dummy when her baby was upset. Lily is great with role play and so she knew just how to take care of her new baby. 

One thing Lily and I was both a little disappointed about was that when she laid baby Mia to sleep. She didn't close my eyes. I think this was a huge miss of a detail that should have been placed into a doll that is all about sleep. I really could not think of an explanation to tell Lily why she wasn't closing her eyes to go to sleep when she layed her in her Sweet Dreams Rocker. 

The rocker itself is such a lovely addition for a child to have with her baby dolls. It comes in the box in 3 pieces which I must say are very easy to place together. They literally just slot together and the bed is made. It already comes with a really cute lining which is soft and comfortable for the baby to be laid down onto. I think the only thing that was maybe missing from this great rocker is a blanket to cover the baby up for when she sleeps.
The best part about the rocker is its gentle swap side to side that you can make it do. Lily really enjoyed being able to do more than just put her baby to bed, by also being able to rock her to sleep. 

We used the doll as part of our bedtime routine for some nights and Lily put baby Mia to bed exactly how she gets put to bed. This also meant putting her into her Sweet Dreams Pyjamas.

The Pyjamas are so cute with really nice detail on it such as cute lamb ears that flop about. The front of the pyjamas are also fur lined like a teddy would be making them really nice and snuggly and lovely to cuddle. The set also comes with a coat hanger so if you have a wardrobe for your dollies clothing, you can hang it up. She also comes with a cute little teething ring. 

Lily really enjoyed getting her baby dressed ready for bed. She did quite well doing this by herself but did have a little help from me too. 

She settled Mia into her bed and popped her dummy in for her. Then it was time for story time which is something we always do before bed. Lily chose a book and sat beside the rocker and read Mia a story before kissing her on her head and saying goodnight. We then got her a blanket and tucked her in ready for sleep and Lily jumped into her own bed ready for sleep too. 

A sweet dreams doll is such a good way to help encourage your child to want to go to bed. I told Lily she needed to sleep so then in the morning she could get up and also get baby Mia up too. That night she went straight to sleep.

In the morning she got up and jumped into my bed with Baby Mia in her arms. It was great to see that she had remembered and wanted to carry on playing with her baby.

The Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams range can be bought from stores such as Smiths Toys and other high street stores. 

The Sweet Dreams Rocker - RRP - £29.99
Sweet Dreams Mia - £29.99

Sweet Dreams Pyjamas - RRP - £12.99 

Do you think the Sweet Dreams Range would be included into your child's bedtime routine? 


  1. HOW cute - lily looks well chuffed

  2. Yes, lovely. Sweet Dreams!

    Rachel Craig

  3. Sleep hygiene / Bedtime routinue are important aspects to consider. Preparations for sleep :- quieting down, dimming lights, snack, bath, pyjamas, tooth brushing, toilet visit, story, bed, lights out, sleep. Or something similar, which works. Little ones can get used to routinue, and may act this out in role play with their toys, expressing what they have learnt.

    Seems a good range of products / toys.

    Rachel Craig

  4. my daughter loves her baby doll, she doesnt have an annabelle but they look great

  5. Aww I love these dolls they are so lovely with the clothes and accessories

  6. Awww so cute, gutted my daughter is getting older and doesn't play with dolls much anymore.

  7. i love that it comes with so many items similar to a real baby!