Wednesday, 2 January 2019

My Year of 2018

So I did this questionnaire a year ago and so I thought it would be a nice post to do for my first post of the year. Reading through last years answers it doesn't like 2 moments since I was doing those things and writing those answers. I swear each year it goes faster and it scares me where the time is going.

Hope everyone has had a lovely 2018 and enjoyed Christmas and New Years. Here is all about my 2018! 

1. What did you do for your birthday this year? 
My Birthday is right at the start of the year on the 8th of Jan. Which means in 6 days I will turn 32 years old! Last year didn't really do anything special, just ate out and did some shopping then had a games night. I expect this year will be very simular.

2. Whats the biggest thing to happen to you this year? 

There hasn't really been many highlights this year. The year feels to have past with no major highlights. But there has been a change this year for me which I haven't wrote about on my blog and that is the break up of me and my partner. Its been over 4 months now since it happened, and so he has moved out and Lily and I are living alone. I don't like to class my self as a single parent though. Just because I am single, doesn't mean I am parenting alone and Lily's daddy does still see her plenty and do plenty. 

3. What was the biggest thing to happen for your child/children this year? 
I would say her daddy moving to his own house. Lily has had to deal with this big change and she has done brilliantly. She actually finds it really exciting that she now gets 2 houses to live in, and 2 bedrooms, and at her daddy's house she has moved into her own big bed rather than being in a toddler bed. I also must mention her birthday this year. Lily now has a ton of friends now from Nursery and so this year I had a big Birthday party for her. She loved that loads of her friends came to play and it was so nice to see her be so social. She has come on in leaps and bounds with her confidence and how social she is. 

4. Could you pick a favourite week of the year? 
As always it would be my holiday in Weymouth. Me and my partner was still together at that point and this was the first year that we had a family holiday just us. We did have a lovely week although poor Lily was poorly that week. Lucky for us that I had a second week on holiday in Weymouth and that was with my parents. You can read all about those 2 weeks here. 

5. Do you have a favourite photograph of yourself from 2017? 
Tricky to decide but I think this picture of us at Christmas would be my new favourite. It was a simple visit to father Christmas in my local town. I didn't think it would be anything special but they went all out and made a big effort. This year to my surprise Lily wasn't scared and she was absolutely amazed. It was such a special moment seeing lily enjoy visiting father christmas for the first time with no tears. It was also really nice to have a Christmas family photograph taken where both Lily and I are really happy. 

6. What was your best day out? I think it may be the day we went to Eurika museum with my brother and his girlfriend. Who Lily knows as Auntie Charlotte and loves to bits. It was really fun and also really nice to spend the day with my brother and charlotte. I know that Lily loves her uncle to bits so it was really nice seeing then play and bond that day. I must make sure that more of this happens in 2018. 

7. What is the best film you have seen this year? 
I imagine that is was probably one of the Marvel films as I don't think I have seen many this year. Although the new Johnny English film I saw was definetly a nice night and a good laugh and would have to be up their with one of the top. 

8. Is there anything you wish didn't happen this year? I don't really do regrets so no I am not looking back and saying that I wish anything didn't happen. 

9. What would you like to achieve or improve for 2018? Looking back on last years, I managed to do exactly what I wanted to achieve which was getting fit. I have been doing loads of aerial work outs which I have really loved doing over the year. So this year I plan to try and up my game a little. I need to work on my flexibility which means stretching more then the once a week I do. Also want to build more strength so then I can master the bridge. Other than fitness, I just plan to try and become happier. Doing more of the things I love like walking and photography. I really should start to try and take my camera out where ever I go. I also plan to learn to drive. I have just sent of for my provisional so I am already on track for this. 

10. How will you be celebrating/did you celebrate New Years Eve? This year we had a family night in playing games. I am not the biggest fan of new years eve and so its not something I ever go out of my way to celebrate. But it was lovely to be around my family and have some fun. 

Do you have a highlight of 2018? 


  1. A big year for you all - so many beautiful things happened this year - quite difficult to pick just one
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you

  2. Happy new year! I really love the idea of having a bit of a questionnaire for yourself to answer every year. Kind of an organised way to reflect on the things you have done. The picture of you and Lily is lovely :)

    I am sorry to hear about your relationship, but I am sure there are plenty of great tings coming this year and it is good that you're both able to spend time with your little one. Here's to more adventure and memories in 2019!

  3. It must be wonderful to have no regrets! Happy New Year!

  4. It's good to hear you enjoyed spending time in Weymouth. I don't think I've ever been there myself but I do want to see more of the UK in the near future.

  5. Happy new year to you, I'm sorry to hear about your relationship, you're very brave to mention it here. I hope 2019 brings you lots of joy x

  6. Mellissa Willians15 January 2019 at 07:59

    Such a shame to hear about you and your partner - that must have been tough! The Eurika museum sounds like a lot of fun!

  7. Sorry to hear about you and your partner - hope you're ok. Glad to hear that Lily's daddy gets up to his responsibilities it must be hard to coordinate everything for all of you.

  8. Hey hun, enjoyed the post. Sorry to hear about the split and I hope all gets better this year for you xx

  9. We loved eurika children museum it's fab

  10. Its always so much fun planning days out with family. They are the days to remember and cherish.

  11. I just love that photo from 2017 Christmas time. This was a neat post to read and a great idea.

  12. sounds like you had your ups and downs last year and have coped brilliantly, happy belated birthday x

  13. Looked like you had a very full year - and I hope you and Lily have a great 2019 x

  14. sounds like you had a great year