Tuesday 11 December 2018

Toy Storage Solutions from Maqio

Is your toy collection forever growing but space forever shrinking? That seems to be the case in my house. As a blogger one thing we do get sent a lot to review is toys (you may have noticed). So Lily actually has an entire room in my house which is full of toys, which is her dedicated play room. She also has her bedroom which toys end up living in too.

Although her play room is large in size, one thing I tend to lack is actual storage. It can be an absolute nightmare when she just has toys out everywhere and no where to tidy them away to. 

But not sure if you are aware, but toy boxes are something I have found really to be lacking on the general market. I went to tons of stores in my local town centre and didn't manage to come back with a decent toy box. 

I am sure all that I am saying is something that you can relate to. 

Well I am pleased to write you a solution to your problems. Lately I got an offer from Maqio Boxes which was going to be a great help to keeping my house a lot tidier. They wanted me to review some of their toy storage and I totally accepted feeling relieved that I may now have somewhere to place Lily's toys. 

Maqio is a toy shop and one of the things they make are toy boxes of all shapes and sizes.

They have lots of selections of different designs and so they let me have a browse on their website for which I would like.

I made some choices and they sent me out the following. 

  • Set of 4 Toy boxes - £11.69 in Unicorn print. 
  • Set of 5 Toy Boxes - £17.99 in Zoo print
  • 1 Large 50 Litre Toy Box - £8.99 in Zoo print  
  • 1 Bin in Dinosaur print - £2.99
  • 1 Christmas 22 Litre Box - £5.31

I have been really impressed with the storage selection. The different sizes mean that they can be used for all sorts. They are perfect for arts and crafts, toys, bitty toys, teddies, games, jigsaws and much more.

They are all made out of a decent plastic so they are hard wearing and can hold a decent amount of weight. I placed loads of games into my large 50 Litre box and that ended up quite heavy but the box stored them perfectly.

They all come with lids too which means that toys aren't falling out anywhere and that also they can be stacked. Which is perfect when running out of floor space. 

The lids do tend to come on and off pretty easily which I think is a positive. Last thing I want as a busy mum is Lily not being able to help herself to toys because she can't get the lids off.

So here is what I did with some of my other boxes.

The 2 smaller boxes I decided to place crayons and felt tips inside. Before now Lily used to have her crayons in a tub with no lid on, so as you can imagine they went everywhere. But the circular unicorn tub is perfect for them and the rectangular zoo box perfect for her felt tips. 

Some of the smaller boxes I have used for her Playmobil bits and Sylvanian family bits. They are perfect as I am forever finding bits on the floor from those sets and its great they are now tidied into one box.

As I mentioned earlier, the larger box I have used for games, and then the second large box that came with the set I have used for all her stuffed toys. 

Lily thought they were brilliant! She loved the designs! Especially the unicorns as that is what she is into at the moment. She has actually been playing with them as fun things to just put things in that she collects around the house. What kid needs toys???... just buy them some storage tubs!

Then we have the bin. I love the child friendly dinosaur design that comes on it. Not only that it is of a really decent size and so holds a perfect amount of rubbish in. I think it is perfect bin for a child's room and even better for the affordable price of £2.99.

I am so happy with my boxes that for sure I will be buying from Maqio Boxes in the future. In fact I have a feeling that after Christmas I will be needing some more large boxes. 

Speaking of Christmas. Maqio also have on sale some Christmas boxes!!! I love mine and will be using it to place some of Lily's presents inside when they go under the tree. Then after christmas is over I will be using it to store some of Lily's Christmas things such as her Christmas teddy, Christmas Eve box and her stockings. It is a really handy box to own at Christmas time and well worth spending £5.31 on!

So, if you are in need of storage, head over to the Maqio Boxes website now! 

Or head to their social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What would you store in these boxes? 


  1. We have so many toys and other baby related things, I’d use some for toys and some for nappies and wipes etc! They look great!

  2. These are brill
    Jigsaw Lego and books my list is endless

  3. These look great, love the unicorn print

  4. Some good ideas we have so much clutter

  5. Looks great storage

  6. Love these so colourful and lovely for storing the kids bits n bobs in

  7. I am very impressed with these storage boxes and love the designs which are perfect for children. The different sizes makes them useful for all different kinds of things, and the easy stacking makes them a real feature for any child's room

  8. i feel like toys have taken over the house