Wednesday 28 February 2018

Mummy and Me February 2018

As usual not many mummy and me pictures. Im really hoping as Lily gets older she will be happier to have her picture taken. She probably takes after her dad with photographs, he hates his picture taken too, she 100% does not take after me who loves photographs.

Here are 2 pictures I got from last week when we visited Manchester Museum. One of them we couldn't get her to look at the camera, or smile, but I swear she was having a good day out.  

Mothers day next month. Hopefully manage to get a selfie with her as got a really nice one last year. 

Tuesday 27 February 2018

Hippychick Wooden Toys Review

I have always been a big fan of wooden toys and they are often something I would choose to buy Lily over plastic ones. I think that wooden toys often look prettier and look so much nicer painted.

So when Hippychick asked me if I would like to review some of their wooden toys I could not resist. I had a good look on there classic and modern wooden toys section on their website and then chose 2 of their new toys that I liked the look of and that I knew Lily would enjoy. I was also keeping education in mind when making my choice. 

I chose the Classic World Crocodile Balancing Game and the Classic World Alphabet Abacus. 

As soon as Lily saw them she was really excited to be getting new toys. She was very excited and we had to open and play with them right away. 

We started by playing the Crocodile Balancing Game. 

The game comes with a wooden crocodile, 18 cylinder shapes, and a dice with a coloured spot on each side.

The game is quite simple. You have a rocking wooden crocodile and you have to take turns to place the cylinder shapes onto the crocodile without him tipping or them rolling off. You roll the dice and then you can choose which size of that colour you want to place onto the crocodile. It is actually really good fun and Lily understood the game really well. She also managed to place the pieces on easily. It seems she has quite good fine motor skills which is something that this game helps. 

The game is also really good for hand and eye co-ordination and balancing skills. It is also a good game to help a child get thinking about which piece they should pick up and where to place it. 

I love how beautifully painted it is and also love how bright the colours are. It is a really good quality wooden toy and will attract any child to play with it.

After we had finished playing the game, Lily wanted to play again. After that game she then spent ages just playing with the toy on her own. She made towers out of the cylinder shapes and then practiced putting them onto the crocodile. 

This game is only £8.50 to buy and I think it is well worth the money. 

I then got out the Abacus for her to play with.

The abacus is a classic toy in itself and perfect to help a child learn. This abacus features the alphabet on both side of the square. One side has the upper and lower case letter and the other side has the letter along with a picture. So for example... G for Giraffe.

On the last row of the abacus you have the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 and also the numbers written into words. 

I love the quality of the abacus. The wood is finished with such a smooth appearance which is great for younger children to handle. I have had wooden toys in the past where I have been frightened about splinters as the wood was rough. But I really don't have to worry with this toy.
Again the colours of the toy are really bright and contrasty, which will appeal to any child and they are all painted so nicely and in such detail. Even to the point of putting apples onto the tree's.

Another feature of the abacus is that each of the poles come off it, and then the little bricks with the letters on also come off that. This means that the child can use the abacus how they would like, they can place the bricks back on to make words or they can put them back on in order when learning the alphabet. As well as the child learning literacy with this toy, they are also using there hand and eye co-ordination when putting the bricks back on the pole. 

Lily did find this a little tricky, but managed to put them back on. She did get very frustrated though when she lifted it up to put it back on and they all fell of again. This was something that I had to help with. She also doesn't know the order of the alphabet and so puts them back on in any order. But children learn best by just discovering toys how they would like to and so its fine for a child to be left to place them in the order they like.

They great thing about an abacus is that it grows with a child and it is something that they can use to help aid them with their literacy skills.

The abacus is £17.99 and because it is a toy that will grow with your child and that will also last, it is well worth the money. 

You can buy these toys and more from the Hippychick website

Which of these 2 toys do you like the look of? 

Monday 26 February 2018

Filling your Mothers Day Hamper with B&M Stores

A lot of people get quite stuck when it comes to what they may buy there mum on mothers day, So I usually end up just buying her lots of the things that she loves. I find making a hamper of lovely goodies that mums love a really nice idea. 

But you don't have to go to many stores to find what you need. Instead just head to one store. B&M.

