Friday 14 December 2018

Disney Princess Sing and Sparkle Ariel Review

I have loved disney since I was a child. Especially the classics. Of corse I will always remember A Little Mermaid. Such an amazing disney story about a mermaid wanting to become a human.

So when Jakks Pacific asked me if I would like to review their Sing and Sparkle Ariel I couldn't resist!

When I was younger I used to have an Ariel doll so I just loved the idea of Lily having one too.

I was so impressed with the way she looked when she arrived. She has beautiful red hair and was a really decent sized doll. Lily couldn't wait to get her opened. 

The first thing we noticed was that she has a tail filled with water and glitter. I think this is a really nice touch to her and adds a whole new mermaid element. Lily also loved that she came with a little crown that was placed on her hair.

The doll comes with batteries for the 'Try Me' mode. But they will need to be replaced at some point with 3 AAA batteries. 

She starts off in 'Try Me' mode and to make her go to play mode you simply press her seashell necklace on her chest for around 5 seconds. 

Aerial will sing her first song which may be Under the Sea. She will also say many different catch phrases. The sound from the doll is quite decent and clear and you can hear what she is saying very well. Lily loved that she was singing and was dancing with her. 

But it gets better than that, as she sings, her tail lights up and flashes different colours. 

When you need to turn her off, press and hold the button on the back of her neck for around 1 second. 

Ariel wouldn't be much of a mermaid toy if you couldn't put her in water and so luckily with this toy you can. To make her sing the second song, "Part of your World" you simply need to dip her tail into water. It looks amazing as the water lights up from the flashing tail and this is something your child will love. You can also hear her sing it really well.
You can submerge the full doll under water if you wish and this won't effect her. Though when you lift her out, water may drain from her. 

One of Lily's favourite thing to do with the doll is brush her hair. She has really decent quality hair and so it can be brushed nicely with out it going horrible and frizzy. 

Over all it is such a nice doll and Lily is really pleased with her. I have loved watching her use her imagination playing with her and making it seem like she swimming around. 

The Sing and Sparkle Ariel can be bought from Argos and is £34.99

Would your child enjoy this toy? 


  1. This is really cute, I love her tail! x

  2. She is beautiful - we'd adore ARIEL too

  3. Looks like lots of fun

  4. Aaaw! I also love Disney and Ariel is one of my favourite characters. How I wish I had gorgeous red hair like hers!

  5. Absolutely!

    Rachel Craig

  6. this looks fantastic, my daughter says Ariel is so pretty

  7. This doll looks so cute, love the eyes

  8. We actually have one of these now and my daughter loves it still!

  9. My granddaughter has one of these dolls and loves it. My daghter however is not a fan of the singing which is a bit annoying.

  10. Both my daughters love Arial! They even kept their dolls and gave them to my nieces.

  11. A really beautifully made doll. I love the classic Disney cartoons and really need to get my kids started on them. The Little Mermaid is a beautiful story. Can't believe the first time I watch it was when I was in my late teens.