Wednesday, 5 September 2018

BlogOnToys Introduce Yourself Linky

I am so excited that I have decided to go to Blog On again this year. I went last year and had such a brilliant day. This year is a special one all about one of my favourite thing! Toys! I am hoping this year to meet some of the bloggers that I have spoken to over the year as well as some of the brands that I have been working with.

To start off the celebration of attending Blog On this year, I have decided to join in with the BlogOnToys Linky. Hope you enjoy reading my answers to the following questions and if your also coming to BlogOnToys then... See you There! 

  • What is the best thing about blogging? I think just owning something that is compleatly my own. Something I have put effort into myself and built from scratch. Something to be proud of. When I think of my blog, it is one thing that I feel really good about and love.
  • What was your dream job when you were growing up? I had so many jobs I wanted when I was growing up, but mainly I wanted to be a teacher. I left school not getting the correct grades though and ended up in childcare. Looking back I do wish I would have re sat some of my GCSE's but I don't remember getting that option suggested to me. I am hoping in the future to be able to re sit some of them as I would now like to become a Photography Tutor.
  • What is your lucky number? I have never had one. I always use my birthday which is number 8, though not sure why, there is nothing lucky about my birthday, it is the week after new years and so is always rubbish because everyone is partied out.
  • What is your favourite season? It is between Summer and Autumn. I love summer for the warm weather and being able to get out more, but Autumn has crunchy leaves and nice colours. Though, last year I remember Autumn being really wet and there was no crunchy leaves around. So I guess it all depends on what the seasons actually turn out to be like.
  • If you had to choose one what would your favourite dish from the Chinese be? Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup for starters, I am addicted to it, and if I am ever unwell it is my food I really crave to eat as it always makes me feel better. Then for main I love mixed Veg in Blackbean Sauce with rice.
  • What is your useless talent? Useless talent.. hmmm. Maybe being able to stand on my tip toes for a very long amount of time? Although, it isn't that useless. When I was watching an England Match over the summer in a large crowd, I couldn't see and literally managed to stand on my tip toes for the entire match. I think it comes from being short and constantly having to do it.. and practice makes perfect right?
  • If you could keep any animal as a pet what would you choose? EASY!! I would have a giraffe. Im pretty sure that it would live happily in a garden. It is practically a giant horse with a long neck.
  • Which one meal would you eat forever? (If you had to choose one!)
    I think Waffles, covered in chocolate sauce and strawberries and ice cream. Thats a meal? Right?
  • What is the last thing you check before you lock your front door?
    I don't, I lock it, then unlock it again running in doing all the things i've forgotten to do. Like switch off the lights usually.
  • If you won £50,000 what would be the first thing you would buy? I would get a mortgage most probably. Then invest the money in education that I want to and possible get myself my own studio space. How sensible do I sound? It is probably not true, I would probably have to take myself on a shopping trip first. Been ages since I have had a splurge on myself.
  • What is your favourite social media channel?
    I use facebook the most I would say, although recently I haven't been enjoying it just from seeing to many videos and links to websites telling you this and telling you that, telling you about who you are. Some of it really relates and is so true but then it just doesn't help with the over thinking. So I am going to say Instagram. It seems to be the place people go to post more positive messages in the form of pictures.
  • Tell us more about your best ever holiday
    All of my holidays have ended up being in the same place, which is Weymouth in dorset. So I couldn't really say a favourite. So I am going to say my trip to prague. I went all on my own and so it was the best, just doing what I wanted to do and spending time with my own company, just me, my camera and this wonderful place. When I look back to that week, I felt on top of the world.
  • Name one cake you rock at baking 
    Chocolate Brownie... Yum! I need to get one made this month for sure.
  • Which session are you most looking forward to? SEO and Monetisation. Something I definetly need to learn about.  
  • What is your favourite book ever? I don't really do reading, so I am going to say one of my photography books. I prefer to look at pictures than read.
  • Which special event is your favourite? (Halloween, Christmas etc)
    It most definitely is between Christmas and Halloween. But which one depends on how much of a good one I have. I really want to do more for Halloween this year. Christmas can be great, especially now that its all about Lily and making it special for her.
  • If the internet vanished right now how would you share your message or life story without a blog?
    I would say stand in a crowded area and stand on a bench and shout really loud. But I expect that I would get dragged away like a crazy person for doing that. It would be a very interesting experiment to see if there was no internet. Would people still be so interested in other people lives? 



  1. I wanted to be a teacher too

  2. Enjoy Blog On. Looking forward to you updating us on the event.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Great answers. Hope you have fun

  4. You mention that you would like to be a photography tutor. Hope you find your way towards your goal. Careers advice maybe should be more easily accessible, as well as "fit for purpose ". As needs to be up to date, relevant, accessible and lead to achievable goals :- Job opportunities, paid employment, career /s. So it needs to be reviewed and outcomes published.

    When I was at school I believe they had just recently put one of the present teachers into the role of careers teacher / advisor. He had a book for referring / guidance which he frequently referred to. I had already made decision and sought information outwith school. He checked information via his book, and had no further information to provide. Obviously the school believed careers advice was a necessity, and I agree:- Hopefully the role has developed, schools linked with local employers, Universities, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  5. We spent 5 days in Weymouth last Easter. I had never been before, but my wife went to school for a few years there so it was a case of her returning to her old stomping ground. The beach there is amazing. :-)

  6. Great read - always a good way to see what motivates and drives you