I was given £20 to spend at B&M Stores and I was excited to see what I could fill my hamper with for my mum. 

The shelves are full of things that could be perfect for mums. They have such great deals in there mothers day sections and I was amazed at some of the low prices. If you wern't making a hamper then there are some lovely gift sets here that alone make a great gift. As far as I see it, its the thought that counts when it comes to gifts and even a big box of chocolates can put a smile on a mums face. 

As far as hampers go, £20, (which is something you may spend on one gift in some stores) could it get me a hamper full of mothers day gifts.

The answer is YES! I was pretty amazed with how good my hamper looked and there was so much choice of what things I could choose to put inside it. I shopped in the mothers day range but also checked out the other isle's to which had some items that I thought were perfect for my mum. 

So what did I find for my hamper?

First up was chocolates, a must for my mums hamper. She loves her Chocolate and there was plenty of choice. You could buy a variety of sizes of boxes but I opted to buying 2 small boxes which were both only £1 each. Matchmakers are one of my mums favourites. 

Next I was very impressed with the selection of alcohol gift sets. There were ones that had alcohol and chocolates and also some that came with glasses. Also bottles of Prosecco, wine and Baileys. I chose this gift set which had a small bottle of wine in and this gorgeous glass. The glass is going to be perfect for my mum to sit out and drink with in her garden in summer time. Would you believe that this lovely gift set is only £3.99? 

Then it was to find some candles for my mum. She loves anything that is to do with scents and candles are perfect for hampers and gifts. There was lots of choice and I even found some Yankee Candles in the store. But I chose this set, I loved the little mum messages on the front and the fact they also came with a diffuser. Such a lovely gift set for only £4.99. This really would make a lovely gift alone, never mind in a hamper.

The next 2 items are more personal to my mum, and perfect for her. She has a thing for black and white, especially zebra patterns. So When I spotted these socks and this umbrella in store. I knew I just had to get them for her. After all, we do live in Lancashire and it does rain a lot here. The socks were £3.99 and the umbrella was £2.99.

To put the final touches to the hamper I found this framed glass sign that said I love you Mum filled with silver sequins, which I thought added a lovely touch. It was only £1.99 and it will look lovely on display. 

The hamper box I already had, and had been saving for an occasion I needed to make a hamper, everything just about fit in side it perfectly. I think my mum is going to be really pleased with her hamper and I was really impressed with what I got for £20. I can't wait to give it her on mothers day along with the cute little Mothers Day card I found for her for £1.

Do you ever shop at B&M?

Which of the items in the hamper do you like? 

Friday 23 February 2018

Making your Car Journey a GOOD car Journey.

I think a lot of people dread long car journey's. Even more so when you have got the kids in the car. Easter holidays are coming up and after that the summer holidays and I imagine long car journeys are something that will have to be endured by many. 

So here is a list of thing you can do to make sure you car journey is a good car journey. 

1. Safety First 

To make sure that your car journey will be a good one, that means avoiding injury. So incase of a car accident, make sure you are belted up, your car seats are all placed in correctly and the straps on it are also correct. If you are using Sat Nav, make sure that it is working and that it's placed somewhere safely on your dashboard so you don't need to be holding it. Make sure you are well rested and if you do feel tired, stop for breaks. 

2. Make Sure your Comfortable 

Comfortable clothing is a must. there is nothing worse than tight clothing on a long journey. I suggest something warm, but loose and something made with a soft material. Last time I traveled I wore my yoga bottoms and strappy top with hooded top over it. I always get cold on car journeys, if a car is to warm then the driver may get tired and so usually on goes the air con. I usually shove a blanket into the back of the car to make sure I am warm and so then comfortable. There are also other things you can concider such as a travel pillow, which is always a big help for sleeping.

3. Make Sure you have Entertainment 

Unfortunately for the driver, the only entertainment they can have is looking out of the window as they drive and listening to music. So its a great idea to make sure you have your best CD's placed into the car, or even make a mixed track list to listen too. If you are a passenger, then headphones may be a good idea if you aren't a fan of the divers music. With it being there only form of entertainment, they get first pick. For the kids, make sure you pack magazines, a few toys (non noisy annoying ones) and a teddy for them to snuggle with after that all important nap...(that you will have to beg them to take).

