Friday 30 November 2018

Mens Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Mens Christmas Gift Guide 2018 

Wether its for your Dad, Brother, Husband, Boyfriend or Grandad, you will all be on the hunt for gifts for Christmas. But I find that men are the hardest to buy for. Especially Dads and Grandads. So here is a gift guide sharing some gifts that I think are perfect for the men in your life! Wether you want to spend a little or a lot there are some great gift ideas for all budgets listed here.

Or you may be a guy reading this, and in that case you may want to pop some of these gifts into your christmas wish list. 

Enjoy looking through these items and I hope they give you some Christmas gift inspiration.

1. British Beer 4 Beer Gift Set - RRP 19.95 - *Buy Me Here*

This Christmas why not bring the pub to you with your very own little pub gift box! The Best of British Beer all Inside your own home. All you do is Open up the pub to find 4 brilliantly selected beers. This is a prefect present for a beer lover in the family. 

2. Hangry Mug - RRP - £5.99 - *Buy Me Here*

Do you get angry when your hungry? Or do you know someone who gets Angry when Hungry? If you do then this is the perfect Mug for you! Hangry is the new word for being hungry and angry at the same time and is often heard around the office. Remind you of anyone? If so this is the perfect gift for them this Christmas!  

3. Chocolate Pizza - RRP £11.99 - *Buy Me Here*

Pizza or Chocolate this Christmas? Why not have both! This yummy treat is made from the finest Belgian chocolate, fudge, brownie pieces and white chocolate shavings. This yummy pizza makes a superb gift for anyone this Christmas. After all everyone knows that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

4. Scrawl - RRP £25.00 - *Buy Me Here*

This adult doodling and caption-writing party game is a must have for any Christmas game nights! Simply start by drawing a loaded phrase (e.g. Monkey Knife Fight) and passing it round the group. By the time your delightful drawing is interpreted by your friends’ twisted minds, things might of taken a turn for the worst. Then it's most grins wins.

5. Personalised Whisky Glasses - RRP £34.90 - *Buy Me Here*

Here is something special for the Whisky drinkers. Crystal cut engraved Whisky glasses! With the special touch of being personalised with either your name or your loved ones name on. Or you can even write a special Whisky message for them as you can use up to 60 characters on each glass. This is a special gift that not only will be used to drink the finest whisky's from, but also perfect to be displayed in a cabinet in the gorgeous blue silk lined box they come in. 

6. Host your own Pub Quiz Trivia Game - RRP £21.99 - *Buy Me Here* 

Can't make the pub quiz this Christmas? No problem! You can now play at home with this Pub Quiz Trivia Game. 
It's the traditional pub quiz you can play in the comfort of your own home! The game comes complete with 2,000 questions covering all your favourite subjects, including TV & Film, Sports & Pastimes, Science & Nature, Food & Drink, Arts & Literature, History, Places & Music.

7. Jack Wills Travel Wash Bag - RRP £25.00 - *Buy Me Here*

This Luxury Travel Bag it truly is a great gift for the gym frenetic or the sight seer In your family.
It's constructed in a soft woven fabric with the signature rubberised Jack Wills logo situated on the front in black and white. There is a zip entry to the spacious main compartment and an elasticated pouch pocket design on the interior. It also has a soft rubber touch fabric carry handle at one end.
You will soon be known as the stylish one among your friends with this little beauty.

8. Gillette Mach 3 Limited Edition Razor - RRP £17.99 - *Buy Me Here*

The limited edition Gillette Mach3 gift box set has a sleek design and a razor stand for an elevated shaving experience. Inside, you'll find a limited edition Mach3 chrome handle razor and razor stand. The limited edition Mach3 razor fits all Mach3 blade refills.
Give him the best gift a man could ask for over Christmas, a smooth kissable face for when their waiting under the mistletoe.

9. Karasuba-Iro Ramen Bowl Set - RRP £39.50 - *Buy Me Here*
These gorgeous glossy black Japanese Ramen bowls with a grey speckled finish are the ideal present for and food fanatics. Using the Ramen recipe booklet you get a brief introduction to how to cook Japanese Ramen. You'll have all the recipes you need to become a Ramen expert at home! It also comes with 2 Japanese wooden spoons to eat your Ramen in style.
10. Copper Stone Pans - RRP from £19.99 - *Buy Me Here*
These copper stone pans really are the ideal present to any food lover or healthy eating fanatic this Christmas.
As we already know cooking without the need to add any fat or oil makes meals healthier and cleaning-up quicker. But Copper Stone Pans heat up faster too, stay hotter for longer and cook more evenly, giving you the perfect non-stick experience on any kind of hob.

