Wednesday 28 November 2018

Glimmies Polaris Review

Lots of toys all have the collectable factor about them now, but i'm excited to find one that has a huge difference! They are called Glimmies and they light up! 

They are so adorable, and I knew that Lily would agree. We were sent a few packs of these to review.

Im not sure Lily has ever really seen Glimmies before and so when she saw them she was really excited to find out more about what they were. The Polaris series are little polar themed sets which is lovely as we are heading into the winter months. 

These figures are so cute, they have adorable little expressions on their faces and remind me of having a little fairy pet you can keep in your hand. Each one is a different colour and looks slightly different to the other. 

But what else do Glimmies do and how do you make them light up? Switch on the switch on the top of the head and blow, a sensor picks this up and makes your Glimmie's tummy light up. To kids this is quite magical and Lily was amazed that a simple blow got them working. 

It was really nice to have something different to make the toy light up, rather than pressing a button, the blow really adds a new play factor in there.

Then what makes them even cooler, each time you blow, the light changes colour. So you could make your Glimmie glow pink, blue, green, yellow... there are lots of colour choices.

Another cute factor of this toy is how nice they work for bedtime. They are lovely for putting in your child's room for them to glow and make them feel dreamy and safe. And after a shirt while they turn them self off so you don't have to worry about wasting batteries when you child is asleep. I do find they they actually don't stay on long enough and maybe an option for them to be able to do this would have been nice.

There are different sets you can buy. A double pack, a triple pack and also there are playsets. 

One of the playsets we were sent was a glimgloo which is a Glimmies version of a igloo. Your Glimmie stands inside this and makes the glimgloo glow. There is a little window on the front which you can also open and be able to see your Glimmie through, which I think is a nice way to display it. Inside the glimgloo there is 2 plastic bits that stick into the 2 plastic holes in the Glimmies feet. I did find this very hard myself to push the Glimmie onto and Lily couldn't do it unfortunately. 

But the thing Lily enjoyed doing the most was making them light up and then using her imagination to act out little scenes with them. Which was really cute to see. They were a definite hit with her. 

The 3 packs come as a RRP off - 

Glimmies Double Pack - £8.99
Glimmies Triple Pack - £12.99
Glimmies Glimgloo - £8.99

These would make such a lovely gift for Christmas, especially with the winter theme of the toy. 

If you are interested in picking up some Glimmies for your little ones, you can buy some here

What do you think to the Glimmies Polaris Series? 


  1. Super idea for a Christmas present!

  2. These are so cute! Lovely idea for a Christmas gift. Thanks for the review!

  3. Bright and colourful, appealing.

    Rachel Craig

  4. These are beautiful - so cheery

  5. Collectable toys seem to be popular nowadays.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Variety in package sizes, and prices can make a toy (series) more accessible / affordable / appealing.

    Rachel Craig