4. Take Snacks 

The last thing you want to do is get hungry and have to go and spend a fortune at a service station. So make sure you pack some snacks, I always find things like breakfast bars, crisps, and sweets are a good option. Though maybe not the healthiest. If you are going to be driving over lunch time then why not make a packed lunch or pick up your sandwiches from your local supermarket before you go. Eating sometimes helps the boredom on long journeys. Or at least it does for me. 

What things do you do to make your car journey a good car journey? 

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Wednesday 21 February 2018

7 Fun Educational Activities to enjoy with your child this Easter

Easter brings many opportunities for you to enjoy some fun activities with your children. But with them off school and away from the classroom, it makes sense to keep their brains active by making the things you do educational.

So here are seven fun educational activities to enjoy with your child this Easter.

Fun club activities

Although children are out of school, some schools aren’t actually closed during the Easter holidays. Instead, they make the most of the time to hold Easter fun clubs, which are similar to summer clubs. These allow children to enjoy a range of fun indoor and outdoor games and activities, for a day or two, which are also focused on education. You could venture out to a big boarding establishment, like Rossall school, or check out those schools in your local area. If your child hasn’t yet started school, this also provides you with a good opportunity to take a sneak peek at what they have to offer.    

Easter art and crafts 

Arts and crafts and Easter go hand in hand. With so much to symbolise the occasion and so much colour, it’s a great time for you and children to enjoy some arts and crafts. Together, you could do some egg painting and decorating, and have a go at weaving baskets where you can keep the eggs you paint. You could encourage your children to be creative – experimenting with colours and mixing paints. Together, you could also create an Easter bonnet or, if you’re feeling quite ambitious, have a go at decorating an Easter tree. Just pick a small tree, one inside or outside, and decorate it with things like plastic eggs, ribbons and tissue paper.   

Nature walks 

Easter is a few weeks well into Spring this year, and a good time for children to see the wonder that is nature. So what better time than to take them on a nature walk. There are so many types of walks to enjoy, from walking through woodland or through open fields, to alongside picturesque reservoirs and canals, each offering different examples of nature. You could get your little ones to look out for the spring flowers, learn about the different wildlife, and the different types of blossoming trees. 

Farm visit 

To tie in with the theme of your nature walk, you could also take your children to a local farm. Many farms are open to the public, allowing children to see animals up-close and learn about them. Together, you could feed the rabbits, stroke the newborn lambs, and see the baby chicks – if they’re lucky, just as they hatch. There might also be the chance to ride a horse or milk a cow. Some farms even sell the ice cream that’s made from their cows’ milk, helping to teach children about the science behind the cream production process.     

Planting Flowers

Easter is a lot about rebirth. So it’s a good time to run with this theme, teach your children about the growth and regrowth of flowers and plant some linked to spring, like tulips and daffodils. While autumn is the best time to plant most flowers outside, you can plant many inside at all times of the year. You could also buy some beautiful flowers that are in bloom and repot them outside, or plant in your garden if you have one. 

Easter-themed cooking

Cooking is always a fun way to educate your kids. It brings in elements of science and maths, with creativity along the way, from measuring and weighing to understanding temperatures and the science behind cooking processes. So you could do some cooking with your children that’s themed around Easter. You can work with them to make Easter-themed cupcakes or fairy cakes, decorated with mini eggs. Or you could create rabbit-shaped biscuits, or hot cross buns, which are traditionally eaten on Good Friday. 

Easter egg games

Finally, why not enjoy some fun Easter egg-themed games. With your kids you could enjoy an egg and spoon race, where the focus is more about successfully balancing the egg than getting to the finish line first. Or you could your children on an Easter egg hunt. Manor houses and other historical buildings, like those associated with the National Trust, often do egg hunts around their beautiful gardens and grounds. Or you could create your own in about the garden, if you have one, or around the house. If you have time, you could make up some clues that they have to solve to find the eggs, so they have to get their thinking caps on – another great way to have some educated Easter fun. 

Do you think you will be enjoying any of these Activities over Easter? 

