Saturday 2 June 2018

Monthly Book Roundup - What We Have Been Reading in May

Each month I write about which books we have been reading during the month. I usually introduce Lily to 4 or 5 new books each month while at the same time reading some of our favourites. We have story time each night and always read 2-4 stories, depending on how tired she is. 

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Another month and so here is another selection of books.

This months selection we just randomly grabbed from our shelf of books and so there is no real theme this month. 

1. Last Tree in the City by Peter Carnavas 
I bought this book for Lily because I really liked the idea of it. The last tree in the city is about a little boy who really loves and notices the beauty of the last tree in the city. Unfortunately the tree ends up getting cut down. Rather than the boy be sad about it, he finds part of the tree left behind and decides to plant it and carry it around with him. Soon enough people start to copy him and the city becomes full of plant life that people have planted. I loved that the story showed love for nature, and also the nice behaviour of the boy looking after plant life. I felt that the story could of had much more words in to make it a better story but the illustrations were beautiful. We picked this up from the Works.

2. There's a Shark in the Bath - by Sarah Mcintyre. 
This was my favourite from the month and also Lily's. It's such a funny make believe tale of a little girl finding a family of sharks in her bathtub. The sharks all want to eat the little girl and so she finds lots of ways to stall the sharks from eating her. The sharks end up brushing their teeth, playing with soap and bubbles and playing with toilet roll. In the end the dad needs to come and use the bathroom and so the sharks all leave and the little girl doesn't get eaten. I love the fun storyline to this story and the illustrations were really colourful. I think most children will enjoy this story. This book was sent to us from Scholastic and can be bought from them also.

3. Slowly Slowly Slowly Said the Sloth by Eric Carle 

This was an Eric Carle story I didn't even know existed, and if i'm honest I can see why. Compared to the other stories which we have loved, this one really lacked storyline and was a little bit boring. The story is about a sloth hanging from a tree and it doesn't do much else. All the other animals are asking it why it is so slow. The story is meant to be a take on taking life more slowly, but unfortunately I didn't get that from the story. I picked this up at a car boot, but you can find it on amazon if you want to give it a try. 

4. Emily Peppermints Toy School by Jeanne Willis
I enjoyed this book. I think story's with a school theme are great and this one is all about a toy school. Of corse toys don't learn the things we learn and instead they learn all about children, and how to be played with. Lesson one is how to fall safely from the pram and this is what the story is all about. Falling from the pram causes lots of fun but also danger for the toys as they practice. I really loved the characters in this book, there was quite a few of them and they all had their own little personality. Lily did enjoy this story and also asked lots of questions about what was going on. Which shows she really was interested. I bought this book online about a year ago now but it is quite a long story and so I popped it away for Lily until now.

Which of these books do you like the sound of and why? 


  1. Liked the sound of the title :- Slowly Slowly Slowly Said the Sloth. As feel that some do need to slow down. Speed can lead to accidents, errors, etc. Whereas careful, thoughtful consideration and observations whilst carrying out task /s can assist in regards to Health and Safety, Care, Compassion, Consideration, etc.

    Also do somehow like sloths, I think following sofa advert on tv, as my mum would ask :- What is that? Stating she hadn't seen such an animal before. Then it would be what animal is that, I've forgotten what it's called? I think she found it quite cute. She is fond of animals.

    Don't know if I'd like the book given your review. But may give it a go anyhow. As maybe we need adventures, and rest days, chill out days, spa days, etc. As they say variety is the spice of life. Also maybe we need to avoid burnout, and so need someone quiet, peaceful, slowly paced times / days.

    Rachel Craig

    1. Spellcheck :- Has changed what was somehow ( to someone). Sorry for the error.

      Rachel Craig

  2. Last Tree in the City, sounds nice. As seems nice that the boy's behaviour encouraged others to take notice, and then take action :- Thus showing appreciation of plant life, and welcoming plants, trees, etc to be part of city life. May well encourage children to want to learn about plants, flowers, trees, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Brilliant reads - weve not got any of these ! Loving last tree in the city

  4. These look great i haven't actually read any of these with my daughter yet x

  5. I haven't read the Eric Carle one before!