Tuesday 16 January 2018

Mid Month More About Me - January 2018

As I wrote the title to this post, I feel shocked that it is already half way through the first month of the year. Doesn't feel like 2 moments ago that it was Christmas. 

I can't say i'm a big fan of January. It is generally a slow month and i'm usually eager to get the year started with a bang. One thing that does always brighten my January a little bit is my birthday. 

This year I turned 31. I really can't believe that I am actually writing that number as my 20's seemed to go really fast. But just watch in 10 years time I will be writing saying the exact same thing about my 30's going fast. 

I didn't really do much for my birthday this year. It fell on a monday so my partner and most other people were in work. I celebrated with my partner on the Saturday with a meal at Bella Italia and a shopping trip to Selfridges as I had a voucher to spent. I treated myself to a nice bottle of Gucci Perfume.

I also had my brother and his girlfriend come round for drinks and games. Which was fun. We played an adult version of that game where you have to put the mouth pieces in and try and say the words. It was very funny but I won't repeat right now what was on those cards.

As you get older i'm sure you notice that you do get less presents. Compared to what Lily got this year I would definitely say it is true. But non the less I got some nice ones.

My parents got me some slippers (which were very much needed) and a hooded blanket, which I think I may go and get now as i'm cold. 

My partner got me just what I wanted which was a Feisty Pet. If you haven't seen them then they are these adorable cute teddy's that when you press a button on its back, they don't look as cute anymore. 

Lily got me Beauty and the Beast on Dvd. I love this film, really brings back my childhood and its a nice one for Lily and I to watch and enjoy together. Of corse Lily didn't really get it me, my partner did and wrapped it up from her. Lily helped me unwrap it in the morning and didn't understand that it was from her and kept thinking that it was for her to unwrap. She was more excited about my birthday than I was I think. 

I also got some lovely cards, some with some money in which I treated myself to some new boots. One also had a gift voucher in which I bought sports gear for my stretch and pole class. It was nice to go out and treat myself to some nice new things.

I also had a lovely surprise delivery of flowers from my partners mum which featured my favourites, Lilies. 

I was also planning a trip to a Spa but that never happened due to January being a skint month. I will hopefully plan to do that another time though.

Overall it was a nice birthday. I would say I look forward to the next, but who does at 31? Haha

What did you do for your last birthday? Or what do you have planned for your next Birthday? 


  1. I didn't do anything for my last birthday, I had Mollie 6 weeks before and was in New baby mode lol, and I don't have anything planned for my next birthday in April although I have been thinking about seeing if my mum sister and a few friends would like to come to bingo with me as I haven't been for over a year and I do enjoy going, I don't win but just enjoy the break and a little me time xxx

  2. My fiancé treated me to a nice meal, at our favourite restaurant :- Which is Italian. We had a lovely meal. I was also treated to a lovely Birthday cake, which the restaurant staff were delighted to present to us ( Fiancé's niece had made the cake, and it was just beautiful. Design was a giant cup cake). As candle was a bit of a sparkler.

    Rachel Craig

  3. I am going to London for afternoon tea on a red bus :)

  4. I had a relaxing evening with the family - and a pizza =)
    Glad you had a nice birthday!

  5. Nice bouquet of flowers.

    Rachel Craig

  6. I love beauty and the beast it's my favourite film

  7. Sounds like a fun day! I don't know what I will do for mine but it will involve alcohol!

  8. As my birthsay falls around our 2nd Grandson birthsay (within 5 days) and its his first birthday this year I guess his birthday will take precedent as so it should.

    I remember when I my 30s thinking OMG where has it gone. My youngsters are adults now and believe me I still think the same

  9. It was my 30th in December and I spent the day with my mum, fiance and baby boy. Had a takeaway and chilled out. Nothing special, but still nice :) x

  10. sounds like a great day out what fun hey!