Thursday, 28 June 2018

Mummy and Me June 2018

So another month goes by, I have been super super busy this month and I have no idea where it has flown. I have only just realised that its nearly the end of the week and this is my only blog post I have written.

We have had some fun opportunities this month for photographs but somehow I have not managed to get any pictures of me and Lily again. Just a few selfies and on one I am barely in it. 

So this months mummy and me photo's we have a good morning selfie. I do love my morning snuggles! And we have one from a fair where Lily was watching a magician and finding it hilarious. 

The sun is out and it is about to become summer holidays so I plan for many more trips out with Lily. Hopefully the perfect opportunity for pictures. 

Here are this months mummy and me pictures.

Hope you got some great mummy and me pictures this month.