11. Dash Cam - RRP £49.00 - *Buy Me Here*

Nextbase Dash Cam 112 offers the ultimate in convenience to resolve any Christmas driving mishaps. With a HD video it helps to provide you with instant evidence to support insurance claims. So your not only giving a loved one a gift your giving them peace of mind!

Will you be buying any of these as gifts this year?

Would you want to put any of these on your Christmas List? 

Thursday 29 November 2018

Women's Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Women's Christmas Gift Guide 2018 

Wether it be our Sister, Wife, Girlfriend, Mother, Best friend or Grandma we will all be looking for gifts for the ladies in our life about now. Sometimes it really is impossible to think of things to get. Especially when she is the women who owns everything. So here are 12 ideas that you may want to think about treating your loved one too.

Or you may be a women reading this guide and spot something you like yourself. It is never to late to pop something onto your Christmas list!

Hope you enjoy looking through these products and hope you find the perfect gift for the lady in your life. 

1. Weird Things Humans Search for The Game - RRP £20 - *Buy Me Here* 
A fun game to keep you and your guests giggling during your Christmas celebrations. With all the popular but weird searches on the internet picked out your left with a great party game!
Your given the first half of a popular internet search, then you choose the rest. The higher your guess ranks on the list, the more points you’ll win for your team. 

2. The English Drinks Company Gin Gift Set - RRP £18 - *Buy Me Here*
With this Gin gift box your only a bottle of tonic away from your perfect Christmas. It Includes 5cl bottles of delicious Gin in flavours of refreshing Cucumber, Pink and Orangery Gins. This is the ideal gift for keeping the Gin lovers in the family happy and perfect for Christmas celebrations

3. Happy Linen Christmas Throw - RRP £15.00 - *Buy Me Here* 
This beautiful Christmas themed blanket has a luxurious feel that will leave you unable to stop stroking it. Perfect for snuggling under while watching a Christmas film and something you can keep and get out for Christmases to come. 
Not only is this blanket for warmth and comfort it makes a great xmas decoration for you room when placed over the sofa. It makes the perfect gift for that member of the family that is always cold. 

4. Grow Happy, Cook Happy, Be Happy Cook Book - RRP £20 - *Buy Me Here* 
Grow Happy, Cook Happy, Be Happy is packed with practical gardening advice, cookery tips and mouth-wateringly easy-to-make recipes. Is there anything quite so satisfying as growing your own produce in your own garden and then using it to make a delicious home-cooked meal for family and friends around the Christmas period. This makes the perfect gift for all your green fingered family and friends.

5. Monogamy Game - RRP £24.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
Monogamy Game for Couples A Hot Affair… With Your Partner!
Light the festive candles and close the curtains and prepare for the steamiest Christmas ever. Monogamy is the naughty board game for couples that will revolutionise your relationship and take it to new fun heights. With three progressively racier levels and over 390 ideas and actions to perform, this is a good excuse to stay in side on the cold winter nights.

6. Barefoot Bubbly Pinot Grigio - RRP £8.50 - *Buy Me Here* 
Who doesn't enjoy the gift of bubbly at Christmas. This affordable Sparkling Pinot Grigio wine is the perfect gift to put a little fizz into someone Christmas. It is perfect for celebrations, toasts and even to go along side the Christmas dinner. With flavours of zesty citrus and blossom aromas its sure to go down a treat. 

7. Personalised Christmas Plate - RRP £14.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
This is a prefect gift for Christmas. A truly personalised present ideal for serving up Christmas food for the family on. 
This beautiful white ceramic plate features cute animals and your choice of name. All printed on the front making it a keep sake for life.

8. Personalised Glass Candle Holder - RRP £21.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
This beautiful handmade Bubble Base Candle Holder features a 'Christmassy and Fabulous' design, a perfect gift for Christmas that can also be used as a decoration for years to come. This is a truly meaningful gift giving that personalised touch of having your loved ones name added to it.

