Saturday 29 December 2018

Design a Friend Doll Review

Im so excited to be able to tell you all about a new doll that I absolutely love. She is a Design a Friend doll and is by Chad Valley. 

If you have read my posts before you may know I am a huge doll fan. So as soon as I laid my eyes on the Design a Friend Doll I fell in love. And I was lucky enough to be sent one to review.

I was sent Holly. 

When Holly came in the box the first thing I though was how lovely the box was. Rather than having the plastic on the front that normally lets you see the doll. It was closed into the box and the box had a beautiful design to it. I think this is so nice because it is lovely to open your box to reveal your beautiful doll. She is laid in gorgeous tissue paper and so straight away you know you have got a special doll here. 

Each Design a Friend doll has their own special character. Holly is a blogger just like me. She loves to capture memories with her friends and scrapbooking her fun days out. 

The idea behind the Design a Friend Doll is that she can become your child's best friend. Your child can then get new items of clothing and accessories for her doll and dress her how she would like. 

Holly is stunning, she has long silver hair, and an amazing fashion outfit that looks so cute on her, including shoes that can be slipped on and off. She also comes with a little bag and bracelet and bow on the side of her head. 

The thing I love about the Design a friend dolls is that they are so naturally beautiful. They aren't wearing makeup and don't have their hair in silly styles. I think this is great for girls to look at and to learn that they don't need make up to be beautiful. Also the fact that all the dolls inspire to be something. Holly dreams to one day be a famous fashion blogger. I think it is great for children to grow up and follow their dreams and what a wonderful example to see it in their new best doll friend.

The quality of her is so lovely. Her head, arms and legs are hard but she has a soft body and the plastic of her face is decent quality. Her hair is so so silky soft which has to be my favourite thing about her. But one other thing that is amazing about this doll is her eyes. The detail in them is stunning. I have not enhanced the eyes in any of the pictures and so exactly what you see in the pictures is what you get. 

I would definitely recommend the Design a Friend doll for any child who loves dolls. You won't be disappointed with the amazing quality and the beauty of them.

There are also other beautiful dolls in the collection, such as Ella who is a little girl who just loves school, or Abi who loves exploring and music. You can see more of the range and buy your very own design a friend doll from Argos

What do you like about the Design a Friend Doll? 

Photographs Taken by me @Cassie Mayers and are subject to copyright. 

Thursday 20 December 2018

5 Christmas Themed Activities

Christmas has come around so fast and already children are breaking up from Nursery and School. This means that as a parent we are all racking our brains for ideas of things to keep our children entertained over Christmas. If it's anything like this area, it is probably raining outside and so we are limited to indoor activities.

So Im here to provide you with a little bit of help and so here is a list of things you could think about doing with your children.

1. Bake Cookies

Santa is going to need a treat leaving out on Christmas morning and what's better way if making this more exciting for your children than providing him with cookies that they helped to bake. There are so many choices of what type of cookies you could bake, this year we are going to be making rainbow cookies with smarties in.

2. Making Christmas Puppets

This is a mini activity that Lily and I did last week. We made little puppets on sticks. You will need lollypop sticks, glue, card and tissue paper. First your child needs to cut a shape which will be the body and the head. Then choose what puppet you would like to do. We decided to make Father Christmas and so we got red tissue paper to make his clothing and then cotton cool for his beard and on the top of his jacket. Then Lily gave him a face. Its a great little activity that doesn't take long to do. 

3. Making your own Reindeer Dust
You can now buy reindeer dust from the shops, but you could make it even more fun for your kids by making your own. You will need oats, or if you don't have oats you could use other cereals and crush it. You will also need some different coloured glitters. Mix it all together and then you can place it into some tissue paper to make a little bag for it to be stored in until the night before Christmas. Sprinkle it out before they go to bed and you can tell your kids that santa can see the glitter and that the reindeers smell the food to know to come to your house. I also tell Lily that is helps the reindeers fly. 

4. Making Snowflakes
This activity reminds me of one that I used to do when I was a child. It is super easy to do. Fold a piece of paper in half and cut out a semi circle which when unfolded becomes a circle. Then fold it again and again. Get your child to start cutting out little shapes such as triangles and circles. Then unfold. As you unfold each later, add more little cuts into it. When you fully unfold it should look like a snow flake. I let Lily do all her own cutting and she did a great job. Then we added glitter to the snowflake and put some string on so we can hang it up. It is such a nice thing to be able to make from just the things you usually keep at home. 

