Thursday 8 March 2018

Creating the Perfect Night Time Make Up Look with Urban Decay

If you are anything like me, you spend most your time with little or basic makeup on your face. Your mostly staying in the house or out at the shops or maybe playgroups, doing what mums do the most and being a mum. 

But then the time comes that you actually get to GO OUT! it may be a nice meal with your partner, it might be a party, it might be a night out on the town. What ever the occasion you want to look your best and so on goes the make up. But I must admit, i'm one of those mums who is really no good at putting on her makeup. In fact I usually do a swipe from left to right with eye shadow, pop on the mascara, eye liner and i'm done. 

But I have always wanted to be a little bit better at doing my makeup, making it perfect for a night out. 

So I asked my makeup artist friend Stacy from to show me some tips that I could also share with you mums out there that are also needing a little help. 

I was lucky enough to have been sent some beautiful eye shadow palettes from Urban Decay and so this is what we will be using to create your night time look. 

We decided to use the Naked Smokey Palette for the night time look creating a smokey eye. 

The first thing that is recommended to use is a decent primer. Now before this makeup lesson with Stacy, I didn't have a clue what a primer was and so for all the mums out there that also don't know, it is a base makeup product that you apply before your makeup. A primer makes your makeup last longer and also creates a good base to make sure the makeup goes on easily and also blends well. Urban Decay do a Eyeshadow Primer Potion and so this is what we have used first. 

After you have applied the primer, we are on to our first eye shadow step. 

The Base
For the base its good to use a very natural and not over powering shade so we used the shade 'Thirteen' on the Urban Decay Palette. The base goes on the eye lid all the way to the eye brow and gives a nice even coverage. Then on to step two.

Transition Shade
The second step is meant to give the eye more definition. It is applied just under the brow bone where the crease of the eye is. You are wanting to do a sweeping motion from left to right. For this we used the shade 'Combust' from the palette. This should be a darker shade than the base colour and you should now be able to notice a darker shadow where the crease is. 

Outer Shade 

Next we are looking to add the outer shade which should add even more definition to the eye. You simply add this to the outer corner of the eyes. You are wanting to use a darker shade than the last and so this time we used 'Password' from the palette. 

More Outer Shade 
You now want to get a darker shade, we went for 'Smolder' and you want to go over the top of the outer edge to the middle of the eye, building up that outer shade and also adding to the rest of the eye. This should have made the look a lot darker. 

Getting Darker
You now want to choose 'Dagger' from the palette and go back over the dark shading you have already created, from the edge to the middle. Which finishes your outer and centre off. You should now be able to notice a nice dark shade to your eyes. 

Inner Corners
Next is to add some highlight. You want to choose 'High' from the palette and you are now joining the colours together but also adding a highlight into the corners of your eye. This really opens the eyes up. You may want to use a smaller brush for this part. 

We are now going to go back to the outer edge, right in the far outer corner and just add a little bit of 'black market' from the palette. This is really going to add definition to the outer edge of the eye. 

Eye Liner 
You can then use 'Black Market' again to create an eye line. You are doing a thin swipe above the eyelashes and also a thin line below the eye. Which will define the eye even more. Again a thin brush will be needed for this part. 

You are then done with the eyes. You can add your finishing touches like your favourite mascara and pop on your favourite lipstick and you are ready for your night out. 

It really is a nice quick easy and simple eye makeup technique to learn and something that will only take a few practices to learn.

What do you think of this look? Would you try this technique out? 

Model - Imogen Edmondson


  1. I like the look as its a nice natural look and i would try the technique out

  2. I love the Naked pallette, it looks fantastic!

  3. Do love this brand -glamour and beauty always

  4. Urban decay is my favourite brand for eye shadow they have such amazing colours and inspiring palettes.

  5. I love the NAKED palettes, and Urban Decay have some of the best colours with staying power on the market I think. x

  6. It is amazing all the different looks you can make with the naked palette. It really has some gorgeous colours in and is something for everyone.

  7. I love this look! I don't put on make-up often but whenever I do put make-up on, I like darker tones like this smokey eye! The blending is lovely. This is why Naked palettes are awesome.

  8. I love my Naked palette. Such a nice mix of colours and they're really great quality.

  9. Wow! This look is so beautiful! I love the colors so much! I will have to grab this palette soon.

  10. Thanks for the step by step tutorial - my mummy has always been rubbish at applying eyeshadow. Going to try it again. The Naked Palette sounds awesome x

  11. You look great in the night time look, it looks so sophisticated even though it was easy to create it. I am going to get the same colour palette for myself now.

  12. Oh wow you look totally amazing. I need a new palette so going to give this one a go, as these are my kind of colours x

  13. Angela Ricardo Bethea15 March 2018 at 09:46

    I really love Urban Decay to. and you really did a great work, she looks so beautiful in her makeup.

  14. I have all the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, I'm obsessed! I really like the look you went for, I always use the darker shades for my liner too

  15. I love Urban Decay make-up especially the Naked palettes, they are perfect for night out make-up. Love the look you created! xo

  16. I think it looks fab. I would give this a try if I thought I could do it I have a cousin who blogs and Instagram about make up and even after getting her to show me I'm just useless lol.

  17. You're eyes look so pretty - I've heard that Urban decay is a great make-up brand. It's something my Sister-in-law swears by.

  18. I love this look. I would love to get my make-up professionally done to see what works for me now I am getting older

  19. I would like to do it but have never been good at doing makeup