Saturday, 8 September 2018

BigJigs Toys Magnetic Weather Board Review

As you may know, I am always trying to teach Lily new things. Though now she is in nursery for 3 days, she isn't around as much for me to be teaching her.

Bigjigs Toys wanted to know if I would like to review something from their educational section. So with that the fact Lily is in nursery 3 days a week, I wanted to find something that me and her could do together to aid her learning. 

Thats when I spotted the Magnetic Weather board and thought, great the perfect activity to do together. 

But the BigJigs Toys Magnetic Weather Board, isn't just a weather board. It also features days, dates, months and time. 

Lily was at home the day it arrived and she was so excited when it came. 

She wanted it opened straight away and then we set to organising it together. The magnets all come in separate sheets and you need to pop out each little magnet. We first did this into a little dish so they were all together. When they were all popped out, we started to place the magnets in the correct places. 

Along the side of the board and along the bottom are squares for all the numbers, and dates and seasons. These all stick here until you are ready to use them. The left hand side of the board, there is an area where each day you can put what the weather is like, the date, the season, and also state what activity you plan to do for the day. 

This is an activity we have done each... (okay most) mornings. Lily is getting really good at knowing what the weather is like. She can pick from Cloudy, Rainy, Sunshine, Sunshine and Clouds, and Snowy. But she is still learning about dates and days of the week. She also doesn't understand why we aren't changing the month, year and season regularly. 

But these are all things to learn about and the weather board gives a great opportunity to do this. Now Lily is attending nursery, it should also help her learn the days of the week. 

The board also has a clock, the time isn't something that Lily is yet learning but that is the great thing about this board, she can learn more and more as she grows. She does love setting the time though and even though she gets it wrong, she will say its 5 o clock or may say its dinner time. This is great as she is understanding the concept of time. The clock has 1-12 and also a 24 hour clock. It also has written on it things like quarter too and half past. The hands of the clock both move around very easily and so perfect for little hands. 

I do love that the board is magnetic, it means it is really easy for lily to be able to take things from the board and place them back on. The magnets also stick really well, they are very good quality. So far Lily's board is in her bedroom leaning against the wall and none have fallen off and onto the floor. The board is also made from a nice thick wood with a lovely finish. As usual for BigJigs Toys I am not disappointed in the quality. 

I do also love how colourful the board is. Also the colours relate to things like the seasons, with blue being for winter and yellow for summer. 

Bigjigs Toys have made the design of the magnets very cleverly. The months all also have a symbol of the season on it and also match in colour, this helps children remember and match up months to seasons. The activities that are on the magnets are at a guess, music, birthday, school, games, reading, the park, the beach/holiday, and sports. I think these are a good selection though would have loved one for those home days where you stay in because of the rain. We have them often here up north. 

I am really happy with the magnetic weather board and it is going to get plenty of use over the years. The board is £18.99 to buy and can be bought from the BigJigs Toys website


  1. This would be great for my grandchildren

  2. Seems a great educational toy / tool.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Looks like a good quality product.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Looks good fun and it teaches you magnetic toys are great

  5. Colourful and interesting.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Love this Weather board, good fun for the little ones

  7. My daughter used to love this, she had one very similar. She still has now.