5. Naughty Elf Treasure Hunt
This is a great Christmas day or boxing Day activity and it doesn't cost much to do. You will need to buy some treats, bars of chocolate and bags of sweets, little toys work very well for this. You could wrap them up, but you don't need to. Then hide them around the house. You then need to write little notes from the naughty elves giving clues to where they have been hiding the presents. It is such a fun little thing to do and adds excitement to either Christmas day or boxing day. 

Which of these Activities do you think you will try this year? 

Monday 17 December 2018

Win Discovery Pocket Microscope and Binoculars

Explore the great outdoors with the Discovery Range from Trends UK. Go for a walk with your friends and family to see if you can see where the animals are nestling! Investigate the secret life of small and large animals, hiding under stones, between leaves or buzzing through the air? Or maybe spot a bird’s nest up high! Found an interesting plant – see what it looks like up close with the illuminated microscope.
With the Discovery Binoculars and Pocket Microscope young adventurers can investigate the great outdoors.

The Discovery toy range from Trends UK range consists of different science toys which encourages exploration and adventure. Offering real working features and educational benefits, they also support the STEM curriculum.

Discovery Pocket Microscope
  • Take a closer look at the world with this hand held pocket microscope.
  • Zoom magnification and focusing controls. 40 x hand held field microscope.
  • LED illumination (button cell battery included). 
  • Comes with 2 x blank slides, 2 x static covers, 1 x cleaning cloth. 
  • Easy to take along on adventures and study items on the go.
  • This product is a STEM product
  • This can be bought from Amazon for £9.99

Discovery Binoculars & Case
  • Light & Portable child-friendly binoculars.
  • When you pick up a pair of binoculars, it's like looking through two telescopes at the same time! 
  • They are easier on the eyes than a telescope as there is less eye strain when viewing objects and scenes. 
  • Focusing is achieved by moving the central wheel on the bridge between the two eyepiece tubes. 
  • This can be bought from Amazon for £9.99.

How would you like to win both the Discovery Binoculars and the Pocket Microscope?

Enter below on the Gleam app for your chance to win! 

Win Discovery Pocket Microscope and Binoculars

Friday 14 December 2018

Disney Princess Sing and Sparkle Ariel Review

I have loved disney since I was a child. Especially the classics. Of corse I will always remember A Little Mermaid. Such an amazing disney story about a mermaid wanting to become a human.

So when Jakks Pacific asked me if I would like to review their Sing and Sparkle Ariel I couldn't resist!

When I was younger I used to have an Ariel doll so I just loved the idea of Lily having one too.

I was so impressed with the way she looked when she arrived. She has beautiful red hair and was a really decent sized doll. Lily couldn't wait to get her opened. 

The first thing we noticed was that she has a tail filled with water and glitter. I think this is a really nice touch to her and adds a whole new mermaid element. Lily also loved that she came with a little crown that was placed on her hair.

The doll comes with batteries for the 'Try Me' mode. But they will need to be replaced at some point with 3 AAA batteries. 

She starts off in 'Try Me' mode and to make her go to play mode you simply press her seashell necklace on her chest for around 5 seconds. 

Aerial will sing her first song which may be Under the Sea. She will also say many different catch phrases. The sound from the doll is quite decent and clear and you can hear what she is saying very well. Lily loved that she was singing and was dancing with her. 

But it gets better than that, as she sings, her tail lights up and flashes different colours. 

When you need to turn her off, press and hold the button on the back of her neck for around 1 second. 

Ariel wouldn't be much of a mermaid toy if you couldn't put her in water and so luckily with this toy you can. To make her sing the second song, "Part of your World" you simply need to dip her tail into water. It looks amazing as the water lights up from the flashing tail and this is something your child will love. You can also hear her sing it really well.
You can submerge the full doll under water if you wish and this won't effect her. Though when you lift her out, water may drain from her. 

One of Lily's favourite thing to do with the doll is brush her hair. She has really decent quality hair and so it can be brushed nicely with out it going horrible and frizzy. 

