Tuesday 2 January 2018

Lily's Little Learners Best Product Awards of 2017

I have reviewed some amazing products since I started blogging nearly 2 years ago and you can see the long list of them here in my review section

I think it is important for my readers to know all about what products are the best and why they are the best and so they can be assured it is the right product for them. It is also great to look back after many many months of using a product and to be able to say, "its still great!"

I don't think there has been anything I have reviewed that I have been major unimpressed with but some things that I have reviewed I have been very impressed with. So I would like to highlight these things through doing my own little award ceremony here in this post.

I had a good look at everything I had reviewed and thought of some deserving categories for awards. It was quite tricky to pick my winners and talk about the best things I have reviewed when there are so many great choices but I did pick my winners in the end.

Take a look below at why I have chosen these brands to win a Lily's Little Learners Best Product Award. 

Award 1 - Best Toddler Product 

The award for best toddler product goes to Pourty for their Toilet Seat and Stool Set. 

The reason I have awarded this to them is because it is one product that has just made life so easy for us. It made toilet training a breeze and Lily has been so happy to use it. The toilet seat fits so securely and I have tried a few out in the past and some do slide about a lot. But this one fits so well that it feels part of the toilet itself. It must be comfortable and inviting as Lily has been super happy to sit on it. So much that we actually went out and bought another one for my mums house. The stool has also been brilliant, very strong and a great height to reach the sink. The grip has had no wear to it after using it so much and so this means Lily is secure and safe when stood on it. I would 100% recommend this to any parent which is why it gets the award for Best Toddler Product.

Award 2 - Best Food & Drink Product 

The Best Food & Drink Product Award goes to Nuby for their Insulated Cool Sipper Beaker

I have reviewed quite a few things from Nuby over the last year but their insulated beaker was one product that has stood out above the rest. It is one of Lily's favourite beakers to drink from and I can see why. It keeps her drinks cool, but her hands don't get cold when holding it, it has a soft non spill sipper which is great as it means Lily can have a drink at bedtime if she needs it. It is perfect for her to carry around and use for play and not have to worry about spilling. Lily uses it for bed most nights and it is definetly the cup she uses the most. 
Another reason why I have given the award to Nuby for this cup, is that as everything is transparent and comes apart, you can really give it a good clean and see if there is any dirt remaining. You can get to every inch of this bottle making sure it is fully cleaned. It is also such a reasonable price too and so I would really recommend this to parents. It definitely deserves the Best Toddler Food & Drink Product Award.  

Award 3 - Best Learning Toy

The Best Learning Toy Award goes to non other than Learning Resources for their Peg Friends Around the Town toy

This one was quite tricky to decide the winner of. Lily has had such a range of learning toys, some from Learning Resources and some from other brands. But I decided that this would be the toy that would get the award.
The reason I chose this toy is because although its not always obvious, this toy has so many learning benefits to children. From hand and eye co-ordination to motor skills, to colour recognition, pattern making, sorting, knowledge and understanding of the world and it will help with vocabulary skills. Wow!
Not only does the toy have all these learning factors, it is a toy that children will find fun and learn through playing with it. They can role play with the characters, stack, organise, and build towers. Lily's favourite thing to do is build a tower as high as she can until they all fall down.
Toys like this are really important for children to own as even if there is no parents or carer sat along side the child teaching them, they are still learning. The toy is really good quality too and stores neatly in the box. Lily has it in her cupboard and can help herself to it and often does. It is also something that will keep her nice and quiet for a long period of time which is always a bonus. So this good quality, fun toy with so many learning aspects to it definitely deserves this Best Learning Toy Award. 

Award 4 - Most Innovative Product 

The Most Innovative Product Award goes to Taste N Tell for their Discovering Food Book Series. 

