Saturday, 3 February 2018

The Morris Dancers visit and Review

Just like a lot of families. One thing I really enjoy is a nice family meal out. So when I got offered a meal at the The Morris Dancers in Colne, I thought it would be a lovely opportunity for the family to get together to eat. 

The Morris dancers which is located on Byron Road in Colne, Lancashire, has recently had a big refurbishment and has a whole new updated menu. I had never been to the Morris Dancers before and neither had my parents so we were all excited to see what it would be like for a meal out. 

We booked a table for 4 adults and one child on a Sunday tea time. I was expecting it to be quite busy and it was, though I did notice there was some tables available. I am glad we had our table booked though and so didn't have to wait. 

As anyone who may live in Lancashire will know, the weather is generally dire around this time of year and so it was pouring down with rain on the day the day. So unfortunately I didn't manage to get a picture of the venue to pop along side this review. 

We sat down at our table and started to look at the menu's. I think the choice was great and the menu was varied. It did take me a while to choose as there was a lot I fancied but everyone else quickly and easily found something they loved the sound of and wanted. 

We all decided to have starters and my mum and I chose beer battered salt and pepper mushrooms and my partner and my dad chose garlic prawns.

For mains, I chose the new beef and cheddar suet pudding, my mum chose the half roast chicken with peri peri sauce, my partner chose the all american platter and my dad chose the black and blue steak.

The children's menu I was very impressed with. There was a choice of small dishes for under 5's and one for over 5's. I had a look at the choices for the under 5's for Lily and straight away found her sausage with yorkshire puddings. I knew she would love this. You then get to choose a side, chips, mash etc and also a veg. You also get a drink and a dessert and all for an amazing price of £3.99. Lily loved that she had plenty of choice and could have the kinds of food she wanted. She chose mash and peas to go with her sausage and yorkshire.
The drinks that are on offer with the meal are the usual types, fruit shoots and the fruity water bottles. Lily usually prefers just simple apple juice to the fruit shoots, as do I, but she will drink one if she has to. Which in this case she did as we would of had to pay extra for the apple juice as that wasn't availble with the child's set menu. 

When you know what you want, you go up to the bar to place your order. One thing I was impressed with was your choices that you got with your food. For example my mum at the table said she wished hers came with curly fries and as we ordered it at the bar, it was in the choices of sides that she could choose from. We placed our order but unfortunately they had sold out of the beef and cheddar pudding that I wanted. So I had to choose something else. I was recommended the minced beef and ale and vegetable pie, and went a long with that. We were told that there may be a wait on food which we did not mind. 

In the mean time we found Lily some colouring sheets and crayons that were put out for the children. I thought this was great as I had actually totally forgot to bring something with me to keep Lily entertained. 

Our meal came out a lot quicker than expected and there wasn't a wait at all. They brought our starters and also Lily's main corse, as I had asked for that to come out at the same time.

The starters were really tasty, you got a decent amount of mushrooms and dip and I was happy with that. We had a choice of BBQ dip or sour cream. I was really happy with sour cream but my mum didn't like either sour cream or BBQ and wished that there was a garlic dip available. My partner and my dad both really enjoyed there prawns and said they were cooked perfectly. 

I was really happy with Lily's main dish. She got a really decent portion of peas and mash and her gravy came in a little boat instead of on the food. Lily loves to dip her food into the gravy so she was happy that it wasn't poured all over her food.

After we had finished our starters our mains shortly followed.

I must admit, I wish that I had taken a little more time to look at the menu after having been told that the dish I wanted wasn't available. My dish looked the least impressive and I was quite jealous of everyone else's plates of food. My pie was from the 2 meals for £7.50 section so a more basic dish compared to the rest. 

We did all really enjoy our food though. For a dish from the 2 for £7.50 menu, it was very tasty and the pie was full of flavour. Everyone else around the table raved about how good their meals were and most of all how it was good quality and amount for the price. 

After we had all finished our mains, we decided we would have dessert. There was a good choice of desserts on the menu, though me and my partner were looking for something that was a little more refreshing with more fruit perhaps, but most of it was extra sweet and indulgent. Not a bad thing really as you are meant to over indulge with desserts. 

My parents both chose the treacle pudding and my partner and I had a sundae each. He chose the nestle mint aero ice cream and I chose the black forest one.

Lily also had plenty of choice of desserts but I chose her the ice cream where she could put her own toppings on top. I knew she would enjoy doing this and it was a really good idea for a dessert for children.

I think the desserts took the longest of all of the meals to come out, which made Lily impatient. But what child isn't impatient for ice cream? Haha. Soon they were brought to our table but Lily's actually came out last and a good couple of minutes after all ours had come out all at once. Which did get her a little upset that we had got all ours and she didn't have hers. I think its important that a restaurant should make sure the child's dessert comes out first to stop any upsets.

We all really enjoyed our desserts. Our sundae's were really big and impressive. Especially to say that they only cost £3.99/£4.25. My parents found there treacle pudding very tasty, though did find the combination of warm custard and cold ice cream a little strange. Lily was very impressed with her dessert and really enjoyed decorating her ice cream with the chocolate buttons and strawberries. 

We were all really stuffed after our food and left feeling very well fed. Our meal came to a lot less than expected and so a meal here is excellent value for money.

We were really happy with our time spent at The Morris Dancers and wouldn't hesitate to eat there again.

You can see the full menu as well as opening times on The Morris Dancers Website. 

*Though we had a free meal at the Morris Dancers, all opinions are of my own*


  1. Sounds delicious. Often up that way as our Grandson lives up there so will keep it in mind

  2. Nice that you all enjoyed your meal. Sunday can be a nice time to have a family meal at a restaurant. Hopefully the restaurant will take on board your thoughts and feelings ( as well as Lily's) in regards to her ice cream being served a little time after the adults at the table. Young children do not have great perception of time, poor Lily maybe even though no ice cream left for her.

    We had a delicious meal last night at a Chinese restaurant. It was lovely to see a number of families were dining out. The staff, and owner were so considerate of the children, as well as the older diners. The children were delighted to watch goldfish swim around in the fish tank, etc. The children were extremely well behaved, which was delightful. They seemed to appear to feel comfortable and welcome. As the staff chatted to them, etc.

    Nice to have a delicious treat and to feel comfortable and welcome.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Looks good and great value especially the kids menu

  4. mmm making me hungry just looking at the pics

  5. Lily's meal looks delightful!

    Rachel Craig

  6. I love a restaurant review; thanks for posting. It does look like good value, and I'm envying the sundae!

  7. Thankyou for the review, is very helpful. Meals look good value x

  8. That ice cream looks amazing *drool*

  9. Im loving the idea with the childrens menu for under 5's and over 5's - I've never seen this before. Look at that icecream!!

  10. The ice cream looks delicious.

    Rachel Craig

  11. We have a 21st Birthday party to attend. Fiancé excited about what food will be available. We are looking forward to meeting up with family and friends.

    Rachel Craig