9. Women's Buff Winter Hat - RRP £32.26 - *Buy Me Here* 
When your wrapping warm this year why don’t you opt for a stylish slouch hat or it makes the perfect gift for keeping your loved ones warm this winter. With an eye popping colourful wool outer and a warm cosy fleece inner lining you wont want to take this hat off!!

10. Heart and Home Christmas Candles - RRP Large £14.99, Small £6.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
These stylish candles are embodied with warming notes of clove and cinnamon or a sweet spicy nutmeg and ground ginger. 
You can fill your home with memorable warm Christmas Holliday scents that will be lovely and inviting for guests. They make the perfect gift for some one who just loves to fill their homes with Candles at Christmas time. 

11. Kangoo Hot Bag - RRP  £39.99 - * Buy Me Here*
This rechargeable hot water bottle that takes all the benefits of a traditional hot water bottle to another level. With comfort and convenience in mind.
This Hot Bag never needs re-filling. With a simple charge its ready to keep you warm all through out the winter period. All your aches and pains can be soothed so you can enjoy Christmas with your family and friends. 

12. STABILO Metallic Pens - RRP £14.34 - *Buy Me Here* 
The STABILO Pen 68 metallic comes in five metal shades that will add that special shimmer to all of your creations – whether its christmas cards, thank you cards, or getting creative over the Christmas period. These make the perfect gift for the artistic people in your life. These pens don’t only write on paper and  can be used on further smooth surfaces such as metal and film and is smudge-proof after drying.

Do you think you will be buying any of the above gifts for someone you know?

Would you yourself like any of the gifts shown in this gift guide? 

Wednesday 28 November 2018

Glimmies Polaris Review

Lots of toys all have the collectable factor about them now, but i'm excited to find one that has a huge difference! They are called Glimmies and they light up! 

They are so adorable, and I knew that Lily would agree. We were sent a few packs of these to review.

Im not sure Lily has ever really seen Glimmies before and so when she saw them she was really excited to find out more about what they were. The Polaris series are little polar themed sets which is lovely as we are heading into the winter months. 

These figures are so cute, they have adorable little expressions on their faces and remind me of having a little fairy pet you can keep in your hand. Each one is a different colour and looks slightly different to the other. 

But what else do Glimmies do and how do you make them light up? Switch on the switch on the top of the head and blow, a sensor picks this up and makes your Glimmie's tummy light up. To kids this is quite magical and Lily was amazed that a simple blow got them working. 

It was really nice to have something different to make the toy light up, rather than pressing a button, the blow really adds a new play factor in there.

Then what makes them even cooler, each time you blow, the light changes colour. So you could make your Glimmie glow pink, blue, green, yellow... there are lots of colour choices.

Another cute factor of this toy is how nice they work for bedtime. They are lovely for putting in your child's room for them to glow and make them feel dreamy and safe. And after a shirt while they turn them self off so you don't have to worry about wasting batteries when you child is asleep. I do find they they actually don't stay on long enough and maybe an option for them to be able to do this would have been nice.

There are different sets you can buy. A double pack, a triple pack and also there are playsets. 

One of the playsets we were sent was a glimgloo which is a Glimmies version of a igloo. Your Glimmie stands inside this and makes the glimgloo glow. There is a little window on the front which you can also open and be able to see your Glimmie through, which I think is a nice way to display it. Inside the glimgloo there is 2 plastic bits that stick into the 2 plastic holes in the Glimmies feet. I did find this very hard myself to push the Glimmie onto and Lily couldn't do it unfortunately. 

But the thing Lily enjoyed doing the most was making them light up and then using her imagination to act out little scenes with them. Which was really cute to see. They were a definite hit with her. 

The 3 packs come as a RRP off - 

Glimmies Double Pack - £8.99
Glimmies Triple Pack - £12.99
Glimmies Glimgloo - £8.99

These would make such a lovely gift for Christmas, especially with the winter theme of the toy. 

If you are interested in picking up some Glimmies for your little ones, you can buy some here

What do you think to the Glimmies Polaris Series? 

Tuesday 27 November 2018

Top Kids Games for Christmas

I think Christmas is one of the best times to play games with the family. For us its a family tradition that after Christmas dinner the board games come out and we all challenge each other while having a few drinks and a good giggle. But playing games at Christmas doesn't just have to be for the adults. There are so many amazing games for kids out there and I expect that most of us big kids will enjoy playing the games with them too. 