I look through all of the items I have reviewed in the past and the reason I chose Taste N Tell as my innovative product award is because there is nothing else like it. It is such an great and different idea and also such a clever one. Their books are all about discovering foods and learning all about them, while at the same time childen getting to sample and taste the foods which is a really encouraging way to help children want to try new foods. We tried out the fruit book and inside there are lots of fruits you may not normally think about serving to your child. So the book is also a great way to encourage parents to serve something up they may normally not do. As well as a great book for home, I also think they work really well for nurseries. They are the perfect activity for circle and snack time and can provide an opportunity for children to chat and so be social and work on their vocabulary. It is such an exciting product that brings a fun and learning aspect to foods in such an original way, and so this is why they deserve the Most Innovative Product Award. 

Award 5 - Best Children's Clothing Award 

The Best Children's Clothing Award goes to Snuglo, for their range of Snuggly Pyjamas.  

Snuglo just had to win this award. I have reviewed some lovely clothing over the last 2 years but their pyjamas we have just loved and Lily has had so much wear out of them. The quality of the Pyjamas are so soft and snuggly and the quality of softness lasts even after many washes. We also love the designs that Snuglo offer, we got to review the moustache print which was so different to any prints I had ever seen. Another great thing about the pyjamas is the thickness, they are so nice and warm but also not too thick. Perfect for Winter, Autumn and Spring months I would say. Lily is only just growing out of these Pyjamas and so I will be very sad to be putting them away but she has had a good years use out of them.
All the pyjamas are all loving crafted here in England and so this is another great reason to give them the Best Children's Clothing Award. 

Award 6 - Best Toy Award 

The Best Toy Award goes to Lottie Dolls 

I have reviewed so many toys over the last 2 years. All of different types and so it was tricky to what I should choose as the Best Toy. But there are quite a few reasons why I chose Lottie as my winner. 
Firstly Lily isn't really a dolly fan, she owns her baby dolls which she plays with and also own some other girl character doll types. But Lottie is the only girl doll type that she actually loves to play with. I think the reason for this is how much they are relatable to children and so Lily re acts what it is like to be playing with friends. Which is something she loves to do.
Lottie dolls are all about promoting being a child and I love this about them. Their dolls are all based on a a 9 year old child. Her body and features are to look like a 9 year old and the clothing appropriate for a 9 year old also.
I think it is great for a child to be able to look at these dolls and relate to them. I am always very impressed to the measures that Lottie add to make sure that this happens and a doll has recently been released with a hearing aid.
I also love the characters that the Lottie Dolls portray. They are always things that promote hobbies and inspire children to be who they want to be and do what they want to do. They also have boy versions of the dolls who also portray the same aspects. I think that Lottie Dolls are such a great role model for children and every child should own one. This is why Lottie get the award for Best Toy! 

Award 7 - Best Game Award 

The award for Best Game goes to Orchard Toys for the Post Box Game.

We love Orchard Toys Games, in fact we now own 8 games and 3 puzzles. It was really tricky to pick which game was the best but out of the ones we have reviewed I have chosen the Post Box Game.
There are a few reasons to why I have chosen this game as my winner. Firstly because it is one that Lily gets out for us to play with the most often. She loves playing this game and has really got the hang of it now. It is also a game she can quite happily play by herself as she loves posting the letters through the correct letter boxes. She finds it so much fun.
As well as lots of fun, this game is great for helping to learn all about colours. The game shows 4 different primary colours and it's the players job to sort that colour into the correct post box. This is a great way to learn colour recognition and matching. Orchard toys are also so child friendly with there colourful characters and animals and the quality of the card you are playing with is brilliant. We have so far not bent any playing pieces of any Orchard Toy game. The game is perfect for 2+ and I think we will get plenty of play out of it yet. Thats why Orchard Toys gets this award.

 Award 8 - Best Bathtime Product 

The Best Bath time Product goes to Good Bubble for their Bath time with Clara Set.

The reason I have given this award to Good Bubble is because they have made bath time so much easier for us. I have now introduced Clara the Bath mitt to bath time and she does all the washing and even the hair washing making it much more fun for Lily. Lily is so much more willing to have her hair washed if she knows that Clara is going to be doing it for her. I think the little bath mitts that come with the bubble bath set are so cute and Lily really has fallen in love with her and she has become her bath time hero. As well as the mitt being cute, its also really soft and stays soft after many washes.
The bubble bath that comes in the set also smells amazing and has been very kind to Lily's eczema prone skin. Anything that makes a mums life easier definitely deserves an award and so this is why I am giving Good Bubble the Best Bath Time Product Award.  

