Saturday, 18 August 2018

Num Nom Series 5 Starter Pack Review

We are always so excited when a new series of Num Noms comes out! We have been collecting them ever since series 1 and so always eager to try out the new Num Noms and smell the new scents. 

We were sent 2 starter packs by Num Noms. 

We got sent a Croissants pack and a Jelly Rolls pack. 

Each pack comes with 3 Num Noms and a lipgloss. It also comes with some accessories. 

I opened up the Jelly Rolls pack for Lily first. This pack had a little blue table and a serving spoon. 

The Num Noms were cute as usual and one was even wearing a little silver crown. The cool thing about Num Noms are that you can stack them on top of each other. These 3 were a perfect addition to Lily's collection. 

The lipgloss was Blueberry flavour. When you open the lipgloss up, it looks purple but when applied it is a clear colour with glitter. But it smells of blueberries which is lovely. 

Next we opened the croissants Num Noms. This came with a serving tray and some little grabbing spoons. One of the Num noms had a real cute little french barrett on which was great to see on a croissant themed Num nom. 

Inside this one was a strawberry lipgloss. Lily is really into her lip glosses now and so was super excited to have some Num Nom ones. 

Lily really enjoys playing with her Num noms, she loves ticking them off her lists when looking at the little collectors guide that they come with. 

She loves using the little utensils that come with the packs and picking up the Num Noms and placing them on the tray and table. 

But her favourite thing to do is smell them! There was some amazing sweet scents in these 2 packs such as berry scent and cookie cake. 

Lily cant wait to add more Num Noms to her collection. 

You can find out more about the Num Noms and the different packs that are available on the Num Noms website

Do you like Num Noms? 

What is your favourite thing to do with them? 


  1. My daughter loves Num noms, she loves to smell them :) xxxx

  2. Yes they are great. I love that they smell amazing

  3. As I learn more:- I am beginning to love Num Noms. When I first heard of them, not interested or excited. Name of product not inspiring for me.

    On reading more, became more interested:- Lots of women seem to appreciate nice smells / scents. Lip balm a product I like, as so useful / practical.

    Blueberries:- mmmmmm!

    Rachel Craig

  4. Lucky lily - we'll start saving our pennies to get some too

  5. Ever increasing range of products. Variety is the spice of Life.

    Rachel Craig