Saturday 17 March 2018

BigJigs Toys Role Play Food Review

This review is going to be talking all about 3 things that Lily and I both really like. Wooden Toys, Role Play, and one of our favourite toy brands BigJigs Toys

The first thing that pops into my mind when I think of BigJigs toys is high quality colourful wooden toys and so I was really pleased when I found out Lily and I was getting to try out some of there wooden role play toys. 

BigJigs gave me a choice of role play toys to choose from. Lily is a huge fan of playing in her kitchen and so I chose some food that I thought she may enjoy using her imagination with. 

I chose 2 items. One was a cheese board and one was a box of biscuits. The reason I chose these was because Cheese is one of Lily's favourite foods to eat, and also so are biscuits. She also makes me have pretend tea on a daily basis and a pretend biscuit is just what is missing. 

Lily was so so excited to receive her new toys. She could not wait for me to get them open for her to play with. 

I asked Lily which she wanted to try first and she chose the cheese set. She could see exactly what was going to be in this set from the photograph on the front of the box and so she was super excited to get it open.

The cheese set includes a wooden cheese board and knife with a selection of 5 cheeses. It also comes with an apple that you can cut in half and 2 squares which are meant to be biscuits.

I think role play with foods is really important for a child's development. It really encourages them to be interested in new foods, healthy foods and how to prepare foods.

The cheese looks so good. I love the types that were put onto the cheese board as they all looked different to each other. I do love a good cheese board myself so even though they are made of wood and I can't eat them, I was very pleased to see some of my favourites there.

The detail on the cheese is great and you have the blue specs for blue stilton and the holes for the cheddar. The pieces of cheese are all so nicely painted and finished so they are nice and smooth to play with. You can tell they are made from good quality wood but also not a heavy wood which is great for little hands. 

The apple has some velcro in the middle so then it can be cut and then stuck back together. Lily really enjoyed doing this and cut the apple up over and over again. She also found it really easy to do which is a huge bonus as she does get frustrated easily. 

Lily really loves her role play so she also enjoyed pretending to spread butter onto the crackers before putting the cheese on top. It was great that Lily also recognised the square pieces of wood as biscuits, as to begin with I wasn't sure what they were. 

Lily spent ages playing with this set and it has been a great addition to her kitchen. 

After this she wanted me to open the biscuits for her. I just love that the biscuits come in a box that you can keep and you can store them in. It really is a beautiful little box and such a nice thing for biscuits to be kept in. 

The box of biscuits comes with 9 different types of biscuit and there are 2 of each type. They all have their own little compartment to sit in. Lots of the biscuits are recognisable and there was some of Lily's favourites and some of mine. There are gingerbread men, party rings, cookies, and Lily's favourites which are custard creams. It really is a great selection of biscuits. 

The detail on the biscuits is amazing and look so like the real thing. Just like the the Oreo style biscuits which have 2 layers of biscuits and a layer of cream inside. It is great that they have put that much detail into these biscuits. 

Just like the cheese set, they are painted so well and finished to a high quality so they are nice and smooth. 

Lily has played with these biscuits non stop since they arrived. She must have played with them nearly every day and they are a common choice of food when serving pretend things for me to eat. Lily knows all to well that I must have a biscuit with my cup of tea and so she always incorporates this fact into her tea making role play now.

I love everything about these biscuits and they have to be the best role play biscuits I have ever seen. They look good enough to eat!

In fact Lily did try eating them and put them in her mouth when pretending to do so. I am really glad that BigJigs Toys are safety assured and Lily is fine to be putting them in her mouth. 

I would really recommend these sets to anyone with children who love role play. Especially the biscuits set. I think it is something every child would love to own.

The sets are both really great value too with the biscuits box at £14.99 and the cheese set at £13.49 

Both of these along with other brilliant food sets can be bought from the BigJigs Toys Website. I really would buy all the sets if I could! They all look great. So head over and check them out. 

What do you think to the cheese board and biscuit box?

Which would your child enjoy the most? 


  1. These are so cute, my little one would especially like the gingerbread man!

  2. I love wooden play food. We have a fairly large selection already but am very tempted by the biscuits

  3. These look really well made. Love the biscuits.

  4. My granddaughter has the biscuit set and loves making us tea so I'm sure she'd love the cheese set too

  5. I love it as they look so realistic and fun

  6. The toys look great.

    Rachel Craig

  7. Great range - petfect for exploring and learning

  8. Like the cheeseboard.

    Rachel Craig

  9. Sturdy toys.

    Rachel Craig

  10. I like Lily's outfit, it looks great and I expect is comfortable to wear.

    Rachel Craig