Tuesday 19 June 2018

A Review of One Dog, Ten Frogs, By Orchard Toys

Wonderful News! We have another amazing game from Orchard Toys to tell you all about. 

It is called One Dog, Ten Frogs, and is a super fun game revolved around counting. 

We were sent one to try out!!

Lily as usual could not wait to get playing this game, she knew it was Orchard toys as soon as she saw the box and asked to play it straight away. She is always playing her Orchard toys games so she thinks it is brilliant when she gets a new one to play. 

The game comes with 30 circular cards. On the cards are the numbers 1 to 15 and there are 2 of each card. As well as having the number on it, it also has a picture of animals, so number 1 is a red dog, and number 10 are ten green frog. It also come with 2 jigsaw pieces that when you put them together creates a number board showing the numbers 1 to 15 with a picture of an animal next to it. 

There are 2 ways to play, you can either lay the cards upright so you can see what is on them, or you can lay them down face first so then you can't see which is which. 

We decided to lay them down so we didn't know what we were picking up.

The idea behind the game is that you pick up one card, then you count how many animals are on the card. You then need to pick up another card and count the animals on that to see if they are a matching pair. If they are, you collect the 2 cards. If not you place them face down again. 

After you have collected all the cards together, the winner is the one with the most matched pairs. You then can get the number line and place all your matching cards in order.

So here is what we thought to the game. 

Firstly, as usual, the quality of the game is brilliant. Hard cards which aren't easily bent, and also designed so colourfully with friendly characters. 

We then also found the game really simple to play. Which is nice if you want something quick to get out and play.

Lily really understood how to play the game, she understood taking turns and also understood that she had to turn 2 cards over at a time.

But she did get a little bored with the counting, as when she picked one up, she was very eager to pick another one up and quickly noticed they wern't the same. So although she enjoyed the game, she didn't exactly enjoy playing it how it was meant to be played with the counting aspect. 

But I do think it is still a great game to help with numbers, as playing she will start to recognise numbers and when she does decide to do some counting it will really help her with that.

What she did really enjoy, was making her own number line. She mostly matched up the animal characters but as I was helping her, I was pointing out the numbers being the same as on the number line and she counted with me.
I would count the ones we had done, 1, 2, 3... and then ask her what number is next to encourage her to think. 

Overall its a really nice game if you are looking for a game to help teach your children how to count. 

The game is aimed at children 3+ and there can be up to 4 players involved. 

The game is £10.00 and can be bought from the Orchard Toys website

What do you like about this game ? 


  1. Nice. Orchard Toys are so nice and colourful. Also they are durable. Great fun to play. Animals is a good way to engage children's interest. Enabling us to assist the children to learn numbers, counting, etc. Fun way to learn.

    Rachel Craig

  2. I am a big fan of Orchard Toys products so am delighted to read your review. I always look for games that make children think as well as laugh so this one fits the bill nicely. Thank you.

  3. Little ones can learn to identify a variety of animals by playing this game. Also prepares children for playing games such as snap (card game), memory games, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Its a beauty - id have loads of fun with ethan
    Love Orchard Toys

  5. Looks like a very fun yet educational game

  6. I know my daughter would love this - she's such a fan of all the orchard games x

  7. Such fun - another one of my favourites

  8. I love orchard toy games. They are amazing

  9. This sounds like another great game from Orchard Toys. I'm still trying to decide which games to buy my granddaughter and I thnk she would enjoy this.