Over all it is such a nice doll and Lily is really pleased with her. I have loved watching her use her imagination playing with her and making it seem like she swimming around. 

The Sing and Sparkle Ariel can be bought from Argos and is £34.99

Would your child enjoy this toy? 

Wednesday 12 December 2018

Monthly Book Roundup - What we read in November

Each month I write about which books we have been reading during the month. I usually introduce Lily to 3 - 4 new books each month while at the same time reading some of our favourites. We have story time each night and always read 2-3 stories, depending on how tired she is. 

You can read all the other book roundups from the last 2 years here

For November I tried to introduce some books that had a Autumn feel to them and then Lily also chose one from our collection that she fancied reading.

This is Novembers selection.

1. Frank & Teddy make friends by Louise Yates
Lily chose this story this month and it is all about a mouse that is an inventor and he invents his very own teddy friend. Frank is always making things and he makes himself a teddy that can help him. One day when Frank is out, teddy decides to try and invent something himself especially for Frank. But instead he ends up making such a mess. Frank is so mad at him when he comes back that he kicks teddy out. He soon realises he misses his teddy friend and goes to look for him. He see's teddy in danger and saves him and they then become best of friends. This story has a great storyline to it and a nice little moral about friendship. It is definitely a nice one if thats the theme you are going for. You can buy this book online. 

2. Wolfish Stew by Suzi Moore 
I really enjoyed this story. It has a great rhyme in it and a really fun storyline about a wolf trying to hunt for a rabbit for his stew. The story goes along where you see the wolf hunting the rabbit and the story tells the rabbit to watch out for the wolf. But by the end, the wolf is having to watch out for the rabbit as the rabbit catches him for his stew instead. Such a fun book and I highly recommend it. It was definitely my favourite this month. This book can also be bought online.

3. Wakey Wakey Big Brown Bear by Tracey Corderoy 
This is a very nice autumn and winter themed book. It shows big brown bear feeling sad because he has to hibernate for the winter and he is sad he will miss out on the fun. So his wild friends all decide that they will wake him up when the fun starts. But they can't. So instead they save things like snow and crispy leaves for him so then when he wakes up he can have fun. It is a great story about kindness and friendship. I really enjoyed reading this one to Lily. I bought this book from The works but you can also get it online. 

Which of the above books do you like the sound of the best? 

Tuesday 11 December 2018

Toy Storage Solutions from Maqio

Is your toy collection forever growing but space forever shrinking? That seems to be the case in my house. As a blogger one thing we do get sent a lot to review is toys (you may have noticed). So Lily actually has an entire room in my house which is full of toys, which is her dedicated play room. She also has her bedroom which toys end up living in too.

Although her play room is large in size, one thing I tend to lack is actual storage. It can be an absolute nightmare when she just has toys out everywhere and no where to tidy them away to. 

But not sure if you are aware, but toy boxes are something I have found really to be lacking on the general market. I went to tons of stores in my local town centre and didn't manage to come back with a decent toy box. 

I am sure all that I am saying is something that you can relate to. 

Well I am pleased to write you a solution to your problems. Lately I got an offer from Maqio Boxes which was going to be a great help to keeping my house a lot tidier. They wanted me to review some of their toy storage and I totally accepted feeling relieved that I may now have somewhere to place Lily's toys. 

Maqio is a toy shop and one of the things they make are toy boxes of all shapes and sizes.

They have lots of selections of different designs and so they let me have a browse on their website for which I would like.

I made some choices and they sent me out the following. 

  • Set of 4 Toy boxes - £11.69 in Unicorn print. 
  • Set of 5 Toy Boxes - £17.99 in Zoo print
  • 1 Large 50 Litre Toy Box - £8.99 in Zoo print  
  • 1 Bin in Dinosaur print - £2.99
  • 1 Christmas 22 Litre Box - £5.31

I have been really impressed with the storage selection. The different sizes mean that they can be used for all sorts. They are perfect for arts and crafts, toys, bitty toys, teddies, games, jigsaws and much more.

They are all made out of a decent plastic so they are hard wearing and can hold a decent amount of weight. I placed loads of games into my large 50 Litre box and that ended up quite heavy but the box stored them perfectly.