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Tuesday 20 February 2018

Top 5 Old Musical Movies all Children should see.

I have been brought up on watching musicals. It was mostly my Grandma that got me into them, she was constantly putting them on and we would really enjoy watching them together. Before I knew it, I was singing along to them, and even acting them out. 

Watching them now really brings back my childhood memories and I still can't help but feel the need to sing along with them. 

It's only been lately that I have started to watch them with Lily. I have found I can put certain family films on and she gains no interest in watching it with me. But if it has some singing involved then thats it, she does not take her eyes from the screen. I am so pleased that Lily has started to enjoy musicals with me and I really hope she takes after me in loving them and growing up watching them. 

So here is my list of top 5 musicals that I think every child should see. 

1. Annie 

I realise that there is a now a new Annie film out, but I just love the old 1976 version of the film. I used to love this as a child, Annie is such a great character along with all the other orphans and they all sing such good songs that you can't help but love. I watched this with Lily last week and she loved it and even tried to sing along. My Favourite songs from this musical are the classic "It's the Hard Knock Life", and "Your'e Never Fully Dressed with out a Smile". Which Lily also loved. You will notice lots of things in this film that doesn't always get shown to children anymore, such as Miss Hannigan constantly drinking lots of booze and dresses being flung up revealing stockings and even some busts on show. But as a parent I really don't see it as a bad thing. I watched it as a child and turned out just fine. If i'm honest I never even thought about the fact that Miss Hannigan was practically drunk though out most of it. If you haven't watched this with your child yet, then I really think it should be first on your list. 

2. Hans Christian Anderson 

We are getting even older now with this 1952 film of Hans Christian Anderson. I bet many of your children have watched the Disney film A Little Mermaid, but how many children know about the author who wrote it? This delightful film is part fiction and part factual film all about Hans Christian Anderson and it shows his life of becoming a writer and goes through all of the stories he wrote about in musical style! It will feature so many tales that your children will love and the singing on top just makes it even more so lovely. There is even a song all about The Ugly Ducking. If you or your children have not seen this film then they will love it. It was definetly one of my favourites as a child. 

3. Meet me in St Lois 

Head a few years before the release of Hans Christian Anderson and you have the likes of Meet Me in St. Louis which was released in 1945. I watched this film so many times as a child and loved it. Without even watching it I can here the lyrics of the song "Meet me in St.Louis, Louis, meet me at the fair" and then of corse you have the classic "Have yourself a merry little Christmas" sung by Judy Garland. Though this film is classed as a Christmas film, it can be watched at other times as it shows Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. My Favourite part of the film was always the part when they showed halloween. I showed this film to Lily one Christmas and she loved it. Just because films are old doesn't  always mean that they won't be enjoyed by children. Why not give it a try? 

4. The Sound of Music

Moving forward into the 60's you have The Sound of Music. This is one that I bet most of you have heard of but how many have actually put it on for your children to watch? As a child I LOVED it. The songs are perfect for your children to sing along to and it's just such a good musical for your Children to grow up loving. I am guilty that I have not yet showed this film to Lily. I think it will be the next on my list.

5. Oliver

Staying in the 60's we have Oliver. This film was on over Christmas and so I watched this with Lily, she actually sat really still and enjoyed it and even asked to watch it again. She really loved the singing especially the song "Reviewing the Situation" sung by Fagin, which she actually found comical. Another one of my favourites as a child and watching it at Christmas brought back so many happy feelings hearing all the songs. There is a few grim parts to Oliver though like when he kills Nancy and also when Sykes swings at the end, and so a few times I did actually cover Lily's eyes. But apart from those parts its a great film, that children will love.

There are so many other films I could mention, Like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, or The Wizard of Oz, but I wanted to mention those that I consider my Top 5.

Which of the above films have you shown to you children?

Can you think of an old musical film that you used to love as a child? 

Saturday 17 February 2018

Mid Month More About Me - Stretch and Pole Fitness Class

This month for mid month more about me I want to tell you all about how I have been getting fit over the last month. 