Award 9 - Most Fun Toy Award 

The Most fun Toy Award goes to Wow Toys for their Casey Camper Van.

No one is the best judge of what toys are the most fun other than Lily herself. Wow Toys are one of her favourite brands of toys. She has been playing with them since she was about 1 year old and still asks for them out now. She loves the Casey Camper van and loves how it opens up and you can play with the characters inside it. I have chosen this one for the award because she seems to have so much fun with it. The camper van has so many different places that you sit the people in and then somewhere to place the bags and then the dog also has a little basket too. It is also so bright and colourful and welcoming for child to play with. I love this toy because of the quality too. They really don't break, Lily can make a car go CRASH against another and they would both not even have a mark on them. They are fun toys that really last. I have given Wow Toys this award because if Lily is still wanting to play with it often after 2 years of owning it then it really must be a fun toy!

Award 10 - Best Book Award 

The Best Book Award goes to Julia Donaldson for Postman Bear 

We have reviewed so many books over the last 2 years at nearly 100 books!!!
But I didn't have to think to long to which has to be the winner for this. It has to be Lily's favourite book of corse. It was a close call between this one and Julia Donaldson's Foxes Socks but lately Lily has wanted me to read this one over and over. We have been reading these lift flap books since Lily was about 8 months old and she has never grown tired of them. She even knows the words to this story herself. So this is why Postman Bear gets the Best Book Award from us. 

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about our favourite products from the last 2 years of reviewing and maybe got some help about what products to buy in the future. Thanks you to all the brands who have worked with me on reviews and look forward to seeing what wonderful products 2018 brings.

Which of the above awards do you agree with?

Do you have a brand in mind you would love to give a reward too? 


  1. Lovely idea. Nice Act of Kindness. As benefits Prospective Customers, Customers, as well as Suppliers of the goods. We do like to have quality, it impacts on our health and wellbeing.

    Nice to be Nice.

    I agree with quite a number of your awards that were granted. Pourty toilet seat and stool set, seems great for assisting with increasing independence when dealing with personal care. An important aspect of a person's life, impacting on self esteem.

    Well Done!

    Rachel Craig

  2. I do like the Snuglo Moustachr pyjamas. They look great on Lily. When I first saw them, I thought that they may be Movember ( which I believe runs each November in support of Men's Health). Was surprised at the price of the children's pyjamas, as seen on your webpage. Though they do seem to be good quality, and have been appreciated by Lily and yourself. Also being a British Brand, good to have good quality British Brands.

    Rachel Craig

  3. I definitely agree with the toilet seat and stall. We have one like this and it has been a godsend for my daughter. Those Taste n Tell books look fabulous!!

  4. Taste N' Tell, Discovering Food Book Series. Seems such a great idea, food is important for health and nourishment. Exploring new foods can be fun, interesting, especially with information, knowledge, encouragement included.

    Rachel Craig

  5. I love Lottie dolls. They are my daughter's favourite.

  6. Great choices, I'd much rather read honest blog reviews than online reviews that can be fake xxx

  7. Great choices. Orchard toy games are amazing

  8. Lottie Dolls, I first became aware of these via your blog. Lovely dolls, great range of dolls and accessories.

    Rachel Craig

  9. Orchard Toys Post Box Game seems great. Orchard Toys I have found are good quality, fun games.

    Rachel Craig

  10. WoW Toys Casey Camper Van, looks great. Brilliant that it includes dog. We are a family of animal / pet lovers. Dogs are so loyal, and great company, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  11. Great run down. You have reviewed some amazing things. Like honest reviews

  12. Fantastic! I really enjoyed reading it and shall be sharing this blog post with our DiL and eldest son. It's given me great ideas for presents as our grandson grows