They all come with lids too which means that toys aren't falling out anywhere and that also they can be stacked. Which is perfect when running out of floor space. 

The lids do tend to come on and off pretty easily which I think is a positive. Last thing I want as a busy mum is Lily not being able to help herself to toys because she can't get the lids off.

So here is what I did with some of my other boxes.

The 2 smaller boxes I decided to place crayons and felt tips inside. Before now Lily used to have her crayons in a tub with no lid on, so as you can imagine they went everywhere. But the circular unicorn tub is perfect for them and the rectangular zoo box perfect for her felt tips. 

Some of the smaller boxes I have used for her Playmobil bits and Sylvanian family bits. They are perfect as I am forever finding bits on the floor from those sets and its great they are now tidied into one box.

As I mentioned earlier, the larger box I have used for games, and then the second large box that came with the set I have used for all her stuffed toys. 

Lily thought they were brilliant! She loved the designs! Especially the unicorns as that is what she is into at the moment. She has actually been playing with them as fun things to just put things in that she collects around the house. What kid needs toys???... just buy them some storage tubs!

Then we have the bin. I love the child friendly dinosaur design that comes on it. Not only that it is of a really decent size and so holds a perfect amount of rubbish in. I think it is perfect bin for a child's room and even better for the affordable price of £2.99.

I am so happy with my boxes that for sure I will be buying from Maqio Boxes in the future. In fact I have a feeling that after Christmas I will be needing some more large boxes. 

Speaking of Christmas. Maqio also have on sale some Christmas boxes!!! I love mine and will be using it to place some of Lily's presents inside when they go under the tree. Then after christmas is over I will be using it to store some of Lily's Christmas things such as her Christmas teddy, Christmas Eve box and her stockings. It is a really handy box to own at Christmas time and well worth spending £5.31 on!

So, if you are in need of storage, head over to the Maqio Boxes website now! 

Or head to their social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What would you store in these boxes? 

Monday 10 December 2018

Win a Games Bundle In time for Christmas!

Christmas is all about giving and so I have teamed up with Tactic games to offer you an amazing games bundle to win for your kids!!!

Christmas is the best time for playing games and Tactic games has a great range of games to offer. 

In our prize selection we have the following games up for grabs! All Perfect for kids aged 5 - 7+

1. Ninja Rush 

The Sensei calls the Ninjas to practice, but these are no ordinary fighters. Each Ninja carries a sand timer and it's your job to make sure that the sand keeps running. Turn a card, move the right Ninja from one zone to another, until the Sensei card orders another player to continue.

If you can keep the Ninjas turning and the sand running in the timers until your turn is over, you can collect a Ninja star! The player who collects five Ninja stars first, wind the game! 

2. Jungle Runners
Roll three dice and choose whether to move your Elephant, Tiger or Monkey. You must get all three across the finish line before the others to claim the victory in this wild race across the jungle! A fastpaced game for children! A great play-in-the-box game concept!

3. DOSA 
Spin, toss or chuck the Dosa and try to land it – slap! – on the target boards! This brand new game is as much about style as it is about skill. Land the Dosa right and try to score the highest score! Perfect for any situation and every kind of player.

4. Cool Catch 
Move the adventurers along their paths and try to collect as many fish discs of the same kind as you can! The player who has the best total catch at the end of the game wins! Use a little bit of strategy and hope for the best to win at this adventure for the whole family! 

• Comes with high quality wooden game pieces and a polar bear. 
• The polar bear creates more excitement. 
• Exciting game play, designed by an awarded game designer!

You can see where to buy all the games on the Tactic Games website

To win this bundle of games worth nearly £80!!! Enter on any of the social media accounts below. The more places you enter the more chance you have to win. One lucky winner will be randomly chosen from all the platforms.

Terms and Conditions 
1 Winner from all platforms
Winner chosen at Random
48 Hours to claim prize
Uk Only
End Date 17th December

Good Luck!!

Saturday 8 December 2018

Guinness World Records Challenges Game Review

Playing games is something I really do enjoy doing on a night in, a rainy day, or for a celebration such as Christmas. 

So when I got offered the chance to try the new Guinness World Records Challenges Game I was happy to give it a go!