For my new year goals that I set, I said I wanted to start to attend pole classes and thats something that I have stuck to and now do on Monday evenings at Cloud Aerial Arts Burnley. I also attend a stretch class just before the pole class. 

I don't really want to loose any weight and so for me, I wasn't looking to be going to the gym and using running machines and such. I am quite happy with the 8 stone that I am and so my main aim is to tone up and work on my strength and flexibility.

This isn't the first time I have done pole and before Lily I invested in a pole for my home and used to practice on it all the time. I got really good and could easily climb, go upside down and also just hold on with only me legs.

But obviously when I got pregnant, it was something that I had to stop doing, and also since having Lily, I haven't really had the chance to do it again. Having a pole around the house with a small child running around is just asking for accidents. So up until 5 weeks ago, I hadden't had many tries on a pole for around 3 years. 3 years means that I have lost most of my strength in my arms and core. 

That said, I hadden't lost all my strength and week one I still managed to do a few tricks. Pole fitness really uses a lot of muscles. You can get a good work out on your legs, stomach and arms. You would be surprised how much core strength you need to use in pole fitness. 

It was week two that I already saw some improvement, It took me that first week to gain the confidence so that the next week I could manage to do some tricks. I was quite impressed with some of them and I also managed to let go with one hand. 

Pole fitness isn't for the faint hearted though. It really does take a lot of strength and endurance as you get bruised and also with a lot of friction burn from gripping onto the pole with your arms and legs. You can come out of a session with your body looking battered and bruised and like you have been fighting rather than doing tricks on a pole. But as I always say, no pain, no gain! 

Week one and two I really struggled to go upside down, and climbing the pole just wasn't happening. But by week three I finally managed to get myself upside down and I attempted to just hold on with my legs. I managed it for a few seconds and got a quick pic but I want to wait until I get really good at it before I show that move off to you.

But by this point I was stronger and could grip onto the pole to do more holds.

Week four I didn't do to well, I was ill that week and so it took all my strength from me. But last monday was week number five and I was back on it with more strength than before. I managed to finally climb up the pole. Not all the way to the top but I was super happy with the progress that I had made. I also managed to go upside down and get into a new trick that I had not managed before. I am hoping that next week I can manage this trick and let go with both hands. 

As for stretch class, this is something new to me. As I have gotten older I have noticed I am not as flexible and so I thought that it would do me some good to attend this class. I am loving it so far, stretching feels great! My favourite stretch has to be this one with the arms. I could stretch them out better than I thought I would to be honest. Last week we started to learn the splits. So far I am no where near but it will be interesting to show you my progress and hopefully I can get lower to the ground when we have finished training for them.

I shall report back soon to show you my progress and hopefully have some impressive photographs to show you. 

Have you ever tried pole fitness?

Is it something you would love to try? 

Thursday 15 February 2018

Giggle Knickers Review

Here is a post which is going to be all about those little leaks that us ladies may experience. It will contain some giggles but also contain a little bit of TMI (to much information) so if you don't want to read all about my little leaks, click off now!

Little leaks are something you do not to be embarrassed about although it's something that we also don't often talk about. But i'm going to put my hand up and say "I've done it!" I have accidently let go of a little wee and ended up sat there with wet knickers!

I have never had a strong bladder and for me it has almost been impossible for me to not nearly pee myself when needing the toilet and someone makes me laugh. But I have noticed that it has got a lot worse through pregnancy and then after having Lily. Which by the way is totally normal. During pregnancy you have a baby bouncing on your bladder and then after pregnancy you also have a weakened pelvic floor muscle. Suddenly holding onto that wee is suddenly a lot tricker. 

So here are some giggle moments where I have found keeping hold of my wee impossible. 

Number 1... Sneezing! Im out and about and been holding onto my wee heading to the nearest toilet and ACHOO!!...and sigh.. there is suddenly less wee to hold on to. 

Number 2...Hilarious Games. Little did I realise that at Christmas time when we were playing ridiculously stupid games and I was balling in hysterics that I was also letting out a little pee. Lets just say I needed to change my knickers after those games. 

