Saturday 24 March 2018

Twist and Chime and Talking Teletubbies Review

If you are as old (young) as me then you may remember loving the Teletubbies when you were a child. I sure do. I am super pleased that they have made a comeback just in time for my daughter to enjoy them too. Im not sure what it is about the colourful squidgy looking characters that we love but there is definitely something that just makes kids go crazy for them. Lily is no different and she loves watching the Teletubbies when it comes on the Tv. 

Not only has the show of the Teletubbies made a come back but a whole new line of toys have been released and Lily and I were sent some new ones made by Character to try out. 

We were sent a 8" Talking plush Teletubbie and 4 Twist and Chime Teletubbies. 

Lily absolutely fell in love with the talking plush Teletubbie as soon as I gave it to her and it suddenly became her new best friend. She gave it the biggest hug ever and was super delighted that it was now hers. 

It is the perfect size for her to cuddle, not to big and not to small and you would not believe how soft it is. Even I couldn't stop stroking it, it is that soft. I think I now need to re decorate my entire house in that soft material and I am super jealous that she gets to cuddle something so soft everyday. 

The cuteness and softness of this Teletubbie is great but the greatness does not stop there. Press its tummy and it speaks lots of the Teletubbie lines that your child will recognise and love. Lily was super impressed that it talked to her and you could hear quite clearly what it said. I think this Teletubbie plush is adorable and every toddler would love it. 

As soon as she had gotten over the excitement of having a new plush Teletubbie she decided to take a look at the Twist and Chime Teletubbies. 

These little figures are just so cute and only a few inches tall each. There faces are adorable and super happy. I think they look so inviting for little kids to want to play with them, and not to mention they are the perfect size for little hands. 

I would have thought that with Lily being nearly 3 and a half that she wouldn't be interested in these but she was totally the opposite. She loved making them walk around and pretended that they were talking to each other. You can also make their arms move up and down to add even more pretend interaction. They are perfect for her imaginary play. 

But then she discovered that you can also twist there bodies around and when you do they make a chime sound. Lily loves anything that makes sound and so she was quite impressed that her Teletubbie was also like a musical instrument. 

As well as Lily loving these toys, they are perfect for children around 18 months old. They work as perfect sensory toys with the colours and the chime sound. Also excellent for helping their fine motor skills when twisting and turning the figures. 

Both toys are perfect for ages 18 months to 3 years old and both can be bought here from Argos

The 8" Talking Teletubbie is a brilliant price of £9.99 which I think is great value for money for such a soft talking plush. And the Twist and Chime Teletubbies are £4.99 each. 

Both I would happily recommend as something your child would love. 

Is your child a Teletubbie Fan? Would they love these toys?  


  1. These are so CUTE - loads of fun when ee get ours

  2. Tinky-Winky soft toy looks a good size for Lily, and the green eyes against purple is somehow appealing.

    Rachel Craig

  3. There seems to be quite a few toys from the past decades which have been revamped / reintroduced. What fun, as nice to blend / bond generations of people and good memories.

    Rachel Craig

  4. When I was little my favourite was Po

  5. Nice that the small Teletubbies seem poseable.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Thanks for another informative and well written article.