The idea of playing a game where you have to do challenges is something that really appeals to me and so I was sent one to review. 

The game is for 2 - 5 players and recommended for ages 8 and over.

Inside the box there is a board, playing pieces, a special dice, and playing cards and score board. There are also a set of instructions and a challenge manuel that explains the challenges in more detail. 

There are 3 types of card, orange challenges, purple challenges and question cards. 

You will notice on the board there is 2 spaces for the challenges, and then 2 spaces for the question cards to be split between. There is also a space in the middle for your phone to be placed. This will be used as a timer. 

After placing your cards down the game is nearly set up. All you have to do is choose the colour of your playing piece and place it on start. 

You then roll the dice, it will either land on a number or a purple or orange Guinness world record logo. If it lands on the logo then you jump straight to a challenge of that colour. 

The idea is that if you complete the challenge in the given amount of time you get to keep that card. To win the game you need to collect an orange card, a purple card and then one more card of either colour. 

If you roll the dice and land on a number, your opponent picks up a card and reads you a question. The questions are all facts about a certain world record. The number on the dice will determine which question is read and it gives you multiple choices for the answers.

I didn't get many right, as they were mostly just guesses and the thing is about world records, they generally are really random facts! But is was still fun guessing. 

After the card has been answered it goes to the bottom of the pile and the game continues to the next person. I must admit I would of loved if there was a little more incentive to the questions, like getting points or maybe it meant you got to move more spaces. Getting a question right didn't really have a reward.

The best part of the game was the challenges. They were really fun to play. The game comes with a plastic ball for one challenge but the rest you need to provide. They are all house hold objects though like socks, and paper and paperclips and so quite easy to get hold of. I managed to find everywhere that was asked for the challenges.

So what were the challenges? 

The ones I managed to win was hopping from Side to Side, doing star jumps really fast and piling up 25 coins. Some i found tricky and failed at though, like chucking cards into a box, flipping a coin from my elbow and catching it and spinning 10 coins. These all had to be done in a certain amount the times and sometimes I lost with seconds to spare. It was such a good giggle playing them though. 

There are 20 challenges in total and I do wish there was more challenges than questions in this game. I feel it would have made the game last longer and also bee more fun as I did get a little bored of answering the questions. 

But you can also change up the game a little and against an opponent you can do best time. This all gets recorded down onto the score pad. 

Over all it is a fun game and we did enjoy playing it. 

You can buy this game from Argos for £14.99 

Would you enjoy this game? 

Tuesday 4 December 2018

Kids Christmas Gift Guides

Kids Christmas Gift Guide 

We all love Christmas, but the stress of what to get our little ones is unreal! Especially with so much choice out there on the market. It can leave us not knowing what to buy, especially when walking around a HUGE toy store with shelfs stacked high with toys.

So why not have a good look through my gift guide. I have 22 toy ideas that might just be perfect for your kids! 

I have gifts ranging from the age of 2 to young teen and there is a varied amount of toys that could be perfect for boys or girls.

Hope you find some gifting inspiration in this guide below.

1. Chocolate Sprinkle Stix - RRP - £21.99 - *Buy Me Here*
Ages 6+ 
The perfect way to treat your kids to something sweet at Christmas, and not only that but they get to make them all by themselves with this sprinkle stix maker. Simply dip your stick into the chocolate put your stick into the machine and pour in some sprinkles. Press the button to see the sprinkles swirl around the dome and stick to the chocolate creating your very own yummy treat.

2. Fairy Light Garden - RRP £29.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
Ages 4+
Give the gift of magic with this ultimate Fairy Light Garden play set. With this set you can create a magical, illuminated home and garden. Grass seeds are provided so then you can grow your own grass and place around your fairy and it's home making it look however you like. Kids will love letting their imagination go wild with a new fairy to stay. Then to make it even more magical, blow on the magic candle through the fairy-house window and it will light up and play a fairy melody! 

3. Sylvanian Family Baby Castle Playground - RRP £14.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
This cute little castle playground is the perfect addition to any Sylvanian collection. It comes with rabbit baby creme chocolate who explores the castle playground. She can play in the sand, climb the ladders or slide down the slide. It is the perfect toy for helping your child's imagination grow and also who doesn't love a good playground. 