Number 3...Trampolining. Don't get me started on this sport. I had no clue that jumping up and down on a trampoline would mean you would leak. I didn't even feel like I needed the toilet at the time but as I jumped into the air and came back down, so did a little wee. I didn't even have any spare knickers on me at the time. I just thought it was me until I was talking to a friend and telling her about going to trampolining and the first thing she said was (excuse the language) "Did you P*ss your pants" Which I replied "YES" and we had a real good giggle about it. It seems that it's not just me and it is in fact something that is tricky for all women after having children. 

So, I thought the solution to my problems would have to be to wear disposable pads. Not ideal but it meant that when trampolining at least I wouldn't end up with wet knickers. But it seems that maybe I don't have to...

Introducing Giggle Knickers!

Giggle knickers are washable knickers designed especially for those little leaks. They are super soft, light weight and fashionable but also come with a protective panel which means that you don't have to put up with the bulk or bother of wearing disposable pads.

I was sent a pair to try out and report back to you about what I think. So I decided to try them out the next time I went trampolining. 

The first thing I thought about them was that they looked a lot more stylish than what you would imagine knickers for little leaks to look like. They were a nice shape and not overly big. I didn't feel like I was wearing something out of bridget jones diary and so that was a big plus. 

Secondly the material is quite soft and also stretchy. I had small ones and on me they did feel a little tight, but I blame my big bum for that one. I probably could of done with the next size up. But then again, the tightness also felt like they were secure and so no little leaks would be escaping.

The protective panel in the knickers is very discreet and to look at the knickers, especially from the outside, you would not know it was there. 

I wore them all day for trampolining and found them very comfortable to move around in but unfortunately while I was there, I didn't experience any leaks. I was bouncing with Lily and so I don't think that I bounced high enough.  

The second time I tried them out was when picking up Lily from Nursery. I generally always have a cup of tea when I leave, and even if I go to the toilet before I set off, by the time we have walked back and I get to my front door I am bursting to go again. I nearly always end up having a little leak. You would think maybe I would concider not having that cup of tea, but as you mums know, it may be your last chance for a warm one as when the kids are home, there's no chance. So it was the perfect time to try them out. 

As usual I got to my front door and in the struggle to get the key in the door, I end up having a little leak. But with the protection of the knickers I wouldn't of known I had. The protective panel did its job and also stopped my leggings from getting a little damp. I have a feeling these are going to be my new tuesday knickers for the day Lily goes to nursery. 

You can buy Giggle Knickers from the website at £12.99 a pair. Which as you are not wearing them every day I don't think is too bad of a price. Although it could amount up expencive if you did want to wear them everyday and would need to buy quite a few pairs. But you would be saving money from not having to buy panty liners and so it would be an investment. Also don't forget you are saving the environment by reducing waste from using disposable.

Sizes range from XS to XL and I would say I am a size 10 in knicker size but the S size was a little tight and so I think a M which is a size 12 would have been better for me. 

So, what do you think to Giggle Knickers? Would you wear them?

Have you ever had a funny little leak moment that has lead to giggles? 

Wednesday 14 February 2018

Happy Book Giving Day

As well as Valentines Day today it has also been International Book Giving Day. With Lily and I loving books so much it was definetly something that we had to get involved in.

I really love promoting books on the blog and I love spreading the word about how important reading to your children is and how they should own many books.

It really makes me sad to think that there are some children out there that don't own many books and so Book Giving Day is the perfect day to spread the love for books by making sure that at least one more child gets a new book. 

I started the day by firstly giving my Lily a new book. I am constantly getting her new books and we read each night, so how could I not get her a new book on book giving day. I got her Simon Sock by Sue Hendra and she was delighted. She made me read it to her twice as soon as I gave it to her and we really enjoyed the book. Another great one for the Sue Hendra collection. 

After this I got our books ready that we were going to be giving out. I tied some string and some ribbon around them and placed the International Book giving Day leaflet onto it along with a Lily's Little Learners business card so they knew where it came from. I also printed out a little sign that said "Please take me home" on one of them so then when a child found it, they knew they could take it home.

Todays weather has been horrible. It has been a mixture between rain and snow and blowing a gale at the same time. So we waited until we got a break in the rain and headed straight out to deliver the books. We nearly got blown away but we made it to our first destination where we were going to leave a book for a child to find. It was way to wet to leave outdoors so I asked the local post office if we could leave it in there and they said yes. 

