Wednesday 21 February 2018

7 Fun Educational Activities to enjoy with your child this Easter

Easter brings many opportunities for you to enjoy some fun activities with your children. But with them off school and away from the classroom, it makes sense to keep their brains active by making the things you do educational.

So here are seven fun educational activities to enjoy with your child this Easter.

Fun club activities

Although children are out of school, some schools aren’t actually closed during the Easter holidays. Instead, they make the most of the time to hold Easter fun clubs, which are similar to summer clubs. These allow children to enjoy a range of fun indoor and outdoor games and activities, for a day or two, which are also focused on education. You could venture out to a big boarding establishment, like Rossall school, or check out those schools in your local area. If your child hasn’t yet started school, this also provides you with a good opportunity to take a sneak peek at what they have to offer.    

Easter art and crafts 

Arts and crafts and Easter go hand in hand. With so much to symbolise the occasion and so much colour, it’s a great time for you and children to enjoy some arts and crafts. Together, you could do some egg painting and decorating, and have a go at weaving baskets where you can keep the eggs you paint. You could encourage your children to be creative – experimenting with colours and mixing paints. Together, you could also create an Easter bonnet or, if you’re feeling quite ambitious, have a go at decorating an Easter tree. Just pick a small tree, one inside or outside, and decorate it with things like plastic eggs, ribbons and tissue paper.   

Nature walks 

Easter is a few weeks well into Spring this year, and a good time for children to see the wonder that is nature. So what better time than to take them on a nature walk. There are so many types of walks to enjoy, from walking through woodland or through open fields, to alongside picturesque reservoirs and canals, each offering different examples of nature. You could get your little ones to look out for the spring flowers, learn about the different wildlife, and the different types of blossoming trees. 

Farm visit 

To tie in with the theme of your nature walk, you could also take your children to a local farm. Many farms are open to the public, allowing children to see animals up-close and learn about them. Together, you could feed the rabbits, stroke the newborn lambs, and see the baby chicks – if they’re lucky, just as they hatch. There might also be the chance to ride a horse or milk a cow. Some farms even sell the ice cream that’s made from their cows’ milk, helping to teach children about the science behind the cream production process.     

Planting Flowers

Easter is a lot about rebirth. So it’s a good time to run with this theme, teach your children about the growth and regrowth of flowers and plant some linked to spring, like tulips and daffodils. While autumn is the best time to plant most flowers outside, you can plant many inside at all times of the year. You could also buy some beautiful flowers that are in bloom and repot them outside, or plant in your garden if you have one. 

Easter-themed cooking

Cooking is always a fun way to educate your kids. It brings in elements of science and maths, with creativity along the way, from measuring and weighing to understanding temperatures and the science behind cooking processes. So you could do some cooking with your children that’s themed around Easter. You can work with them to make Easter-themed cupcakes or fairy cakes, decorated with mini eggs. Or you could create rabbit-shaped biscuits, or hot cross buns, which are traditionally eaten on Good Friday. 

Easter egg games

Finally, why not enjoy some fun Easter egg-themed games. With your kids you could enjoy an egg and spoon race, where the focus is more about successfully balancing the egg than getting to the finish line first. Or you could your children on an Easter egg hunt. Manor houses and other historical buildings, like those associated with the National Trust, often do egg hunts around their beautiful gardens and grounds. Or you could create your own in about the garden, if you have one, or around the house. If you have time, you could make up some clues that they have to solve to find the eggs, so they have to get their thinking caps on – another great way to have some educated Easter fun. 

Do you think you will be enjoying any of these Activities over Easter? 

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  1. Love the idea of a farm visit - we have a lovely farm near us, Drusillas :)

  2. Most likely, as Easter is a time for enjoying activities such as arts and crafts, etc. Thanks for your ideas / suggestions.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Great idea to get children involved with helping in the garden especilly as there is so much to do at this tie of the year!

  4. Easter is a great time to be crafty! Love these ideas.

  5. I think Easter is such a lovely time of year, and perfect for getting out with the kids. Easter baking can be fun though with all of the egg treats out there - my two love making easter nests x

  6. Lovely ideas, getting to the local farm is always a favourite activity, even though my kids are getting older. Nothing beats seeing the new born lambs. Mich x

  7. Easter arts and crafts are always a really fun activity

  8. For me it's all about crafts. I remember painting egg shells in various colours with my aunt then crushing them and using the bits to make a mosaic. Some of the best memories I have.


  9. I love themed crafts with the kids and im really looking forward to spring and easter ones! We love a good craft session!

  10. Some great ideas here and certainly several I loved to do when my children were smaller! No easter was complete with an egg hunt, a trip to a farm to see the baby animals and painting eggs. Happy Memories x

  11. I specially love easter themed cooking and planting flowers, learning and fun!

  12. Great ideas - we will definitely be visiting our local farm attraction and enjoying an Easter Egg hunt Kaz

  13. Awesome post! Very well explained. Keep on updating such informative posts.