4. Fingerlings BFF - RRP £14.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
The Fingerlings BFF are best Friends Forever! They come with a mini monkey friend that can hang onto their tail or your pencil. Fingerlings are adorable baby animals that are curious about the world around them-starting with you! These interactive pets love to hang onto your finger, blink their eyes, turn their heads, blow kisses, swing by their tails,and talk in monkey babble! These dynamic duos come in a variety of colours - adopt them all and have even more fun monkeying around. 

5. Beat the Clock Stopwatch Set - RRP £17.99 - *Buy Me Here*
Test your skills and reflexes against 36 tricky but fun challenges you can complete just about anywhere. Do a blinking challenge, set up courses at the park, or see how long you can bounce a balloon without touching the ground. Can be played solo or with friends and comes with a stopwatch, a challenge book, two balloons, a pencil and a handy storage box. Speedy fun for keeping your kids entertained over Christmas!

6.  Baby Secrets Series 2 - RRP £12.99 - *Buy Me Here*
Too cute and too collectable! It's series 2 of Baby Secrets. Inside comes 2 adorable babies and one bathtub. Inside the bathtub there is a surprise of which other baby is inside! But the surprise doesn't stop there. When you wet the babies nappy, it tells you wether you have a boy or girl by the nappy turning either blue or pink! The set also comes with a fab accessory for your baby to play in. Its the perfect surprise for Christmas. 

7. Poopsie Slime Surprise - RRP £9.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
Who has slime mad kids? If you do then this could be the toy for them! Make magical, slimy unicorn poop with Poopsie Slime Surprise! With a little unicorn magic and sparkle, you can customise unicorn poop and transform it multiple times! Not playing with you slime? Store the poop slime in the collectible Poopsie keychain.
There are ten magical surprises included but can you find the ultra-rare Unicorn Sparkle?

8. Playmobil City Life Shopping Mall - RRP £70.00 - *Buy Me Here*
Ages 5-12 

Got to love a classic toy like Playmobil! This exciting City Life set is all about shopping and compromises 3 stores all in one to make one big shopping plaza. Let the characters shop until they drop with a sports shop, pet shop and fashion boutique. You child will child use their imagination with the huge amount of accessories and 3 characters that it comes with. This sure is a gift that will put a smile on a child's face on christmas morning. 

9. Lumo Stars - RRP From £12 - *Buy Me Here*
Cuddle up this Christmas with Lumo stars. This new range of plush has some new adorable creatures including this seal that will soon become your child's new best friend. Not only does your child get to snuggle with their new Lumo friend, they can also download a special app which allows the child to also look after it and play with it. On each tag is a special download code which is especially linked to your pet meaning that you get to care for the same pet you snuggle. This will be a present your child will treasure. 

10. Stabilo Power 12 Pens - RRP £3.88 - *Buy Me Here* 
Get creative this Christmas with the STABILO power felt tip pens. They come in 30 brilliant colours and fit perfectly in your pencil case. With it’s washable ink there is no need to worry if it ends up on hands or clothes. Plus, don't worry if you forget to replace the cap as their biggest benefit is the cap-off time of 8 weeks without drying out. The best bit about them is how affordable they are making them the perfect gift!  

11. Ready 2 Robot Surviver Battle Pack - RRP £19.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
The only collectible that lets you build, mix & match your own custom ‘bots, and battle your friends in a robot-brawl. Ready2Robot Battle Packs provide everything you need for the ultimate battle! Armed with 2 mechbots and 4 Pilots Asst, you'll build and battle right out of the box. Over 10 layers to unbox and 20 total pieces, so you can customise your mechbots for battles in hundreds of ways! Are you ready to Robot?? 

12. Ready 2 Robot Bot Blaster - £9.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
The Bot Blaster set is your way to getting a bot-tastic collection! Unbox more bots, build your ultimate brawler and blast your way to becoming champion! Each Bot Blaster pack includes extra weapons and accessories to build and customise your mechbots and Pilots Asst for battle. This pack Includes 1 blind packed Ready2Robot pod and 5 accessories. 