They make the perfect gift to give a child at Christmas, we always end up around relatives house and so a child having a new board game to play is a really handy thing to have to keep them entertained while things like the Christmas dinner is being made. 

So here is my Top Games for Christmas list compiled of lots of new games released this year. I hope that you find some nice ideas for games your children may enjoy. 

1. What a Performance - RRP £16.50 - *Buy Me Here* 
Age 5+, 2+ Players 
Be a star in this all - action game of family fun. Roar like a tiger, Pretend to eat spaghetti, Pull your funniest face. This family favourite has been given a fresh redesign and new improved gameplay. With over 300 fun challenges to perform it is sure to create smiles and laughter when played at Christmas. It’s the perfect game to get the family together to play. Race your way around the performance board to be the first player or team to reach the finish

2. Igloo Mania - RRP £19.99 - *Buy Me Here*
Age 5+, 2-4 Players
Igloo Mania is a must have game this Christmas!
Can you keep cool with a steady hand? This is a really fun addictive game to take your kids away from there computer's and get them sat down playing a game. The tension runs high as you try to stop Parka Pete from falling to his feet - straight through the igloo! 
You play the game with cute ice picks to pull out the ice blocks, all with out Parka Pete knowing.  Don't be the person who lets him fall. If you do you lose and Parka Pete will have to start his igloo all over again.

3. Paddington Spot the Difference - RRP £7.99 - *Buy Me Here*
Age 8+, 1+ Players 
Follow the adventures of Paddington by playing this spot the difference game. View two seemingly identical images, but just like his adventures all is not what it seems! Test your skills and see how many of the 5 or 10 differences you can find! It`s a race against your opponent, be the first to shout stop and win the round. The quickest eyes will win the game! Including scenes from the movie and over 80 tasks this game is sure to keep you glued to your seat as if you had spilt marmalade.

4. Dino Dump - RRP £9.99 - *Buy Me Here*
A speedy card game about dinosaurs and poo! What more could you want? 
Dino Dump is a super-fun game for kids, based on the classic adult card game, S**thead.
The name has been made more child friendly and there have been some cheeky dinosaurs added. It is now much easier to learn – plus, there's a bunch of scratch-n-sniff dino-poo forfeit stickers included, just to make things interesting. There is so much fun to be had with this game and it is a must have for Christmas. 

5. Baffled - RRP £19.86 - *Buy Me Here*
Age 8+, 2-4 Players 
Do you have the memory of an Elephant. Put it to the test in this fun family game. In just 60 seconds you must memorise the position of the twelve symbol tiles… BUT prepare to be Baffled as the symbols constantly swap and change positions around the board during game play!
Baffled is cleverly designed so that children and adults have an equal chance of winning. Fun for all the family, who can survive on the Baffled board the longest… will it be YOU?

6. Whats in the Box? - RRP £12.99 - *Buy Me Here*
It’s the game of 21 questions - but with physical objects. Hunt around the house, secretly hide something in the wooden box then get all the other players to try and guess what you’ve hidden. This game is sure to provide lots of laughter and giggles as players guess the objects wrong. For added fun there is a pack of picture cards included so that you can hide the unhideable; the Statue of Liberty or a cruise ship for example! Fun for all the family!

7. Journey into Space - RRP £13.39 - *Buy Me Here* 
Age 4+, 2-6 Players
In this simple but addictive game, roll the dice, and check the number and colour on your Astro board. The aim of the game is to try to mark each spaceship’s trail with planet tokens and be the one who shouts “Blast off” first. This modern classic keeps the players on their toes right to the end and buckles you in for an action packed adventure. With an adventure book inside, it really brings this game to life.

8. Ocean Explorers - RRP £12.99 - * Buy Me Here*
Age 4+, 2-6 Players
Roll the big wooden dice and turn over one of the puzzle pieces on the table. Try to find the right pieces for your marine puzzle, while keeping an eye on what the other players find. Focusing on matching and memory It’s an easy-to-learn game for the youngest players! The aim of the game is to be the first to complete your puzzle making it a perfect combination of luck and memory to keep you hooked over Christmas. Use the Adventure book provided along side the game to dive deep into your imagination and become an ocean explorer.

