Tuesday 17 April 2018

Mid Month More About Me - April

So I have some more update about my fitness for you. 

My fitness is something that I have been working hard on lately and I have taken it to the next level by doing even more classes and also working out at home. 

I am also starting to think about the foods I eat too. 

Here is a little more about my month of fitness. 

Areal Hoop 

After doing so well on the pole, I have now taken up Areal Hoop. I must admit, it has been something I have fancied as soon as I found out that the Cloud Areal Arts group does it , but I thought to myself I shall wait until I have got myself a little more strength before I start.

I am glad I did because wow, it takes a ton of strength to get up there and pull out some of the moves. I was quite able to pull out some moves on the hoop the first week I tried, though I did end up coming away with some bruises. Today was week 3 of hoop and managed to see how much my strength had increased from the first week. I am also bruising less which is good. 

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3 

Working Out 

Working out at home is something I have now started doing and I have noticed such a difference in how toned by body is since I started. I also have noticed I have lost weight which wasn't planned as I mostly wanted to tone, but looking at myself I have lost weight from my stomach and hips.
I am doing things like Squats, Sit ups, Leg raises, and the plank and these are all starting to tone me up really well. I get such a buzz after doing these exercises and it really does give me a boost of energy.

As well as this I have been doing a lot more stretching and started to build strength in my arms with push ups and handstands.  

Eating Healthy 

I am definitely not on a diet. But I have started to think a little more about the foods I am eating. Which ones give me energy and also protein to build my muscle. I have started to try and eat more chicken, beetroot, and also fruit. I also want to build up my iron as I know that will help my energy so eating green veg and salad like spinach and rocket. Luckily I do love eating those and could actually happily sit and eat them like a bag of sweets.

I am really happy with how my body is shaping up so far, I am definitely seeing more definition on my body and seeing some muscle develop. But I have a way to go yet when it comes to full strength and muscle tone.

But I am keeping going and for now, I am pretty pleased with myself.

If working out isn't something you do, you should think about giving it a go. I never though I would enjoy it as much as I am, but its doing my moods, energy and body a power of good. 

Do you work out? 
What kind of exercise do you like to do? 



  1. I don’t work out that much but my favourite thing to do is swimming

  2. No. I do like swimming, and walking.

    Rachel Craig

  3. I know it is difficult and you have to work so hard but you make it look so easy, which must mean you're very good at it :) x

  4. I dont - used to 20 years ago - takes some stamina TO do what YOU do

  5. Aerial fitness :- Photos look good. You seem to be very fit. Wondering if your class do displays, events, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  6. this looks hard but also looks so cool

  7. Wondering how your exercising is at home. I can imagine Lily trying to copy you.

    Rachel Craig

  8. Do you have any plans for outdoor activities, walks in the park, nature trails, etc. As now we seem to be getting some brighter, warmer days.

    Rachel Craig

  9. I want to buy a treadmill this year I used to have one about 15 years ago

  10. I go to the gym but get a bit bored - the hoop looks like lots of fun but I imagine you must have a lot of upper body strength!

  11. I love this! I have a friend who does arial hoop and I am super jealous because I would love to do it! Sadly she lives miles away from me and I don't know anywhere local to me that does it. Plus I think I'm a bit too heavy for it at the moment!
    I love swimming and I do 64 (25 metres) lengths 3 times a week. Plus I also do martial arts - Ju Jitsu once a week!