13. Squeezamals - RRP £16.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
These are the new cutest, cuddliest, and squishy toys to hit the shelves. Give them a big squeeze and breathe in as not only are they cuddly, they are also scented and so give an even better cuddle experience. You will also find that they are super soft and stroke-able too. You child will not want to put there Squeezamal down. With a mixture of designs to choose from, they make the cutest gift for your child this year. 

14. Glam Goo Fantasy Pack - RRP £15.00-  *Buy Me Here*
Ages 6+
This is the perfect combination of slime and fashion. Take the slime, add some sparkles and turn it into gorgeous jewellery and accessories that you can wear and show off to your friends. Each pack comes with all you need to get started! It makes the perfect gift for any fashionesta who also loves slime.  

15. LOL Surprise Under Wraps - RRP £14.99 - *Buy Me Here*
This special eye spy series has 15 new surprises for you to unwrap. Unbox the special eyeglass to find codes and unlock special surprises. 
The doll provided is dressed in a mystery disguise, unbox each layer to discover who she will become! The disguise becomes multiple fashion accessories! Then you can mix and match outfits with your other LOL Surprises for tons of new looks! It is the perfect gift for any LOL Surprise collector. 

16. Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack - RRP £15.00 - *Buy Me Here*
Ages 3+
Create your very own miniature adventure world with Gelli Worlds! Each pack comes with a tray that you can fill with your very own made jelly. Then you use the little characters to make your own scene. In the Fantasy pack you get fairy's and unicorns but there is also a Dinosaur pack which you can make your own dinosaur scene with. The perfect way to get messy and creative this Christmas. 

17. Mechanics Gravity Shoot and Catch - RRP £70.00 - *Buy Me Here* 
Ages 7+
Mechanics Gravity is a completely innovative play system which will expand expands your concept of play. With it you can have fun and play with the invisible forces of gravity and magnetism, whilst building incredible moving structures. 
The system is made up of magnetic rods, steel spheres and elements of different shapes such as cylinders, bearings and modular parts. When assembled correctly, you can use the force of gravity to create chain reactions for never-ending fun. With over 200 pieces, it is sure to keep your child fixated and entertained for Christmas. 

18. Mermaid Dress up Tail - RRP £12.95 - *Buy Me Here* 
Mermaids are currently in, and why not! Who wouldn't want to be a mermaid! With this cool dress up tail from Pretend To Be, your child will have fun using their imagination pretending to be a mermaid. Attached with a simply Velcro fastening it is easy for your child to get on and off by themselves. Give your child the gift of pretend play this Christmas.

19. Num Noms Starter Pack Series 5 - RRP £9.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
Num Noms Series 5 are out! And if you haven't gotten any yet, you will want to get your hands on a pack. These little scented collectables smell so yummy and are so much fun to collect, stack them, and then play with them using the accessories. They also come with a special scented lipgloss or nail varnish in the pack. Your child will love discovering these at Christmas. 

20. Wow Toys Robins Medical Rescue - RRP £32.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
Ages 1-5years
Wow Toys are the unbreakable toy that will last your child years. This Medical Rescue set includes an ambulance, 2 figures and a stretcher and wheelchair. Your child will love using their imagination to play doctors and have the ambulance rush to the scene of the Emergency. The truck makes a real engine sound and parents will be happy to know it doesn't need any batteries. This toy provides hours of fun with the sliding doors and ramps and medical scene inside the ambulance. Christmas is sure to be exciting with this new toy! 

21. My Coffee Machine - RRP £22.80 - *Buy Me Here* 
Ages 2+
Wooden toys are simply lovely when it comes to Christmas presents and this Coffee machine is no exception. Pretend to make coffee with this machine with a turning handle, button on the top and amazing accessories such as a wooden cup, sugar jar, milk and coffee pod. Let your child's imagination run wild as they serve you your Christmas coffee on Christmas morning after opening this present! 

22. Learning Resources Cash Register - RRP £36.00 - *Buy Me Here*
This lifelike cash register is perfect gift for any child who loves to role play. With realistic looking money, bank card and a drawer that goes "Cha-Ching" when used, your child is sure to feel like they own their very own shop. Not only that but it also has a working calculator so your child is learning at the same time as playing. Great toy for their imagination to grow and grow.

Which of the above toys catches you eye for your little one?