9. Dosa - RRP £19.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
Age 9+, 1+ Player
DOSA is a fun really competitive game that can be played alone or with friends and family. 
You can spin, toss or chuck the Dosa and try to land it slap bang in the middle of the target!  
It's time to settle the family rivals around Xmas on who is the best at board games!

10. Jungle Runners - RRP £17.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
Age 5+, 2-4 Players 
With just a roll of the three dice you choose which character to move. You must get all three across the finish line before your rivals to claim the victory in this fun game! It’s a fast-paced game for children which is sure to keep them excited and focused on the game. Unlike most board games this game does not lay flat on your table and instead pops up into a 3D layout with a great play-in-the-box game concept!

11. Lets Play Choco - RRP £9.99 - *Buy Me Here*
Age 3+, 2-4 Players
With a simple shake the dice the hunt begins to find a cherry or a peanut! Remember to keep an eye on what the other players find, too, because it might help you find what you’re looking for. The player with the most peanuts and cherries at the end of the game wins! The game is a chocolaty twist on a classic memory game and the kids will enjoy stacking up their pile of chocolate. With its compact size it makes the perfect travel game to take round to play at relatives during the Christmas period.  

12. BINGO - RRP £19.99 - *Buy Me Here*
Age 6+, 2+ Players 
Who can resist the classic game of Bingo?
With this high quality made game with a steel cage it's the perfect addition to a games night. Kids will love turning the handle and watching all the balls go round. Be the first to get all of your numbers and shout out BINGO! It is the perfect get together family game for Christmas. 

Which of these games do you like the sound of the best?
Will you be buying any of these for Christmas? 

Saturday 24 November 2018

Fugglers Review - Adopt at your own Risk!

If you know me at all, you will know I love anything that is weird and wonderful, different and freaky! Thats why as soon as I spotted Fugglers I knew that they were made especially for me. (They were right???) 

So now I am hearing you say, What on earth is a Fuggler??

Lets see, they are a little tricky to describe. They are cute, and cuddly, but dare I say they bite?

Fuggler stands for Funny, Ugly Monster. They are made by Spin Master and they are all looking to be adopted into horrible forever homes! They are aimed at children 4+ and as I still concider myself a big child, they are perfect for me.

I knew I had space in my home to adopt a couple so Spin Master happily (and I mean happily, as they needed rid of these chaotic monsters) sent me two to review.

And here they are.....

Fugglers (unhappily) arrive in a cardboard box. As you can see from their faces they disapproved at being shoved into a cardboard box and so there is a warning label on the front which says Do Not Shake Box, and also Adopt At Your Own Risk.

I am quite a risky person so I must say that I was quite happy to adopt these cute little monsters and so opened the box to let my Fugglers out. They even came with a certificate of adoption which pleased me to know that they were mine. You can also head to the website to register your Fuggler for official adoption.

So my first impression of a Fuggler. First I had to try and keep him still to grab a good look at him, he was definetly excited to be out of the box and was twitching all over the place to be let loose. 

The first little one that I let out was yellow, he had big button eyes and horns. The thing you notice about him the most is his enormous teeth. It was a risky move as I could of gotten bitten but I decided to have a good feel of those peggies and wow they feel like real human teeth. I must admit I am super impressed with them and they really do help give the Fuggler that Fugly look! 

The second little one I let out the box was a little less toothy but still had some of those like life teeth in its mouth. But the thing I loved the most about this one was its eyes. There vacant squinty glass eyes make them look so real and so freaky. Though of corse I mean freaky in a good way! This little blue one also has a cute bushy tale which makes you want to give it a cuddle. But just be careful because catch it in the wrong mood and cuddling it may be the last thing your hands do! 

One thing fugglers like to do is get out and about. Leave them in your home for to long and they will just trash the place! So just like when you have a pet dog and need to take it for walks, you need to take Fugglers for little outings so they can run free and cause some mischief. 

So I decided to take these out for a little trip to my friends work place. Im not 100% sure if this was a good idea or a bad idea yet as my friend is a blacksmith and has all sorts of dangerous tools around and before I knew it they were playing with hammers and having fun with flames! It wasn't long before I got them back into the box before they decided to try burn down my friends unit.

