Saturday 10 November 2018

Orchard Toys Giraffes in Scarves Review

I am happy to share with you another wonderful game from Orchard Toys that we have been sent to review.

It's called Giraffes in Scarves and is perfect for children aged 4 to 7.

The game is all about counting and colour matching and the winner is the one who can collect the most scarves on their giraffe.

In the box there is -

1 Colour Dice
1 Instruction Leaflet

6 Base Boards
6 Head Cards
24 Neck Cards 

The base cards all show the lower part of the Giraffes body. Each player has to select a base card each. Lily and I both decided to have 2 base cards each.

After choosing your base cards you then need to put the base cards your not playing with to the side. As well you need to find the matching head and also put these to the side.

On the neck cards, there is a picture of a neck on one side, and a coloured circle on the other. 

All the neck cards need to be placed neck picture side down so only the colours are showing. Also the head cards need to be placed down also. 

The youngest player gets to start. So in this case, Lily beats me by far and gets to take the first roll. As she rolls a colour, she then needs to find this colour circle on the card and turn it over. If she has a picture of a neck, this can then be placed on the giraffe. The necks may have anything from 0 to 3 scarves on. 

The idea is to keep turning over the cards turn by turn to add more necks to the Giraffe. But mixed into the neck cards are also the head cards and so if you turn over your giraffes head card you must put it on your giraffe and then that is your giraffe finished.

If you pick up another players head card, you can also finish off their giraffe which stops them from putting more scarves onto it.

When everyone has a full built giraffe they all count up the scarves and the one with the most wins. 

Me and Lily had so much fun with this game and I ended up winning with having the giraffe with a ridiculously long neck.

As always I would really rate this game. It is of the highest quality, fully educational and also the characters are so child friendly. I really love the design of the giraffes who are pulling funny faces on most cards.

This game can be played from 2 to 6 players and retails at £7.75 

Head to the Orchard Toys website to find out more about it or to buy it. 

Would your little one enjoy this game? 


  1. Yes I am sure Arlo would enjoy this game, fun and educational

  2. Orchard games are so much fun my daughter always plays with hers xxx

  3. Sounds a fun game and most children love giraffes .

  4. Yes. Seems good fun.

    Rachel Craig

  5. Looks like a great fun, colourful game.

    Rachel Craig

  6. this looks like a wonderful game, my niece would love it

  7. Seems a great way for children to learn to count, whilst having fun playing a great game.

    Rachel Craig

  8. I think my 6 year old twins would love this game thank you for sharing your thoughts opinions and the game

  9. We love orchard toy games

  10. Orchard toys always have such lovely ideas for games and they are really good quality too

  11. I bought this for our 3 1/2 year-old granddaughter for Christmas, and we had lots of fun playing it with her. In addition we tested out her counting skills by making the longest giraffe we could, and had her count the scarves. A great game for pre-schoolers.