We then walked around the corner to the doctors where we handed over a book that they could leave in their waiting room. They were delighted to receive a book and thought that Book Giving Day was a lovely idea. It's always really nice to put a smile on someones face and the receptionist was really happy with our donation. 

We did plan to head into town to leave a few more books around but it just wasn't fair to drag Lily too far in the horrible weather today so we left it at the 2 books we have given. 

But our giving away of books doesn't end there. I have one book to giveaway to a lucky winner. Over on my Instagram you could win a Julia Donaldson book. Head there now and get entering! It ends friday so there is plenty of time to get your entry in. Good luck! 

Click HERE to enter. 

Did you do anything for Book giving Day? 

Monday 12 February 2018

Ways to Get Involved with Book Giving Day

Lily and I are such big fans of books, especially children's stories and books are something I love to promote here on Lily's Little Learners. So its only natural that I want to tell you all about International Book Giving Day. 

International Book Giving day happens on the 14th of February, which as you know is the same day as Valentines Day. I think its totally appropriate for it to fall on Valentines day because what better day to celebrate your love for books. 

So why would you need to give out books? 

Do you know that in the United Kingdom, One third of children do not own any or many books? I always find that fact hard to believe seen as we have a huge collection of over 300 books but unfortunately its true as not all children have accsess to them. 

Books are so important for children. They aid creativity, developing the imagination, word recognition, helping speech development and not only that but reading together can create lovely bonding moments and also help a child relax. 

With that in mind we are definitely going to be getting involved with International Book Giving Day on Wednesday to make sure some children get some new books. We have some great plans in mind and so head back here on the day to see a post about what we get up to. 

Here are some ways you can get involved in Book Giving Day - 

  • Give a book to a friend, or someone in the Family
  • Give a book to your Nursery or School, or Local Playgroup
  • Donate a book to a local hospital, doctors, or dentist 
  • Leave a book somewhere that a child could find it
  • Make your own book that you can give to a friend to enjoy
  • Donate to a shelter or charity organisations that collect items for people in poverty
  • Get your own child a new book to enjoy
  • Encourage other people to get involved by tweeting with the hashtag #BookGivingDay 
If you do decide to get involved, don't forget to post on facebook, IG, or Tweet about what you get up to and also use the hashtag. 

Also if you head to my Instagram @lilyslittlelearners on Wednesday the 14th then we shall be giving away a book in support of International Book Giving Day. 

Do you plan to get involved? If so how?

Sunday 11 February 2018

My Sunday Photo 11/02/18

Found Lily fast asleep like this at Midnight last tuesday. She must have got out of bed and got back in like this. Bless!! 


Saturday 10 February 2018

Ideas for Making Valentines Cards and Crafts

We love getting creative and Valentines is the perfect excuse to do exactly that. Lily decided she wanted to make cards for everyone she loves and so I got out some cards and thought of a few ideas of what we could do.

The first thing I thought of that would be nice and easy for Lily to do would be to paint some hearts using a stencil. I made the stencil myself by folding some paper and cutting out some heart shapes. We then folded some card in half and I placed the stencil down on top of it. Lily then painted in the hearts and when we lifted it up we had some nice shaped hearts. This was a really good activity for Lily to do as it meant that she could create heart shapes all by herself. We then left this one to dry and made some more crafts. 

Next we made a card for Lily's Nan. This one I folded in half to make the card and then folded it in half again so then I could cut out a heart shape. Lily decided to stick Valentines stickers all over the card and then wrote Love Lily inside it. I am waiting to get a print back to stick a picture of Lily behind the heart so it makes a heart shaped photo of her.

But we also made use of the heart shape that we had cut out from the middle of the card. We used some of the pink pieces of card we had cut out from her birthday cards to make a nice collage. We added some ribbon to the top and the finished results made a nice hanging heart. Such an easy craft to make and Lily really enjoyed it. It looks really effective when finished. 

The finished results of the cards looked great and we cant wait to give our Valentines Cards out next week.

Have you done any Valentines crafts this week?