But don't get me wrong, as much as these guys cause havoc. I am so happy to have adopted myself some Fugglers and I have fallen in love with them. In fact I love them so much that since Spin Master sending me these 2 monsters, I have adopted myself a third. I can see myself having a house full of them.

Also Lily was super happy to have them join the family and has been happily making them pretend cups of tea and giving them cuddles. They are actually very child friendly. 

So if you are looking to raise something a different then Fugglers may just be the thing for you. 

To be able to find your perfect Fuggler, head to the Fuggler Website and have a look at who you could adopt.

What do you think to Fugglers? Would you like to adopt one? 

Thursday 22 November 2018

Lily's 4th Birthday Giveaway - Taste N Tell Discovering Fruit and Veg Books

It is day 4 of Lily's Birthday Giveaways and Reviews and today I have 2 chances to win!

Taste N Tell are offering 2 lucky winners one of their Taste N Tell Discovering Fruit or Discovering Veg books.

Taste 'n' Tell is designed to help encourage your child to eat healthily, and to promote communication, reading and learning. Use the unique REAL (Reading Eating and Learning) system to read along with your child, and enjoy together their journey with the Taste 'n' Tell characters.

The scientifically proven REAL (Reading • Eating • Learning ) System™ has three key components designed to help you and your child tackle early reading, eating and learning.

The REAL Platform
The Platform consists of three components:
1. The wipe clean base
2. The removable pod/container
3. The book

Inside each book there is a picture of the food, a picture of the food chopped up and then some writing about the food shown as an example.

The idea is to place that fruit inside the pod/container and let the child discover the food and want to try it.

Inside each book there is also a reward chart and stickers which also encourages your child to try the new food.

If you want to read more about Taste N Tell then head to the website or read my review on Discovering Fruit here

2 Lucky winners now have the chance to take this home. First person drawn will get a choice if they would like Veg or Fruit and the second person drawn will get the remaining book.

For your chance to WIN enter on the gleam app below. 

How would you like another chance to win? Head to Taste N Tell's facebook page and you can enter to win a twin book pack with both books inside! Link to the competition is on the gleam app below and gives you 5 extra entries into my competition! It's Win Win so what are you waiting for? 

Win a Taste N Tell Book

Wednesday 21 November 2018

Lily's 4th Birthday Review and Giveaway - Soggy Doggy's Friends

It's the third day of Lily's birthday Reviews and Giveaways and today we have a toy that Lily has fallen in love with. 

Soggy Doggy's Friends by John Adams Toys.

Lily loves dogs, though is a little unsure of real ones just yet. Lily has seen the Soggy Doggy's Friends advert on the Tv and each time she does she always says "aww I want that". So when John Adams Toys offered me Soggy Doggy to review I was very interested in doing so.

As soon as Lily saw it she was so excited and said "awww sooooo cute!". Lily is so kind and caring and so she couldn't wait to start taking care of her Soggy Doggy.

Soggy Doggy is originally a character from a table top game and so the friends range is the doggy alone to play with. There is Dizzy and Daisy and they both come displayed in a open box so then you can have a feel of his textured body.

We was sent Dizzy who comes with a red collar and lead.

He is so cute, I love his little tongue that sticks out and his adorable puppy dog eyes.

The texture of Soggy Doggy is quite strange and at first Lily went urghh as she touched it but she soon got used to the feel of it and learnt to love it.

Soggy Doggy needs 3 AAA batteries and these are placed on the bottom of him. You will need a screwdriver to be able to open and place in the batteries.

On the bottom there are also 2 little feet which means that your soggy doggy is able to walk.

After we popped in some batteries and turned him on he started to bark. To activate his walking you need to press the button which is on his back, then he will walk in a wiggling sort of manner. Lily was delighted and squealed in excitement. She grabbed hold of his lead and started to walk with him around the house.
He actually moves quite fast which I think is great because it means that your child never has to start dragging the toy along.

Even as an adult I think that soggy doggy is very cute and I was enjoying watching Lily walking around with him.

Soggy Doggy also sleeps and makes a snoring sound as he does. He also loves cuddles, which Lily loves to provide for him.

I am really pleased with the Soggy Doggy Friend and if your child loves dogs then it really is something that they would love.

Soggy Doggy retails at £14.99 and is aimed for children 4+

Head to the John Adams website to find out more about Soggy Doggy's Friends

To celebrate Lily's 4th Birthday, John Adams has kindly offered me a Soggy Doggy Friend for someone to win.

Enter on the Gleam app below for your chance to win.

Head to my other competitions to see more of Lily's 4th Birthday giveaways.

Win a Soggy Doggy

Tuesday 20 November 2018

Lilys 4th Birthday Giveaway - Baby Love Holly Doll and Doctor Set

If you read my Birthday write up a few days ago you would notice that one of Lily's favourite toys is baby dolls! She also LOVES to play Doctor. 

So for today to celebrate Lily's 4th Birthday, Toystar have provided me with 1 Doll and Doctor set to giveaway to one lucky winner.

Meet Holly, the cutest little baby but who is also a little poorly. 

Baby Love is a new line of precious little dolls that are perfect for your little ones. This Doctor set in particular is all themed around a poorly little baby called Holly. She has rosy cheeks, cries and you can also hear her beating heart. She also sneezes and coughs when you press her hand.

She also comes with 7 accessories. 

  • Stethoscope, 
  • Otoscope, 
  • Syringe, 
  • Milk bottle, 
  • Medicine box 
  • and 2 medicine cards

This competition gives you the chance to be the first to get your hands on the unmissable Baby Love Holly Doll Doctor Playset as it is not yet released until the Friday 23rd November.  

Find out more on the Toy Star Facebook Page.

Enter on the Gleam App Below and then head back tomorrow for another of Lily's 4th birthday Giveaways. 

Win a Baby Love Holly Doll Doctor Set

Monday 19 November 2018

Lily's 4th Birthday Review and Give away with Pyjama Factory

Lily is officially 4 years old and so as usual for the blog around this time of year I am doing a week of reviews and giveaways. 

Today I am going to be telling you all about some amazing new Pjs from Pyjama Factory which we have been sent to review.

As Lily is a year older, a lot of her Pyjamas are getting a little small and so she was definetly in the need of some new pyjamas. So Pyjama factories offer to get to review some Pjs couldn't of come at a better time.

They let me take a look on their amazing website which had a great choice of Pyjamas and said I could choose 2 pairs. I must admit, the selection was so great and so varied that I really found if difficult to choose. There are all sort of designs from TV characters, Princess's, super heroes and just general cute and fun designs. There was also a wide range of selection of different types of Pyjamas with some being long sleeved and some short, Pyjamas with shorts and also Onesies.

In the end I decided to choose long sleeved Pyjamas and chose 2 designs that I thought Lily would like.

My first choice was these yellow smiley face pyjamas. The main reason I chose these was because Lily looks so good in yellow. I also loved how happy they looked and they also looked like they would be very snug. I wanted to find some Pjs that wern't to thick but also warm enough for winter.

Lily looked lovely in these Pjs just as I thought she would. I asked for size 3-4 because although Lily has just turned 4, Pyjamas usually come up quite big on her. They were the perfect fit and also had plenty of room to last her a good while in them. 

One of the things I like about them is also they are quite baggy around the legs, they have a cuff at the bottom which means that no nasty draughts can make her cold. Also the arms fit quite snug which again will be keeping out the cold. 

The material was really nice and soft and I think a nice thickness to be warm enough for winter and also cool enough for the autumn months. I was very happy with the quality of them.

But the best bit about these Pyjamas was how much Lily loved them as you can see from these pictures of her happily posing in them.

The second pair that I chose was some Finding Nemo designed ones. Lily loves finding Nemo and she often cuddles her dory teddy at night so I thought she would like these ones. They also appealed to me because they looked nice and warm for her with the cuff bottoms.

She was super pleased when she saw them and loved that her favourite characters were on them.

Again I think the fit is great, plenty of room in them but also nice and snug. The picture on it was full of colour and Lily looked great in them.

Just like the other pair of pyjamas they are really good quality and I was also really happy with them.

One of the best thing about both sets of Pyjamas is that they aren't to high in price. The finding Nemo ones are £9.99 and the smiley face ones are £8.99.

There is such a great selection over on the website and they make the perfect Birthday or Christmas gift. I always get Lily a new pair of Pjs for Christmas and so I shall definetly be heading back to the website to see what I can get for her.

Head to the Pyjama Factory to check out all the designs and buy your little ones a pair! 

Now its competition time!

Who would like to win their little ones a pair of Pjs? Enter below on the Gleam app for your chance to win a choice from the website.

Make sure you head to the competition page as this week there will be loads of competitions and reviews going on for you.

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Saturday 17 November 2018

Lily's 4th Birthday

Tomorrow is Lily's 4th Birthday! I can't believe how fast it has come! I set up this blog when she was about 14 months old which doesn't feel like 2 moments ago!

I know quite a few readers here have been reading from the start and so i'm sure you also can't believe where the time has gone.

Usually for Lily's Birthday I write a little update on her. This year I thought I would do that but with a difference. I am going to tell you 17 things about Lily all from the letters of Happy Birthday Lily.

Hope you enjoy reading them.

Hyperactive - Some days I have never known anything like it. She will be rolling around the place giggling away, singing and screaming at the top of her voice. She has so much energy and never ever naps or seems to get tired. 

Argumentative - Lily likes to challenge me with every chance possible and loves to try and argue to not have to do things or to try and get her own way. Generally a simple 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 works with this and I win.

Polite - Lily's manners are hit and miss, she can be really good when someone gives her something and will hug them and say Thank you so much! But then also forget to say thank you for the little things and needs to be reminded. 

Playful - Lily loves playing with others and has now started to make friends who she loves to play with. Her confidence playing with others has come on leaps and bounds in the last year. 

Yoyo - Her moods go up and down from day to day. One day she is super happy and happy to do her own thing, and the next is clinging to my leg and winging a lot. 

Baby Dolls - Babies are one of Lily's favourite toys. She has lots of them and is constantly taking care of them and playing mummy. 

Intelligent - Since Lily has been going to Nursery she has been getting so clever. She has started to learn her name, knows all her songs, is learning her numbers and she is getting really good at copying writing letters now. 

Really Sweet - Lily can be so sweet. She says the loveliest things about her family and friends and she is always kind enough to share her sweets and chocolate with others. She always offers and If I say no Thank you, she says "Go onnnnnnn" It is a good job I am not on a diet as she always managed to convince me to have another chocolate. 

Talented - Lily has always impressed me with her drawing ability. She is always drawing people mainly but now has got good at drawing our cats and also the sunshine. Her favourite thing to paint is apple tree's and she is really good at this too, the paintings always come out looking exactly like a apple tree. 

Hungry - Lily seems to be non stop eating and is constantly asking me for foods. Her sweet tooth has certainly grown and she loves to eat cake now. I have had to move the snacks cupboard to a higher one because through out the day she would constantly be helping herself to snacks. Especially biscuits. 

Dark - Lily is still scared of the dark, but also scared of many other things too. She is slowly getting over her fear of dogs and picks and chooses which days she is scared of them. Lily mostly hates loud noises though, and is terrified of hand dryers which makes going to public bathrooms really hard work. 

Attitude - Lily is now 4 going on 14. She talks back, does a moody little pout and crosses her arm and stamps her feet. If this is her little attitude now, I dread to think what it will be like at 14.

Young at heart - Though Lily is growing up, I do still see her as my little baby and I still love the times that she wants to cuddle up in my arms. She currently has night terrors and its at these moments when I have to reassure her I get reminded of how little she still is.

LovingLily is so loving now and has a huge heart. She never likes seeing people upset and will comfort them by saying "shhh its okay, I got you". 

Independent- Lily's independence is growing but she is still relying on me for a lot of things. She will on some days get herself dressed, take her self to the toilet, and play on her own. But there are other days where she says she can't do it and wants my help.

Lazy - This is something I am trying to break her habit of, but she can be so lazy. Always asking to be picked up because she doesn't want to walk, won't tidy up, and is always asking me to get her things she could get herself. But at the same time she is always happy to jump out of bed and never wants to go in it at night. 

Year - Lily has changed so much in this last year. The biggest change I have noticed is her confidence. Last year at Nursery she was so shy and wasn't getting stuck in where as this year she has come on in leaps and bounds and is really getting involved. She isn't as shy anymore and seems to be popular at Nursery with the children there. I love when I pick her up and all her friends want to hug her goodbye. This really shows me that she is a character and also a lovely girl for other children to want to be around.

I really look forward to see what the next year brings for her.